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15 November 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

15 November 2011 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance Freedom for Options Form – tabled for Baudendistel to meet with McCormack. Hughes asked to be with them at this meeting to be sure his ideas are understood. Orschell thought McGill should be present as he’s Planning attorney. Baudendistel agreed as he seeks help from McGill when he has questions on Planning.

Recorder’s Office- Redaction Services and Support Agreement- every document we get in is redacted. He contacted CSI- $4095/year and a four year one with an out of $2925 (one year) paid. This is funded thru fees from the recorder’s office. $2925/year is the amount if they do the four year contract- a big savings. Commissioners approved the four year contract.

Sheriff’s Dept Medical Fee Schedule Signature- Baudendistel prepared the ordinance that amends the inmate handbook. This amends the sick call request form. Commissioners approved Ordinance 2011-015. Pennington will present this to Council at their meeting Nov 22 at 6;30 PM


Mark McCormack- Planning Commission:

Request to Vacate Candlewood Court in Harvest Ridge Estates- At the Oct 24 PC meeting there was a unanimous favorable recommendation. Maxwell petitioned to vacate the small street (155 feet)so they could replat. They will replace it with a private common driveway that the county does NOT maintain. No one has objected to date. All property surrounding this belong to Maxwell. Commissioners approved the vacation as it does not limit access to property. They signed the ordinance 2011-016 as prepared by Baudendistel.

Proposed Amendments to Article 2, Sections 280 and 282 of the Subdivision Control Ordinance- McCormack stated that the PC unanimously gave a favorable recommendation to this. He explained that these were changed to match the states new code revisions. No one spoke out against this at the PC meeting. If all property owners are in agreement that it’s OK to vacate, they don’t have to have a hearing- they can just file a written instrument doing this. This will save applicants an extra step and money and time in some cases. Commissioners can send items to PC for review if they want to get their recommendation. We want certified surveys as part of these in addition to the requirements of state code. It makes sense in some areas with ROW and other public ways involved. The person wanting to make the change is responsible for the fees. Costs are about $150 plus meeting costs. Commissioners approved ordinance 2011-017 and 2011-018 for the amendments to Article 2 Sections 280 and 282.

Proposed Amendments to Article 22 Section 2245 of the Zoning Ordinance –PC unanimously passed a favorable recommendation to entirely repeal that section on parking lot landscaping requirements. Other ordinances cover drainage issues, etc. Exterior plantings and bufferyards are still required. The applicant can still put landscape in parking areas on their own if they desire. Commissioners approved Ordinance 2011-019 to remove article 22 Section 2245 from the Zoning Ordinance.

McCormack said they will be bringing more revisions due to the state law changes in the future. He will email to Baudendistel as their offices have moved.

County Administrator’s Position- County Coordinator position not funded by Council- this is now a newly funded position in the 2012 budget. They will post the position and HR- Suellen Cauble will help with the interview process. Some positions get a team interview. They will go over the old Administrator’s job description. Commissioners make the final decision. McHenry wanted to make it clear that this was not an attack on Bill but we have to follow the policy on filling a new position. Orschell concurred. They will schedule an executive session for this.

Ratify Life Time Housing Payroll Authorization Letter- This was time sensitive so Hughes signed. McHenry said they should have sent someone to answer questions about this. They don’t know much about this. They refused to ratify until Life Time comes in. Tabled.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer was absent so Tim Grieve, Highway Supervisor, presented.

Hired truck drivers- most have CDLs- still looking for the 5th driver. McHenry asked for the names of those new hires.

They had a round table discussion at HVL per Orschell- and they asked if they could share some of our paving contract prices, fuel, and salt. They could participate in the INDOT contract for salt like we do- unless there is some issue with their lack of incorporation. Orschell said we could still do the fuel, asphalt, and paving. Grieve will research that for legalities. Grieve asked how much asphalt they use. They could maybe get the contractors to smile on them for the prices on the paving issues etc. Salt would not work as they are not a public entity. Grieve thought the best thing would be for him to talk to our vendors. He thought the cities should consider this as well. Some towns like to be their own player.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- presented that Dr Steven Eliason ( sp?) will continue on. Commissioners reappointed Eliason to the Board of Health. The appointment can be reaffirmed at the first Jan 2012 meeting per Baudendistel.

Nov 1 meeting minutes- McHenry wanted his motion on the jail expansion to be typed out verbatim. Tabled for Gayle to do that. Claims were approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel-Margaret Minzner with GIS forwarded an agreement for Wolpert, Inc. to perform orthophotography for the county. They fly the county in February. Hughes is impressed with the IT capabilities of the GIS system. Cost of the contract is shared with OKI and pledges of support to council and towns, cities, conservancy district. Each will pay in something. Orthophotography is turned on now per Pennington. Commissioners approved the contract for $ 41,293.31


Appointment of American Disability Acts Coordinator- Federal Hwy funds depend on our compliance with this ADA act. There are a number of steps and milestones that must be met. Several have to be accomplished by Dec 31st. they are revisiting this to get to 1996 level of compliance. Bill Ewbank (the County Coordinator/Administrator) will be the ADA Coordinator. Costs will include doorknobs at $150-200 each lever lockset. Hoosier Square to get entrance ADA accessible. Parks, roads, crosswalks, etc. will be addressed. Grants may be available for some of this. First we need to get our laundry list together to see what we need to do. Historical structures may be exempt if ADA would destroy historical value. Sight, hearing etc are also needing to be considered.

Request to go to Council – Additional Appropriation for Hoosier Square and Courthouse Renovations and Adm Bldg. – requesting $655,000 additional. They are going to try to bring this budget down, line by line. They have some major work to get space for Superior 2. They can fund Hoosier Square first and then do the Courthouse 2nd. Because the number is high they know they have to phase it. The original costs of all this would have been $6million- now if we get it all done- it will be less than $2 million including Votaw space etc. Commissioners approved Ewbank going to council.

Approve Consulting Agreement with Kroger Consulting & Dearborn County Foundation - DCF- enable IT- trying to get broadband to all of Dearborn County. Partners are all schools, hospital, municipalities, and HVL. Hughes asked to include Workforce One. No cost to us- just want us to enthusiastically support it. Commissioners signed.

Ewbank asked to develop a procedure to dispose of surplus vehicles. He has been getting a lot of requests from other entities. He wants to keep county agencies as first pick. 2nd pick could be municipal fire depts. and EMS and maybe last go to private not for profit organizations. Pennington said SBOA would want some procedures in place. Orschell said Sue had copies of titles of vehicles we no longer have- that may be at HVL. Bill to develop a procedure and email to Baudendistel to look over. This has to be available for audit by SBOA.

Pennington is getting ready to purchase a new recording system effective Jan 1st. This will have a written and audio version to be ADA compliant. You can click on these on the county website soon.

Health Sept has a video conferencing set up so the county can use that if needed.

Sue Hayden has placed all board members due for appointment Jan 1st.




Meeting adjourned at 10:25 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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