Thursday, April 29, 2010


Re-Elect Commissioner Ralph Thompson

Experience Matters

A Commissioner you can count on to represent you in county government.

Open Government
Proven Leadership
Fiscal Responsibility

Over the last four years, Ralph:

o Explored economical solutions for justice center campus, including revitalizing a historic building instead of spending millions to construct a new facility.

o Eliminated police presence and reinstated PUBLIC COMMENT at Commissioners’ meetings.

o Brought government to the people of BRIGHT moving the Fire District meeting to Bright Christian Church so citizens could speak out and receive information.

o Supported a county ordinance restricting forced sewer hook-ups for owners with working or repairable septic systems.

o Encouraged the county sewer district to fix existing sewer problems at High Ridge Estates.

o Continues working to retain and stimulate business in Dearborn County, to create a balanced tax base to offset tax losses from residential development.

o Approved unification of the county road districts and purchased the land and building for the County Garage off US 50.

o Brought municipal and county governments together to work on common issues, such as sewer lines, connector road behind businesses along US 50, and expansion of the county campus.

o Serves on the Plan Commission and considers the elements of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan regarding infrastructure, utilities, and schools when considering potential developments.

o Supported road improvements based on a prioritized plan based on condition and traffic load, not on politics. Approved other options such as road millings and chip seal to pave and maintain roads with decreased highway department funds.

Provided By Committee to Re-Elect Ralph Thompson

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