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3 January 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

3 January 2012 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, President, Tom Orschell, and Shane McHenry
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Bill Ewbank, Acting County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Department Heads: (all the same as 2011)
County Attorney- Andrew Baudendistel
County Engineer- Todd Listerman
County Highway Supervisor- Tim Grieve
Building Inspector- Bill Shelton
Emergency Management-Bill Black
911 Director- charley Ashley
Veteran’s Service Officer- Mike Burgess
Maintenance Supervisor- Eric Hartman
Animal Control Director- Marlene Underwood
County Administrator (New Position)- Bill Ewbank- Acting County Administrator

Boards Commissioners Currently Serve (All serve on Solid Waste)
Jeff: Plan Commission, SIRPC, OKI, Personnel Advisory- all reapproved
Tom: County Farm, EMA, Redevelopment- all reapproved- Orschell hopes there will be some good news coming out of redevelopment in the next couple weeks.
Shane: Common Construction Wage, Juvenile Advisory- all reapproved

Citizen Boards:
Planning Commission- Mark Lehman and Russell Beiersdorfer both reappointed
Health Board- Dr Steven Eliason appointed
Alcohol Beverage Board- reappointed Jim Dole
Convention/Visitor’s Bureau- Ian Abdon, Marilyn Bower, Dee Hacker, Steve Hedges, and Ellen Perfect
PTABOA Board- Bill Hartwell, Mark Neff and Mark Hardenbeck reappointed
Board of Zoning Appeals- Nicole Dailey was hired by the Planning Dept. Commissioners will hold to look over candidates until next meeting. This one has to be an Independent or a Democrat per Hughes.
County Farm Committee- Mike Heffelmire retired and Commissioners want to talk to the board and Earl Dawson to see where they want to go with that board. Earl Dawson and Jerry Newman reappointed.

ADA Coordinator- Bill Ewbank reappointed- he is working on this already.


Private Real Property Rights Preservation Ordinance Freedom for Options Form- Hughes wants to see it passed and let the Plan Commission work with it. Orschell asked about where the money would come from? The legal fees alone would be astronomical. He thinks we have the courts in place for this. Hughes said- no one is going to put a toxic dump next to anyone. He cited the property they were sued for by Wolgamot, Diehl, and some woman whose name he forgot as having all the infrastructure in place and yet it was denied. He said a court can call it capricious. Orschell didn’t want another layer of government. McHenry is worried about the significant legal fees. Orschell said Hughes needs to come up with some more specifics. Both Orschell and McHenry said the legal fees would be out of sight. McHenry doesn’t want it so open and vague. Orschell doesn’t want it to be a monetary issue. Hughes will continue to work on that. Tabled essentially.

Overtime Policy and Actual Hours Worked- Pennington said the committee sent an unfavorable recommendation – they want it to stay the same. They cited Fair Labor Standards. Orschell said- we’ve been doing it all along. Hughes and Orschell were inclined to go against the recommendation of the committee. This was only if pre-approved vacation time a week in advance. If they don’t have it pre-scheduled, then they don’t get the time and a half for the “overtime” that week. Comp time has to be used within 180 days of earning it. Comp time is limited to 5 days in a year. This happens during snow emergencies. Comp time is rewarded at time and a half at a mutually agreeable time.
Orshell motioned that overtime monetary reimbursement is based on actual time worked except for scheduled comp. personal, or vacation time. This will be effective retroactive to Jan 1st. Commissioner McHenry does not get paid out of this fund per Orschell – he wants that on the record. [NOTE: McHenry’s time with SCU is paid by a grant.] Baudendistel will prepare the ordinance for next meeting.


Ruth Ann Batta – Permission to go to Council for Summer Arts Program- approved to go to Council to seek funds for their 25th year.

Signatures for Public Official Bonds- approved all bonds for the following public officials- Barb Kaffenberger, Phil Weaver, Gayle Pennington, Glenn Wright. Hughes wanted Bill Ewbank to see if Commissioners and Council needed bonds.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer- SR 62 was closed to Friendship due to a slip. The county can declare an unofficial detour and they can declare costs for this- they are declaring Farmer’s Retreat Road in the county. Commissioners signed off on this. Most people are using Friendship road in Ripley County as a detour.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington-utility docket signed. No claims signed as they don’t cycle for a couple more weeks. Payroll claims approved. Minutes were signed for Dec 6 and 20.
Pennington said the Beacon stats for GIS website- 667 requests a day and 68 users per day.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- tort claims involving an inmate and medical claims. Bill Black’s changes in emergency levels ordinance will be ready for the next meeting.

ACTING COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR: Bill Ewbank- asking to go to Council for transfer $10,164 from liability insurance to WC account, and an additional appropriation of $1130 in addition to pay 2012 WC bill. We had a reduction of over $10,000 for liability premium. Approved.
Bill Ewbank was authorized to vote the county’s proxy for the Conservancy District election.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS: McHenry brought up the Moore’s Hill building that was derelict. Baudendistel discussed with John Watson, Moore’s Hill’s attorney, to get all the owners involved. Pennington said they could choose what they wanted to present for Commissioners certificate sale. They have not had any commercial ones. There are around 50 up for sale this time. Until we have a title search done- we can’t do this per McHenry and Baudendistel. Orschell met with Mark McCormack and Moore’s Hill officials to get a grant- perhaps with using it as a city building along with the old bank.

McHenry was concerned about the CMS study and the results. Ewbank said that they are sending out a second round with a stronger request. The commissioners could withhold their EMS funding until they get the information. Lawrenceburg is not participating as they are self- sufficient and wish the rest of us the best in this endeavor. They will send a firmer letter.

Orschell wished all a good new year.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Bill Black- wants to get $7400 from Council for rapid notify- a reverse 911 and the communications board has looked at it and has seen a demo. Cost is $6500 for each additional year. Approved to seek this from Council.


Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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