Wednesday, March 09, 2011

More Indiana Code on Defense of Prosecuting Attorneys

IC 33-39-9
Chapter 9. Defense and Indemnification of Prosecuting Attorneys

IC 33-39-9-1
Application of chapter
Sec. 1. This chapter does not apply to a threatened, pending, or completed action or a proceeding that:
(1) results in the criminal conviction of; or
(2) is a disciplinary action or proceeding against;
a prosecuting attorney.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.18.

IC 33-39-9-2
Expenses defined
Sec. 2. As used in this chapter, "expenses" includes the following:
(1) Reasonable attorney's fees, if the attorney general has authorized the prosecuting attorney to hire private counsel to provide the defense.
(2) A judgment.
(3) A settlement.
(4) Court costs.
(5) Discovery costs.
(6) Expert witness fees.
(7) Any other expense incurred as a result of an action or a proceeding.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.18.

IC 33-39-9-3
Prosecuting attorney defined
Sec. 3. As used in the chapter, "prosecuting attorney" means a prosecuting attorney, a deputy prosecuting attorney, or a senior prosecuting attorney appointed under IC 33-39-1.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.18.

IC 33-39-9-4
Payment of expenses
Sec. 4. The state shall pay the expenses incurred by a prosecuting attorney from a threatened, pending, or completed action or proceeding that arises from:
(1) making;
(2) performing; or
(3) failing to make or perform;
a decision, a duty, an obligation, a privilege, or a responsibility of the prosecuting attorney's office.
As added by P.L.98-2004, SEC.18.

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Anonymous said...

Ok this just say's it to he can't use county money to defined him. He lied to get the money he need's to be prosocuted. And not just pay it back he need's to be charged for theft felony theft.