Monday, November 07, 2011

Joseph McCaleb Letter from Brewington Sentencing HearingTranscribed


Re: Dan Brewington

Mr. Negangard,

I am currently a cellmate of Dan Brewington, whom I assume you are familiar with. Mr. Brewington is always discussing his case. However, two days ago he received transcripts of his grand jury hearing. Based upon what he’s been telling me and what I’ve read in the transcripts, this guy needs help.

I understand how he’s frustrated because he truly believes he has done no wrong but some of the threats he made against Judge Humphrey and yourself are more than just frustration. They are so detailed and thoughtout that I really believe that he may act upon them. For example, he has told me a fantasy about following Judge Humphrey home from work, kidnapping him with the .357 he was ordered to hand over to his ex-wife, shooting him and using concrete to dispose of him in the Ohio River. It’s not so much the fantasy of doing such, but it’s moreso the well thoughtout step by step details he gave that alarmed me.

Moreover, he has admitted stalking Dr. Connor by driving past his house, his plans to picket his home and business with signs proclaiming him to be a criminal and unfaithful to his wife and admitted he knew Ms. Humphrey was the wife of Judge Humphrey when he post their address.

I would appreciate it if you would keep this confidential. From what most I have heard from the people here (mostly Brewington), you are crooked and dirty, only out for yourself. I don’t take these opinions too seriously considering the sources so I have faith that you will honor this request.

If you need to speak to me regarding this I will be more than happy to do so. I do not ask for anything in return other than keeping this to yourself for now.


Joseph McCaleb


Chester said...

Maybe it's just me, but this letter seems a bit more literate than I would have expected from a panty burglar. Who the heck uses "moreso" but somebody with a pretense to education. Does that sound like a cable installer to anybody? Even uses whom correctly.

I sure would like to see some handwriting comparison on the original letter...

...of course it could have been copied from somebody elses master, so I guess we will never know.

Lonesome Dove said...

I, too, thought the use of conjunctive adverbs by
a tv installer showed a suprising bit of writerly dash.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Joseph wrote this letter..

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson's doctor will get less tha 4 years in prison. Dan Brewington just got 5...??!?!?

Maxine said...

It's the Bermuda triangle here- they brag about it!

Anonymous said...

Letter does not ring true.
In his "other life", Mr. McCaleb/satellite TV installer/panty snatcher must be a highly educated attorney or an authority with quite an education to use such well thought out statements using this grammar and vocabulary.
Not at all language of a "regular guy" like Mr. McCaleb.

Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to have McCaleb write several paragraphs on some subject and see what English structure and vocabulary he is capable of using.

What was the meaning of the paragraph concerning confidentility.

confidence? said...

seems like Negangard didn't really have confidence in his case, as he kept using crooks to try to get Brewington to 'fess up.

Anonymous said...

Ever consider the possibility that McCaleb told his attorney and his attorney helped him write the letter? We attorneys do things like that you know. Also, attorneys can't talk about what goes on in cases to defend themselves, nor can judges, nor can psychologists, because we are all protected by codes of ethics that require us to keep our clients or our patients secrets. With the exception of a criminal case such as this, there was no way that these judges, lawyers and psychologists and their families who had been harrassed by this man and his hangers on for years could ever let the public know the truth of the hell these types of people put them through. Brewington is the extreme of the extreme, but every attorney and mental health professional and judge has experienced this and most of us have had some genunine moments where we have feared for our lives or the safety of our families. I have a child considering law school and another one considering becoming a therapist. I really don't know why. My kid in the military may be safer.

really? said...

his attorney helped him write a letter that just happens to list not just one or two, but all the items that prosecutor negangard used in his case? really?
as to releasing client information read the sentencing notes on this blog and tell me they didn't cross the ethical line.
i beg to differ.
there are no saints here.

Concerned said...

Didn't know a lawyer could help a snitch write a letter that would be instrumental in convicting someone? That sounds criminal to me. Did someone help the snitch in Ohio make the tape that Shane McHenry presented, too? Why wasn't that presented in the trial the other week????

I sympathize with the mental anguish that Dan caused some people, but sometimes that the price of doing the profession they have chosen. There has to be a better way to help or punish Dan than putting him in prison for 5 years. It's concerning how much personal feelings affected the judgement.

I also feel that it was an unconscionable act by the local law enforcement to change Dan's long time prescription regiment of ridilin that had been prescibed by a very reputable clinic in Cincinnati. That was a total disrespect of a respected professional with possible harm to their patient.

Anonymous said...

Can we all please stop with the I am fearful, and maybe joining the military is safer rhetoric! Please! Suck it up! A Judges,Lawyer and Therapist job is a whole lot safer when they actually HAVE ethics, it's the unethical that get they should be for their careers! Stop crying and suck it up!

Anonymous said...

I just came across this letter not too long ago. After reading it didn't give it a whole lot of thought until I went back a short while later and discovered the comments that were also posted. I guess I am the only one who never even considered Joseph was assisted in the writing of this letter. Since Joey has been my baby brother for the past 35 years, without a doubt, I assure all, he absolutely requires no assistance to write a letter such as this. As his sister, I will be the first to say wrong is wrong, and in no way condoning or attempting to defend his actions. But also as his sister I will say although a convict/criminal, he is also extremely intelligent and literate. We were raised with a loving, supportive,involved family who expected to not just attend school but to excel and reach our full potential. Education was highly regarded growing up and through school. I just wanted to voice what I know to be true. I wouldn't expected anything less from him especially when addressing someone such as Mr. Negangard. Of course, we as individuals are entitled to our own opinions, but since I know Joseph better than anyone who has submitted their comments, I will stand by my statements