Friday, January 29, 2010


EcO15 and Indiana University Faculty Researchers Encouraging Participation in Hospitality/Tourism Survey

Economic Opportunities through Education by 2015 (EcO15) and Indiana University faculty researchers from the Tourism Research and Education Center are asking Business owners and 2,000 residents throughout ten counties in Southeastern Indiana to participate in a research study exploring attitudes towards local tourism.

A Business Survey has already been sent to H&T business owners exploring their employment trends, hiring expectations and desired levels of skills/education for entry, mid, and senior management positions. The Resident Survey will explore Dearborn County residents’ expectations of/and attitude toward tourism, and their knowledge of the economic impact of the tourism industry in Dearborn County.

By participating in this Hospitality and Tourism survey, local residents will provide insight into the future planning of their communities when considering increasing tourist attractions and marketing their hometowns.

The findings of this study could enhance the economic vitality in Southeastern Indiana. Local economic and tourism officials have endorsed this study and will use its results to grow Dearborn County tourism.

For information about the study, contact the EcO15 Hospitality/Tourism Coordinator, Jeanne Robinson by email or phone (317) 412-3917.

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