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1 November 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

1 November 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

Register Publications covered the meeting.


Private Real property Rights Preservation Ordinance- Hughes wants an Addendum to Future Land use Plan Exemptions for all private property owners who request it. Hughes went back thru land use plan and said it wasn’t going to be regulatory. Doesn’t want special interests group to determine what someone can do with their land. Orschell said – it’s an advisory tool- and it should be discussed in Planning and Zoning. Hughes thinks commissioners should LEAD that process. Hughes wants to have Baudendistel to research it to exempt property owner from the land use plan. Orschell has a problem with exemptions. McHenry said he sees a use for regulations and also wants people to be able to use their land for whatever in reason. Hughes calls the master plan an arbitrary plan made up by special interests. He cited an individual asking someone to be taken off the master plan committee when they didn’t do what he thought was right. Hughes doesn’t want government standing in anyone’s way, if they use all their creative genius to kick start the economy with a business for example. Baudendistel is to look to draw up an addendum that make sure the future land use map is not a regulatory map and doesn’t get in the way of developing property if someone wants to. It will go to plan commission for discussion.

Revised Jail Expansion Project- Mark of RQAW and Joe Mrak were present to go over the history of the justice center and current plan. April 10, 2010 meeting- Purchase Hoosier Square and add to the jail were the 2 items that came from that meeting. RQAW was contracted to plan for this in the master plan for the justice system housing. There were a series of presentations over the next year to construct 250 more beds that included a component of work-release housing. It became known before June 2011 that we might not be able to afford this. They eliminated the work release housing from the plan, knowing that it might be able to be done later. Even with that 50 bed elimination it was thought to be too expensive. They went back to the table- now on revision 2 on the preliminary design phase. They want their design to accommodate future expansion should it be necessary. Proposing about 122 beds with the option of 78 or so more. These 122 would be lighter security cells- dormitories and 4 man cells. They also would, have the open space minimally constructed like a walk out basement for the 78 should they be needed later.
Programming space is also in the plan for drug programs. Remodeling of the basement allows for additional space for law enforcement. Video arraignment might also be in this plan for improved security. New kitchen and laundry space is included. Miami County uses their multipurpose room for video arraignment. RQAW designed that. Hughes kept asking how close the video arraignment space had to be to the judge. He didn’t realize that this operates through the internet for video transfer.
Mark said that they can relocate some officers to supervise 120 inmates more without having to change staffing needs. He also had a new space to isolate the female population from the males. There would be increased utility costs due to increased space, but the staffing plan would be staff neutral be relocating their spaces. Food, heat, and staff are the big jail costs.

Cost of this is: Hard construction costs- $7 – 7.4 million. Soft costs would be $1.13- 1.2 million. Shoot for the low number and plan on the high number. Maximum amount is $9,259,663 according to their estimates.

Additional square footage for vehicular sally-port is about $250,000. Proposed 336 bed total capacity. They also have a space to add additional housing attached to the current plan space. Prefabricated modular steel cells are what are being used to make these cells. This is most cost effective. This happens without disrupting security for the rest of the jail. They have been using these since 2002. Columbus Indiana- Bartholomew County Jail uses these and the architecture matches the city there. These modular cells are inside the building- a double envelope style. The windows do NOT line up with the outside windows to avoid prisoners “show and tell” with outside world. They still get borrowed natural light. Task Force recommends this – the group changes a little bit depending on staff schedules. Orschell said he had the pleasure of heading up the task force and the biggest problem was the money. They took out basement and parking area and an elevator. The J-caps and GED needed space. Orschell thinks this is a good fit for Dearborn County. McHenry asked what it would take to take C3 back to work release. Mark outlined the details that would need to be added. Less than 200 ankle bracelets are available in the county for work release. Orschell said the county wants to reduce repetitive crime with their programs. We keep 80 out of state (25%) or out of county in here and 100 probationers. ( 40%) Kreinhop provided the percentages that they have on average. Kreinhop is concerned that the county will be sued for overcrowded conditions as they were 22 years ago. A judge ordered the building of the current facility due to this. A bill died that would have returned all Class D felonies to us. If they do succeed in passing this we will have a problem housing this. Orschell said that Rep. Jud McMillin told him it could happen but not as likely as a year ago. 87% are being held on at least one class D felony or more. Only 17% were being held for misdemeanors.

Hughes asked if the commissioners would like to have a public hearing. McHenry says this is fueled by drug abuse or related crime. These people often commit more crimes – theft – to get money for the drugs or substance abuse. He doesn’t want to see the county become catch and release like Hamilton County has become. McHenry said- Dearborn County is called the Bermuda Triangle- once you get caught over here you are never coming back.

