Friday, January 29, 2010


listen to Shane McHenry's interview on the flypod.


Development Tool said...

Empty suit.

Wanna bet he would not have stood up to the crooked developers trying to force substandard and expensive sewer hookups on the citizens of this county?

He sounds like Hughes.

Development Tool said...

Here we go again!

"Shovel ready!"

The same empty rhetoric.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Development Tool said...

The master plan has set out a nice "smart growth" framework for "shovel ready" sites.

Problem is, our local developers do not want to work within that plan but desire to hopscotch across the county buying up farm land with little infrastructure hoping that they can get their political butt-boys to force folks living around such purchases to subsidize sewers and the like in order to make the developers' investments more viable.

Development Tool said...

Times are going to be tough for sometime. The county needs to tighten its belt even further until the economy turns around. We do not need a bunch of fly by nights moving in only because there is some cheap land to be had. The same fly by nights will move on at the first opportunity when some county down the road offers up cheaper land. Leaving us with just more empty buildings and strip malls.

Anonymous said...

Development Tool,

I agree that we need to stay within the land use map. My grandfather lives out on US 50 and got a nasty letter about hooking up and they told him he would be responsible for their legal fees if he fought it. How do you think my grandpa would feel if I didn't stand up to them? Please don't judge me until you give me a chance. Feel free to get a hold of me and I would love to talk to you and talk about the issues.

Shane McHenry

LeveL said...

You are challenging the "crème de la crème" of commissioners.
You will need more than luck to succeed.

Development Tool said...

Shane, those backing you in our "development" community are not known as the cream of the crop when it comes to ethics nor for the goodwill they feel for our community.

Thompson got elected for pretty much one thing: STOP THE TAKE OVER OF THIS COUNTY BY DEVELOPMENT INTERESTS WHO WERE ALWAYS WILLING TO "BULLDOZE" OUR CITIZENS TO SUBSIDIZE AND BETTER THEIR BOTTOM LINES. And remember, the development tools fought the master plan tooth and nail. The same development tools also were behind the nasty letter received by your grandfather about hooking up. If you lay down with such dogs you better expect to wake up with fleas.

When the development tools ran the commissioners' office, everyday and ordinary citizens would get shouted down by the development tools' county attorney if such citizens were not development at any cost cheerleaders. Think about that?

The tools put together the DCRSD and permitted the board and its attorney to try to do the same thing that was being done to the poor folks as was being done up in St. Leon.

Other than the bickering about the dog pound, which has proven that Thompson was simply speaking for the commissioners and council on the financial issues of PAWS proposed plans, Thompson has been a pretty fair commissioner to both the citizens and the developers. Before Thompson we were at the mercy of the local arrogant "connected" realtors, developers and title attorneys and THEIR political tools.

If you are offered and willing accept the "backing" of the very same development tools you will be tarred with the same brush.

Development Tool said...

As an addendum:

All the talk about jobs and bringing industry to the county, can anyone state any instances of Thompson getting in way of such jobs and industry that fit within the county's master plan?

Face it, the development tools trying to unseat Thompson want to go back to business as usual with their handpicked and beholden politicians.

They would love to be able again to send out forced sewer hookup letters to any and everybody near sites they own or intend to own land. They would love to build at levels the local infrastructure cannot keep up with and place the costs and other burdens of upgrading such infrastructure on the citizens unfortunate enough who live by the development bullies' planned subdivisions and strip malls.

Since Thompson became President, we have orderly meetings where neither pro or anti development folks are shouted down for simply expressing opinions and desires. We now have a competent county attorney that understands his role and is not some arrogant political puppet master.

Again, Thompson supports "smart growth." The development tools want unrestrained growth, no matter the costs to the rest of us.

bst said...


Development Tool said...


Spoken like a true "republican leadership development owned asswipe tool" who supported the development tool democrat against republican Thompson.

The smell is strong with this one.

You can't bully any more, can you? And it is just eating your insides out.

Wanna bet that to a man or women who supported forced hookups and other various extortions that they are now supporting Shane?

Shane, were you approached by the very same people to run? Did they tell you that Thompson is "anti-everything?"

Shane, you better wake up, you are being used. When you lose the primary, these "fine upstanding" republicans will immediately look for a democrat development shill to run against Thompson.

They are development tools first, grassroot republicans a distant second, if at all.

Don't believe that they do not want to make you into another Benning, Fox or Hughes. They see you as only a tool to be used for THEIR greater good, not yours, your family or citizens of this county.

Development Tool said...

Hey Shane, research this blog and YOU determine who in the republican leadership would have supported sending that "nasty" forced hook up letter to your grand dad and who would have not.

I will lay you a wager that those supporting such "nastiness" are the very same lowlifes pushing you to run against Thompson. The same with those against the master plan.

And ask these very same development at any cost country club republican trolls just how Thompson has been anti-growth and anti-everything during his term?

Thompson has pretty much supported everything within the confines of the master plan.

Don't get played, Shane. Unless you want some local arrogant asswipe RINO attorneys with their hands up your ass working you like a powerless sock puppet.

Anonymous said...
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Duh??? said...

Anonymous said...

"I find all the BIG words in the rules of the forum, so HAARRDD to understand!!!"

Bye, bye!!!