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17 January 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 January 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, Acting County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Private Real property Rights Preservation Ordinance Freedom for Options Form- Hughes said he has done a lot of research on this and he wants time to do some more. Tabled again. This has been tabled since April 2010.

Overtime Policy and Actual Hours worked Ordinance- Baudendistel prepared the ordinance changing the personnel policy section 3.17.1 per last meeting’s discussion. It was motioned on and seconded without Shane McHenry and he did not vote. No reason given. Approved.

Appointments BZA and County Farm Board- Orschell still wants to talk to Earl Dawson before appointing County Farm- Tabled.

BZA appointment- Hughes wanted Frank Linkmeyer and Orschell wanted to consider Phil Darling. The decision is left up to McHenry. He has talked to Phil, but not Frank and wants to table till he does. Tabled.


Mark McCormack- Planning Director- Proposed Amendments to Article 2 Section 200, Article 3 section 300,325,330,355, and Article 25 Section 2570 of Zoning Ordinance- McCormack was out for a family issue. Baudendistel asked to table it and said that he doesn’t think the 90 day rule applies to this. He thinks the recommendation dies if they don’t act on it. Tabled.Proposed Amendments to Article 3 Section 305R and Appendix A of the Subdivision Control Ordinance- also tabled for reason above.

Donna Thacker- CASA-Citizens Against Substance Abuse- this is a yearly report on their budget and grants. Current budget is $66,660. This is used for grants to agencies in the county that help attain the CASA mission. They also have a Drug Free CommunityGrant form Lawrenceburg Foundation for $100,000 per year. They deal directly with the state now and not the consultant they use to have. They have had their funds gradually decrease. They finished their 5-year federal grant. The city of Lawrenceburg grant will still support them. Continue to work with youth- seem to have a perfect formula. They train 25 youth form each middle school as youth ambassadors. They took McHenry with them to the NW Alcohol conference in 2011. Orschell asked if their budget cuts will affect their community outreach. She said yes- as they will give less to local agencies. She noted that drug usage has decreased among youth here. They realize there is a need for treatment in the area. She said South Dearborn does not participate in their survey. Some schools are afraid that it may show a drug problem that will affect their school system negatively. Orschell expressed a desire to help CASA also. Hughes said South Dearborn was his alma mater- so he might try to get them to do the survey. CASA grant recommendations were accepted.

Sheriff Dept- Food Bids-Accepted as presented. Two bids.

Laura Priebe- Hoosier Hills Literacy League- permission to go to Council- as part of Black White Read- they will have a summer program on a Quilt Program that will relate to this. They will each make a quilt wall hanging themselves and a duplicate for a larger quilt that will be auctioned/raffled to raise funds at a gala this year. They also do the Dolly Partin Imagination Library. They have grants from Dollar General and they graduated 11 GED students this past year. Orschell said he was all in favor of reading programs in the county. She needs to go to Council for $2,000. This program raises money for other programs- even adult ones. Dearborn has 9 % of adults who are illiterate. Hughes said he thought the schools were doing a pretty good job already. McHenry and Orschell voted to do this Hughes didn’t vote. Approved to go to Council.

Appointments: Historic Hoosier Hills- Brad Dawson was recommended for this and he is a staff member of the Conservation Dept. They coordinate activities around conservation, natural resources, etc in SE Indiana. Approved.

Hospital Board- Robert Schroeder the chairman’s term is expiring on March 30th. Reappointed for a 4 year term.

Commissioner Hughes talked to a gentleman who was a judge executive from Boone County also on OKI with Hughes and who was on the board of St. Elizabeth. Hughes said we want to talk to the two board presidents. (St. E and DCH) Hughes wants to make sure that they are not approached by any means to be taken over. He wants to make sure that we have every possible procedure available to DC residents. He wants to bring it right out into the open. His mother in law works as a therapist there and she wants to know what’s going on too. Need to talk to Mr. Resnick first. Hughes just wanted to make commissioners aware of what he was doing.

Bill Black Jr- EMA- resolution to participate in the Great Central US Shakeout- Earthquake Awareness- They did some drills with kids- Drop-Cover- and Hold On. Feb 7th is the 200th anniversary of the New Madrid Earthquake.. He is not planning on going to the schools this year. They do have a website that the schools use. The resolution to participate was signed by Commissioners.

Baudendistel prepared an ordinance changing the emergency levels from numbers to colors. Red- most severe- requires an emergency declaration, Orange – watch- only essential services travel, Yellow- Advisory, White Caution- no restrictions- but be alert to changing conditions. Commissioners passed this as ordinance 2012-2.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer gave the following report:Signature Sheet for Commissioners to sign on the North Dearborn road project.

INDOT LPA agreement for the Stateline Rd slip project for 100% of emergency repair as $4,024.33 and 80 /20 of $212,033 for the permanent fix. Hughes made the motion!!- says he can because they haven’t adopted Roberts Rules of Order so he can.

Orschell said he commended highway dept. and all new hires got their cdl.

Orschell also asked for a moment of silence for Tim Grieve’s wife passing away this week.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Covered Bridge certification- at Guilford- was signed.
Jan 3 minutes signed. Claims signed. Hughes asked if everyone had done a good job and so they could sign payroll – Hughes motioned again here with McHenry 2nd. Orschell hadn’t reviewed them. Passed. (Claims get passed in pieces.) Hughes also motioned to sign the utility bills and McHenry 2nd as Orschell hadn’t reviewed those. Passed.
Hughes wants Pennington to advertise so that the 3 commissioners can meet with our representative Frey to talk about county interests.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- said that Council had asked about an ordinance for retaining fees from High Ridge sewer bills to pay for maintenance on the system. That will be advertised and on the next agenda.

COUNTY COORDINATOR: Bill Ewbank- In previous meetings he wants to create a “commissioners criminal justice report- a study and fact sheet” under the county administrator. This would replace commissioners having separate studies. This would get all statistics etc. on criminal justice in the county. Hughes says he is one of those law and order guys, but… Ewbank is going to speak with judges, sheriff, etc. He wants to get all the information in one place. Then they can disseminate it. Commissioners approved Ewbank doing this report.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- McHenry said that Ewan will get a title search on the Moore’s Hill building.


PUBLIC COMMENT- none- except Hughes praised a folder on how people get elected etc.

Meeting adjourned at 10:07 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


concerned said...

Is there any other information on the passing of Tim Greive's wife?

For those of us that would like to send our condolences.

Anonymous said...

"ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- said that Council had asked about an ordinance for retaining fees from High Ridge sewer bills to pay for maintenance on the system. That will be advertised and on the next agenda."
DCRSD is a usless extention of duplicate Government services. DCRSD has built the Highridge sewer plant and wants more money to run the system. DCRSD is a good example of a redundant, inefficient, useless bureaucracy!