Monday, April 19, 2010


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My Name is Barbara Tibbs and I am currently running for Dearborn County Recorder.

It is a job that requires effective supervision combined with understanding and knowledge. I have almost 6 years experience in the Recorders Office; I loved my job and enjoyed helping the public and many law firms & title companies researching the material to find what they were in search of and to process the documents they needed to record. I worked under two different recorders who I have gained tremendous knowledge from and greatly respect. I have been trained in the office of Recorder and I maintain the knowledge and awareness of the applicable laws and regulations needed to run the Recorders Office in a professional & efficient manner.

I am the granddaughter of the late Edward & Evelyn Probst, daughter to Retired Major Rick & Sharon Probst. I was raised as a military child, moving often and learning the culture and ways of each place my father was stationed. I learned that every military man, woman and child sacrifice a lot and I have the highest respect for those that serve our country. I remember as a child visiting Aurora and always wanting to return home to the people my family always shared memories of, and to the family I often visited during my summers. Seventeen years ago my childhood dreams became a reality for me.

I am now the wife of Larry E. Tibbs Jr. & mother of Samantha-14, Deryk-9, & Austyn-4. I am very involved in my children and their activities. I am Secretary for the South Dearborn Choral Parents Association, Food Coordinator for Opening Knights Show Choir Steering Committee and Popcorn Chairman for Aurora Cub pack 673. I am always willing to get involved in any of the other activities that are in need of assistance. I have been active with soccer all my life, from coaching, refereeing and participating. I participate with many organizations throughout Dearborn County. I am a member of the Main Street Aurora and St. John’s Church, and I believe in supporting local charities.

On May 4th please vote for Barbara Tibbs, candidate for Dearborn County Recorder. Experienced and qualified to be the next Dearborn County Recorder; but your vote and support are needed. Please help spread the word and promote my campaign to become the next Dearborn County Recorder.

Thank You,
Barbara Tibbs

Don't forget to vote Tibbs May 4th!!

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