Monday, March 07, 2011

COUNTY COUNCIL EXCERPT 14 December 2010 - Prosecutor's Request for $25,000 Legal Fees Transfer

County Council Meeting excerpt from auditor’s copy (obtained March 7, 2011) of original tape 6:09:26 PM to 6:13:40 PM on Dec 14, 2010 - transcribed verbatim.

Dennis Kraus, Sr., President of County Council: Aaron’s here we may as well go ahead with his and do this somewhere else.

Aaron Negangard, County Prosecutor: Thank you. Umm, this is not uhh, an additional appropriation, as it turns out it is a transfer. There was additional monies left in- appropriated monies left, in uh- we had some additional money from the grant – some of the grants monies had been received for salaries and we were using some of this money for intern, but we’ll have about $30,000 left over- and we need to get $25,000 transferred to pay some – uh- attorney’s fees.

Liz Morris:- So nothing out of Riverboat?

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: No

Liz Morris: OK,just simply a transfer?

Maynard Barrett: Can this grant be used for this, I mean?

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: No

Maynard Barrett: Won’t it…( doesn’t finish the sentence)

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: But the grant, the grant- it was money not spent because of it.

Maynard Barrett: Oh- BECAUSE of the grant. OK. But I was wondering how you used grant money for …

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: No, I didn’t.

Maynard Barrett: … legal defense.

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: No it was money that was appropriated that wasn’t spent . It’s actually Mike Kreinhop’s position. He was working for me at the first of the year, or at some point.

Liz Morris: Just a transfer.

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: Correct.

Liz Morris: I move to approve.

Bill Ullrich: Second.

Tom Cheek: You said this was for attorney’s fees?

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: Attorney’s fees.

Tom Cheek: For?

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: To defend a -uh - disciplinary grievance.

Tom Cheek: You mean by a county employee here?

Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor: YES.

Dennis Kraus, Sr.: We have a motion on the floor. All in favor say Aye.

COUNCIL: Aye ( 6)

Dennis Kraus, Sr.: Opposed No-

Tom Cheek: Nay

Dennis Kraus, Sr.: Motion passes.

Maynard Barrett: Aaron, since we’re here, between friends- this thing that’s in the paper, uh- if that would go against the prosecutors of Indiana, what kind of money are we talking about there?

Aaron, Negangard, Prosecutor: Well.

Maynard Barrett: Do we have any idea?

Aaron, Negangard, Prosecutor: Uh.

Maynard Barrett: I’m sure it won’t but…

Aaron, Negangard, Prosecutor: If it does I’m sure it’s all absorbed by the state.

Maynard Barrett: Oh OK.

Aaron, Negangard, Prosecutor: It’s not- it wouldn’t affect the county. But the claim is completely frivolous, in fact, thet sent a number of requests to prosecutors- they did a request for information to prosecutors- they did a number of requests to prosecutors who responded that they did not have any- some small counties don’t even do forfeitures. Some counties don’t even bother with it. And they sued THEM. So I talked to some of those prosecutors and they are planning on filing a counter claim or a lawsuit against the people, because it’s really… They didn’t do any…To show you how lax they were in their investigation, they didn’t even realize they sued me twice- as Dearborn County prosecutor and Ohio County prosecutor. <> So there’s actually not 78 prosecutors, there’s 77.

Maynard Barrett: OK

Aaron, Negangard, Prosecutor: So I’m quite confident it’s not going to go anywhere. I spoke – I personally spoke to the attorney general this last week, and he had the option to actually take the case and then dismiss it because he could opt to take the case. But he chose not to do that because he felt if he took the case that would give it merit and he didn’t feel it had merit. Um- and I would say that they haven’t even followed the appropriate procedures as far as that statute. It’s for false claims and nobody’s filed a claim so. Um – that being said I would anticipate but I can assure you that we don’t have to come and ask for any money from you. The attorney general takes the defense, and if they lose, they pay them.

Maynard Barrett: OK

Dennis Kraus, Sr: Thank you.

Aaron, Negangard, Prosecutor: Tom, I did want to thank you for your service all these many years. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Why should county grant money be used for defense for Aron Negangard. He should have to pay for his own defense. If you or i brake the law or do somthing wrong we don't get owr defense payed for. Heck 25,000 dollers is pay for a year for a job opening. It looks like theft to me.

Anonymous said...

He basically lied to the county. This is theft and he should be prosecuted! He would be going after anyone else that pulled the same..uh...umm..stunt!

When he wasn't giving complete answers they should have realized he was up to something. Once he gets an approval, he starts answering questions. He knew it wasn't right or he would have been up front.

Anonymous said...

He needs to be prosecuted but who will do it ?

Anonymous said...

sounds like Maynard, Liz, Dennis and Aaron are up to no good. What just happened? Tom asked this question after the quick motion and quick second? I don't know what just happened. Something needs to be put in the local paper so I can read and understand the non-sense.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should send the bill to Witte for all of the BS he has caused. False complaint against the prosecutor and all of the hatch crap!

Anonymous said...

Whatever Witte has done or what anyone has done. It dosen't matter who you are. No one should steal from the county. It was wrong and thats all there is to it.

Anonymous said...

is that what it is from? Witte? explain, please.

Anonymous said...

What exactly was Negangard charged with? Nothing to do with Witte, I don't believe but some kind of ethic charge. Seems like he has a lot of trouble with ethics not to say outright fraud. He led the council to believe that it was for the defense of an employee in the performance of his job. Instead it was for his personal responsibility not covered by the state.

Observer said...

Did anyone elses radar go up with the comment "It’s actually Mike Kreinhop’s position. He was working for me at the first of the year, or at some point." What position would that be? The Sheriff work for the Prosecutor? Could this be the SCU?

Anonymous said...

So this is what grant money can be used for???? He couldn't even answer the damn questions!!!! This is about Witte, this is a misuse of government money!Even the king of the county shouldn't get away with this.....

Anonymous said...

I meant this isn't about Witte...