Hughes asked if the economic downturn has increased crime. This particular downturn has not shown this per Joe Mrak of RQAW. Hughes thought that more jobs and economic development would decrease crime. McHenry said that with 87% of felons- they will have a hard time getting jobs with that history.

Orschell said this project should go forwarded. McHenry agreed. He wanted to hire a construction management firm to help them. Hughes asked about a referendum. Orschell said that would cost $50,000. Why not have a remonstrance possibility with 100 signatures- cheaper. This would call for a petition “war” or “race” to see what side wins then. Barnes and Thornburgh and Umbaugh and Associates presented on this earlier.

Orschell said that if we are doing our homework, due diligence, and be fiscally responsible. If they feel we did it wrong they will fire us next election. He thinks Council is going to have to work out. McHenry says Council will decide if they are ready to fund this. McHenry motioned to go to Council with the project and see if they are willing to fund it and if so we will hire a construction management firm to manage it. Orschell 2nd. Hughes wanted it to die. He voted nay- Passed. This discussion took a little over an hour.

Unnecessary Regulations Discussion
- Planning Commission forwarded a favorable recommendation section 2245 Article 22- tabled.

Vacate Right of way at West St and Alley in Hardinsburg- Kraus Jr. County Surveyor presented on behalf of owner Terry Cornett. It was also modified to accommodate the needs of the Lawrenceburg conservancy district for floodway control including the request by Richard Butler, attorney for LCD. No discussion as no public was concerned. Baudendistel read the ordinance vacating this. Commissioners passed the vacation of West Street and the alley.


Sheriff Kreinhop/Kenny McAlister- request to approach Council for one time funds to replace canine who had to be retired due to bone cancer. McAlister was available for questions as the canine handler. Kreinhop supported and endorsed the replacement. McAlister gave a quote from the kennels in Peru where they purchased the last one. Cost is same as the old one for $10,000. The price increase was not used as this was so early to replace. The last one was funded by the Community Foundation for $23,000. He has turned in a $7500 grant from CASA. He is also seeking $5,000 from the community foundation. There are also options for private citizens to donate. He also passed out info on programs the canine participated in. He uses the dog has a bridge to get the kids to talk. Commissioners approved them seeking money at Council.

Recorder- Redaction Services and Support Agreement- Bill Ewbank asked to table this until contract is amended . Tabled.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:

Accept Indian Ridge section 2 off Dutch Hollow road- 3 roads- Creek Side Drive0.2mi, Falling Rock 0.16 mi, and extension of Indian Ridge 0.26 mi. Commissioners approved these 3 roads and accepted them into inventory.

Bridge needing replaced- #38-Schwipps Rd- $58,300 for Barth and Associates for design. Approved. Baudendistel has reviewed the contracts on this and the following 3.
Bridge #41- $53,700 on Lake Tambo Road- Barth and Associates- Approved
Bridge #43 $56,800-Platt Road Barth and Associates- Approved.
Bridge # 77 Woliung Road$60,700 – Barth and Associates- Approved.

Council gave preliminary approval to meet with INDOT to start the process on Stateline Road.

Dedication tomorrow morning at 10 AM for new salt facility on Randall Ave funded by L-bg thru the Community Foundation. Commissioners joked about having brunch as they already had the salt.

Hughes asked about contracts with private contractors for snow removal. Listerman said they are using FEMA prices.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- claims approved. Oct 18 and Sept 20 minutes approved. Hughes said he hadn’t looked them over- but if they were ok with it was good enough for him.

Gayle said that Superior Court 2 has not had any conflicts with our morning meeting since she has been in office. She wanted to have them moved to adm bldg for 2012- Commissioners agreed. They were grateful to L-bg for providing the space and a letter will be sent to L-bg thanking them.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Presented the ordinance regarding Commissioner and Council Districts which were redrawn without splitting precincts. Commissioners approved the ordinance- #2011-013.

Baudendistel also presented an amendment to Zoning Ordinance to comply with new laws passed. It deals with appeals and waivers. Article 1 section 160 Approved.

Disposition of surplus vehicles- no longer needs to be discussed. These go to general fund and so the agencies selling need to request these funds back from Council.

INDOT available Thursday for Commissioners- who will drive up together early that morning.


- Hughes had to sign a grant from the Indiana Justice Institute from Tom McKay who said it was time sensitive. McHenry said it was a worthwhile program. McKay had been working on it for a long time. No money needed from county. Commissioners ratified the grant.


Meeting adjourned at 8 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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