Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In these difficult times it is important that we have experienced and dedicated people in all levels of our government.

For this reason it is important that you please vote in the coming primary elections on May 4th.

My resume follows and I ask that you please consider me for the position of Dearborn County Recorder. Please feel free to share this information with others in Dearborn County.

My name is Bob Starks and I am a Republican Candidate for the Dearborn County Recorder’s office. I live at 20902 Ridgecliff Court with my wife Bonnie. The duty of the Recorder’s Office has been defined as: “It is the primary duty of the County Recorder to record instruments submitted for recording and maintain those records for perpetuity”. This process requires full time management of the office and particularly the budget in this increasingly complex field of Document control. My 30 years of management in the field of automation will be a significant benefit to the Recorder’s office.

My business experience includes (30) years in managerial positions for highly sophisticated and automated manufacturing systems and processes. At Cincinnati Milacron, I was the Area Manager for the Aerospace and Special Machine Tool operations which spanned three assembly plants and during the height of our business included more than 300 technicians. During this tenure I was a leader in the implementation of ISO 9001 process certification and Six Sigma process training and improvement. I understand document control and the methods necessary to achieve success.

I recently retired after serving ten years as the National Service Manager for an International Machine Tool Company. My responsibilities have included all aspects of Machine tool installation and sales of services including office management, purchasing, warehousing, delivery and accounts receivable operations. I am computer literate in Microsoft Office and also in financial software. During my tenure we encountered a completely unexpected event, not once but twice. Our Parent Corporation, SIP, which stands for “Societe Instruments Precision”, went bankrupt not once but twice. Our parent company supplied the machines and corporate engineering services that we sold and serviced here in the USA. On both occasions when our parent company became bankrupt, we struggled to survive but with effort and ingenuity we did survive to the utter amazement of the parent company. I tracked down parts suppliers, created our own engineering and sold enough service that I could keep our employees working. We got together as a team and cut our expenses. At one point we even reduced our own pay, but we all continued working together and we survived for a year without our parent company on two occasions. These experiences have taught me the irreplaceable value of teamwork, sticking to a budget and working smart as well as working harder. If I am elected I will bring my education and business experience to support the Dearborn County Recorder’s office. I believe that I share the experience and values that are needed in our government today.

For the past two years it has been my privilege to serve as the President of the Hidden Valley Lake Board of Directors. We have made many improvements including those to our baseball and soccer fields. We have added a new playground and also several new fields. This sports complex serves many youngsters in our County and in particular, youth baseball and youth soccer programs for residents all over Dearborn County.

My back ground and training is uniquely suited for the needs of the Recorders office. I have a proven track record for setting realistic goals and to work within the budget. My experience in document control, quality control and my ability to work constructively with others will enhance the success of the Recorder’s office.

Please vote for experience, vote for Bob Starks.

Thank You.

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