Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lack of Integrity Never in Short Supply...

Many of you, especially if you're a registered Republican, may have received a 8-1/2 by 14 inch glossy political ad promoting Libertarian candidate Greg Knott who is competing(?) for the 9th U.S. Congressional seat currently held by Baron P. Hill. It is a slick ad highlighting Greg's conservative values.

It is sham. It is not from the Libertarian Party nor is it from their candidate Greg Knott. It is from the INDIANA DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

The intent is obvious. Greg Knott has absolutely no chance of garnering even a fraction of the votes cast for this seat. The Democrat's realize that if they can persuade someone to vote for Knott, they will not vote for Baron P. Hill's only real viable opponent, Republican Todd Young.

The ad was strategically delivered on the Friday before a two day weekend, leaving only Monday before the election for word to spread of their chicanery.

Any mixed feelings I had about the choice between candidates for the Indiana 9th Congressional District position are now erased. I will vote for Todd Young if this is the respect the Indiana Democratic Party has for Indiana citizens.

Think about this before voting. A vote for Libertarian, Greg Knott is a vote for Democrat Baron P. Hill



Eric Schansberg said...

A vote for Knott is only a (half) vote for Hill if you see Young as the second-best choice.

Knott should draw more Democrats from Hill, given his "progressive" positions on the wars, the working poor, lobbying, corporate subsidies, etc.

Dan Brewington said...

Is it just coincidence that the conversation forum is shut down before the election?

Alan Stanley Freemond Sr. said...

Baron Hill has always talked conservatism in the our district but voted with Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama for very liberal causes. I have checked his financial reports submitted during previous elections. He is desperate for his job as he was not very successful as a stock and bond salesman for while working for Merrill Lynch the brokerage company. Actually if this election were not so important we could describe Hill’s desperation as truly pathetic.

Dan Brewington said...

Alan, What very liberal causes did Barack Obama vote for? Last time I checked, Obama did not have a vote on anything. If Hill has done a bad job in office, tell us what he did wrong. Rather address issues, Republicans just compare candidates to Pelosi or Obama. The Democrats did the same thing with two years ago by standing Republicans up against Bush.

What are these very liberal causes that you speak of? Extending unemployment benefits? Voting for the stimulus that helps pay for things like the Special Crimes Unit? Health care? I find it rather ironic that the people who claim they want state's rights and less regulation are the same people who voted to forbid medicare from negotiating prescription drug pricing by locking out Canada. For some reason, Canada's pharmaceuticals are not safe but the last regime allowed drug makers to move to India.

What has Hill done that has harmed Southeaster Indiana? And can you give us some specifics on your knowledge of Hill's career at ML? It would be much more intellectual than claiming that he is the next coming of Pelosi and Obama.

Greg said...


Hill was one of only 10 Democrats voting with Republicans to NOT extend unemployment benefits. Why would he try to balance the budget on the backs of Indiana's jobless workers?

Anyone who wants to know the entire truth about the Dem mailer about Greg "No Bull" Knott should read my press release:

Dan Brewington said...

I stand corrected. I was just listing some issues that are typically viewed as being associated with "liberals". Now I am really perplexed as to what people whom claim to be conservative actually want. "Conservative, unless it negatively affects us?" I have a problem with any candidate who resorts to deceptive means to get elected. Trying to trick the public implies that they believe the public is stupid. It's never a good thing to have a politician do something for "the greater good" because they think that we are to ignorant to speak for ourselves. Once again, sorry for getting my facts wrong, I just assumed since Alan put Hill up on a pedestal with Pelosi, that Hill actually voted with Pelosi. I guess I should have listened to my 6th grade teacher when he taught me what assume stands for. BTW, thanks for the link to Knott's blog. Good reading.