Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24 January 2012 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

24 January 2012 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Jim Hughes, Liz Morris, Maynard Barrett, Bryan Messmore, and Bill Ullrich.

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor
ABSENT: Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator

Dennis Kraus was re-elected as President and Maynard Barrett as Vice president.

Council members made appointments:

Maynard Barrett- Redevelopment and CVTB
Kraus – as SEIRPC
Juvenile Advisory Board- Liz Morris
Plan Commission – Dan Lansing
Solid Waste Board- Jim Hughes
PTABOA- Shawna Gentry and Mary Booker
Alcoholic Beverage Board- Ray Shaffer
Personnel Adv- Maynard Barrett
Kraus, Hughes, Barrett – Classification Committee?

DC Regional Sewer District- Baudendistel talked to Frank Kramer- the DCRSD has always retained their money from sewer fees. He asked Council’s advice. Pennington said the DCRSD sec’y writes checks from that- Auditor does not handle it. They think no action needs to be taken.

RuthAnn Batta presented her pitch for the summer art program. They will try to do a college visit to Earlham College in Richmond this summer- they do one each summer. They will look at limestone quarries around Bedford. They are partnering with P&G to do surveys and raise money. There were 129 kids last year. This year looks like it will be a heavy year as it’s their 25th year and they are doing special stuff. As she does 4 different classes- they usually give $2,000. Approved.

Sheriff Kreinhop- funds needed to promote deputy to sergeant- $1493 from County General/Riverboat- Kraus said they were going to treat all hires and departments the same so he has to re classify this and come back.


Sheriff- Security Automation Systems- retrofit- $292,000- Kreinhop thought this had already been approved from last month. They had discussed but not approved per Pennington because it had not been advertised. Ullrich chimed in about the difficulties with the system and repairs. Kreinhop said this was the original 20 year old system. Ullrich said this was to be part of the remodel of the existing jail after the new jail expansion was completed. This forced it to be done first. Approved for $292,000.

The sheriff asked about the canine deputy and Pennington said they had to advertise for next meeting.

Health Dept- vehicle to transport 2 emergency trailers- $35,000- tabled at Doug Baer’s request.

Health Dept- Vaccines- $12,000- Approved. This was taken out at budget- there was $100 left from before.

EMA- Emergency alert system by Rapid Notify- $7425- Bill Black said they’d been looking at reverse 911 system for some time. They were hoping on some funding. This system does not have all the bells and whistles- though it will use the data from 911 and we can notify all residents in a particular area. $7425 for first year includes setup and some training. If you don’t have a landline- you can register your cellphone to get notified. Comcast no longer has the ability to help notify as of July 2011. The second year is $6500. There is email capability also. This will be up and running quickly within a couple weeks. The rates go by population. This would help with severe weather warnings too. Morris noted that in her area it’s hard to hear the sirens – this would be helpful to supplement the siren warnings. It won’t replace the sirens. Council approved. This is annually renewable. They want it to be for just a year to start out.

Surveyor- Upgrade GPS- $2800- Dennis Kraus Jr. – These are necessary due to narrowband regulations. Council approved.

Commissioners- 2012 workers Comp Premium permission to transfer funds for insurance premiums- $1130- tabled.

JAIL FUNDING- Barrett said they couldn’t talk about funding without numbers.
Orschell said Commissioners appointed Bill Ewbank to do a Justice evaluation over at the Courthouse. He doesn’t think this will affect this project.
Kraus said there were various options that could affect the cost of the jail. Messmore agreed that it would be a good idea to look at this.
Barrett said he was shocked to see this on the agenda. He said a local contractor asked him how they could approve this if they don’t know the bids to see that they can get it for what they want. He doesn’t have the stomach for anything as high as $10million. We need to hire a project manager. "I want to table this until we have some firm numbers."
Orschell said the commissioners do not have any money to hire any construction managers.
Per RQAW - Standard is about 4-6% over the project cost for the construction manager. Architects are 6-8%.
Joe Mrak- RQAW- we are talking about chicken or egg. The study you have from Oct 12 – 2011- from RQAW- we gave you the construction cost range up to $9.4million. 5 phases. First phase is schematic drawings for $70-80,000. Construction earns 20% up front and 80% during process. 10% of fee would be spent now to get this started for construction management. RQAW’s fee is a lump sum fee. They get 15% in phase 1. Can’t go to Phase 2 until phase 1 is approved. RQAW is the architect. Commissioners seek RFQs to get one and then negotiate the fees.
Orschell said if you appropriate the money for a construction manager, then commissioners will get selection process started for a construction manager. Orschell said to budget $75,000 for architect and $50,000 for construction manager for this phase.
Lansing said they need a real number. The commissioners will bring it back at next meeting and advertise it. Tabled until then.

Gayle Pennington- Auditor- presented sheets for certification for Dennis Kraus’s appointment for SIRPC.

The next meeting will be Feb 21st at 6:30 PM. Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM the following meeting planned is May 22nd. Budget meetings will be set at the next meeting so council members can plan vacations. Nov 20th is the last planned meeting for 2012. Council adds other meetings as needed.

Bookkeeping appropriation for Judge Humphrey from adult probation user fees ($3000 from there) to supplement salaries. This is to be retroactive to Jan 1 so they don’t have to amend salary ordinance. Approved.

Barrett and Morris asked if Pennington had sent the letters discussed at a previous meeting regarding 911 taxes. Pennington said yes.

Lewis Kappes funding for lobbyist- is to be reimbursed by local cities and towns. They reimburse based on population except for Lawrenceburg- they pay $24,000 as does the county. The county pays it all up front
Minutes were not received by Council- so they were not approved. Tabled.

They installed a new sound system. They will upload both the sound of the minutes and the minutes themselves to the county website. [NOTE: Now that will be interesting to listen to!]

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawenceburg Township


be fair said...

Kraus and the Council made Kreinhop follow the rules on hiring. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

If I understand this correctly, 9.5 million for the infrastructure. Project manager at 4-6% and architect fees of 6-8%. I come up with 950,000 – 1.33 million additional costs.
That’s not counting the overruns that always pop-up. I don’t thing we are getting the whole story……. business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard of a project like this remaining within the budget?