Sunday, October 31, 2010

There Should Be A Law Against It...

Come election time it is often difficult to know which candidate is the right one to pick. Voters are faced with candidates they either know little about or about whom the reliability of what they know, either from word of mouth, the media, or the candidate himself, is questionable. Occasionally, however, a situation arises that speaks for itself. The voters of Dearborn County are experiencing just such a moment in the current election.

There has been much attention focused in the recent past on the likelihood that several individuals seeking public office have violated the Hatch Act, which might be enough in and of itself to inform your decision as a voter. Similarly, one might be swayed by the knowledge that a candidate is spending extraordinarily large sums of their own money to secure positions of power. Of course, those with an interest in these candidates will dispute the issue with discussion of events fortuitous to their circumstances so lets consider another aspect of this election. Sometimes the right decision is clear simply by examining the logic of the situation.

Before I lay out the case, let me first say, that I do not know either of the candidates for Commissioner in District 3 and have no reason for any personal reaction to one or the other. That being said, I have to believe that no right thinking person could possibly vote for Shane McHenry under the current circumstances and expect a happy outcome, and here's why:

It is astonishing to me that the Sheriff's Office would permit one of their officers to be diverted from their official duties by a political campaign and the potential loss of productivity it, and subsequent hours spent actually filling the office should that be the outcome, would mean. It is possible that this is simply evidence of negligence in the Sheriff's duty to the citizens of Dearborn County. If not, I can see only one reason why this would be permitted, namely, as the primary source of income for this individual, the Sheriff becomes the defacto controller of one third of the county executive. For my own part, I wouldn't want Mr. Listerman in control of a commissioner swing vote by having one of his road crew serving in that spot, nor would it be acceptable for any other county agency to have a similarly incestuous relationship to the county executive. How much less acceptable should it be when that agency's employees are armed and have arrest powers? Would it be unfair to question the wisdom of this arrangement, given that millions in bonds are being considered for jail facilities?

Now, I don't know what Mr. Combs' position on this might be but voting for him would not necessarily resolve the conflict. Assuming he does the ethical thing and does not pressure his employee to act on behalf of his organization he is at best handcuffed in personnel matters regarding Shane's service as an officer, and risks a role reversal with his employee, as commissioner, telling HIM what to do. On the other hand, contemplate the consequences if he were to do what any other employer would likely do, make Shane choose between employment as an officer and serving as commissioner. I am guessing, but I think it rather unlikely that Mr. McHenry would impose the financial hardship on his family that abandoning his position as an officer would bring, given the part-time, no benefits conditions under which a commissioner serves. Under this scenario, your vote for Mr. McHenry is not only invalidated, but usurped by the Republican Party apparatus who would be free to appoint a commissioner of their choosing.

Considering all of this, the only vote that represents a vote for the person who will actually, ultimately wield the power of the office of Commissioner, District 3, would be a vote for Mr. Schuler. Anything else is a gamble on an illusion.


Anonymous said...

Seems like DEARBORN COUNTY CITIZEN represents a party of one. Too many words, but anyone with an intellect can pick through the rhetoric after a few lines. It must suck to be you. So much in life to be thankful for, and yet it seems so many like yourself, are addicted to self inflicted misery. Try as you might, you will not be able to break this mean streak. If not this political cesspool, it will be some
other useless tirade for your next agenda, all wasted time that you could have been enjoying your family and friends.
Try standing in front of a mirror and having a debate with your reflection. It'll give you the same thrill.


Anonymous said...

In regards to anonymous' comment I am just wondering, What is your point? Why are you trying to slander Dearborn County Citzens comment? Why not create an argument for those comments? You obviously don't have one and are simply trying to pick a fight with some useless slander. You have only solidified the original post as being honest and true. The voters have a right to know what kind of trouble they could be looking at if Mr. McHenry were to be elected. Dearborn County residents need to be aware of the implications that could follow if Mr. McHenry takes office. I say we shouldn't create a compromising situation in our county and keep him in his current position as a detective in the sheriffs department.

Chester said...


I will agree with you on one thing - this is a political cesspool. Other than that and a mewling personal attack, I'm not sure what exactly you have to say...

If you see a defect in my assessment of my voting options, please feel free to make the case on where you think I have erred. The fact of the matter is that many states and localities have laws prohibiting persons seeking or holding elected office from also being employed in that same jurisdiction. A wise policy the good people of DC should perhaps consider, once this is all over, to avoid ethical breaches and conflicts of interest. In the mean time they have the option of improvising the same effect by voting not for candidates, but for integrity in government, which is all I have suggested.


Shane McHenry is TROUBLE and To those other than the prosecutor who is corrupt himself. (80 mph in a 45 on stateline few weeks ago and no speeding ticket which is in the police logs which are public (contact Charlie Ashley)-pulled over by Ralph Jackson AND LET GO WITHOUT TICKET--you or i would be arrrested...shame shame shame) ok back to where i started, oh to those who work with Shane (Attorneys, regular officers, prosecuting assistence) all know Shane is biased and corrupt. Settled a civil suit against him for harassment recently and um no press and not criminally charged-Thanks to Negangard, Shanes buddy. You can contact the parents of the person Shane left DISTURBING voicemails to and The County settled on a lawsuit. 812-537-1472 Rick & Karen Carlton...this stuff should be all put on the news-these should be federal crimes-Negangard swept them under carpet for his Sepcial Crimes Unit baby. AND NOBODY knows about it. of course Negnagard isn't going to files charges against his supported corrupt number one person in his office (Shane McHentry) talk about injustice and corruption. ONE BIG FAMILY.

Anonymous said...

No personal feelings about Detective McHenry or others in this ethical quagmire, but I cannot imagine this being acceptable in any community that is paying an individual to be a detective, or any other County employment. Perhaps one day when Detective McHenry retires, he will then be available to hold this office.
Commissioners need to be available, and they need to be objective and unattached to any department who might receive money or favors from a Commissioner.

jehsh said...

Wow, I couldn't have said it better than Anonymous just did. The job that Shane holds is very time demanding. He has a family, another demanding job. And now wants to be County Commissioner. All three are very time demanding.

Voters need to think about which job he will slack on. Family?? Detective?? or Commissioner??. I know where I would put my money.

Anonymous said...

so you think that i should vote for schuler who has blatantly told me in public that he wants to do sexual things to me? AND he has said this ever since I was a little girl. I grew up knowing him and his children. He is definitely not a good character to be around or to vote for. He my dear is a pervert and still is. NOW YOU TELL me, why would you vote for a borderline sex offender? At least vote for the guy with a great head on his shoulders and is a respectful person. MCHENRY FOR COMMISIONER!