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12 September 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

12 September 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Present: JohnRahe,Chairman, Dave Deddins, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Terri Randall, Maynard Barrett, Andrea Ewan, Randy Maxwell.

After executive session- added Sue Hayden, Mark Neff,  Susan Craig, and Mary McCarty

Denise Freitag-Burdette covered meeting for Register Publications.


1.       Appraisals for 3 properties- old Hirlinger and Millings and Flourish

2.       Extend an offer to Project C for 100 jobs over 3 years. Have edge credits etc.

3.       Approach DCEDI to assist with funding for project Millings- $30-60K for H2O line

4.       Also Hirlinger property-  ask for DCEDIs assistance for the entrance improvements


Susan Craig and Mary McCarty from SEIRPC- gave out a sheet on their organization- economic and community development for 9 counties. She outlined their projects they have helped within our county. Brownfield Coalition grant- $600,000 from EPA. Inviting all member counties to be part of the coalition. Then you can have a place at the table to determine what they do with the money. They found out that they are on a learning curve about this process as are most agencies. Phase 1 assessment is historical assessment and archeology research. Phase 2 is doing soil testing etc. Brownfields are contaminated or are PERCEIVED as contaminated. No match required for this- but in-kind contributions make a favorable impression to get the grant. It can be things like getting training or putting info on them on the website etc. They want the letters to state what the county brings to the table. It is due in early December, 2013.

Rahe said that brownfields are in city areas and we have no jurisdiction on their brownfields. Randall suggested they get with those areas redevelopment commissions. They have done some of that already.

Susan Craig said that they need county people on this coalition and wanting the county as the main coalition member. EPA likes to fund a coalition rather than individual entities. They think they get more bang for their buck. Lynch said it is an opportunity for the county to take the lead on brownfields. He reminded them that Abdon and others at the Plan Commission joint meeting suggested this.

The committee would not be formally put together unless they get the funding. Lynch said that the redevelopment commission could make a recommendation to commissioners to participate in this. They will do this before end of the month.

Randy Maxwell went out to talk with them a bit and left.

Randall said they need to get an agreement and contract with DCEDI. Mark Neff said the chamber is paying him.  Randall discussed with Ewan and tabled till next meeting.

Terri Randall- Administrator’s report:

FTC&H Floodway Study agreement. – she met with consultant, Dennis Kraus, Jr.( Surveyor), Wade Kimmon ( GIS), and Mark McCormack. Good meeting she said. They agreed that this would be valuable to have done because it is what the county needs to have done anyway. She recommends that they waste no time in contracting with them for $8,600. It will get flood plain areas delineated. Randall said she made notes on the actual addendum for Andrea Ewan. Andrea wanted them to wait for the special meeting to sign this- so she can review. Lynch said that he heard the name of the firm and wants to check with Conservancy district to see if they have used them before. They will check with Debbie Biddle.

Attorney Andrea Ewan contract was revised to be favorable to the Redevelopment Commission. Jan 2012- she started and wasn’t charging. Now they are much busier and she is requesting payment. $150 per hour is her fee. Retainer is $1000. It is retroactive to May 1st. Retainer would start Jan, 2014. Either can terminate for 30 days notice for any reason. They also have legal fees with Barnes and Thornberg. Redevelopment Commission agreed to enter into that contract.

Project Millings and Project Flourish update- Millings as selected our site as their new home. They turned down Carlisle OH. $1.4 million approved for $700,000 across 2 years. Barnes and Thornberg firm is working on the legals. They have engaged Bayer Becker already to start Oct 1st to start building. Incentives – we provided the land and they need the grant money to bring it out of the floodplain. They are expediting all this to get TIF clock reset so their tax revenue for the next 25 years can be reinvested in the development. There will be bonding on this. They are reTIFing. County Council meets at 5 PM Tues. followed by Commissioners at 5:30 PM. This will establish Economic Development Commission and nominate a member to that Commission. They requested a Special Plan Commission meeting this Monday at 7 and Commissioners at 7:30.  She wants to get all the legals and notifications done right.

The Millings Project is a firm named Whitewater Mill LLC with a $44 mil investment in a computerized millings operation with 35 jobs. Grain storage. It will generate more rail traffic. Illinois and KY locations also for this company. The joint entity is coming later with flour etc. That will have more jobs.

Andrea Ewan has a resolution to reTIF it for Whitewater Mill Allocation area. It allows them to bond in that district and reset the TIF for 25 years. This is resolution #13-002. The Redevelopment Commission adopted this. This is very very complicated per Rahe- The public has no idea how complicated these things are.

Previous employee Paul Kunkel had conversations with the Gennesee and Wyoming Railroad and committed to certain things per Randall. She said this agreement should be with Whitewater Mill LLC. Whitewater Mill was concerned that we haven’t done this. Randall said we could sign it- but then have another agreement with Whitewater to assign it to them when they get their dirt moved. Ewan agreed they need t9o make it assignable to Whitewater Mills. They will work on this.

Randall said Barnes and Thornberg have been doing some work on this project. They are finance and bond counsel. They advocate for our interests. They prepare timelines and key resolutions, closings etc. Tax issues etc. They want to be paid hourly and pay varies using junior attorneys whenever possible. If she ever has a problem with their fees – she says they are in line with other’s fees for such services. The attorney could review this as there are no fees listed. They NEED to have a schedule of possible fees per Ewan. Ewan will review. Kevin Lynch said Tom Pittman’s fees are reasonable and he is top-notch. Also responsive.

Claims for payment:

Stone property $385 for professional services- research on the land and work with Millings on our behalf for Bayer Becker.- This is not the Stone Property per Ewan- it I s the Millings piece. Just reference Hirlinger property instead.

$2,175 to Ewan Law for attendance at meetings and meeting to negotiate property deal- 4 months of billing. There are things not on this bill- free.

$413.75- London Witte for TIF.

Meeting with Barnes and Thornberg and other community leaders  in January - $104.98 for a meal.

Approved all claims.

Zimmer Tractor- Commission invested dollars into the turn lane into the facility. Rohe contractor. Land Consultants drew plan. A line that was yellow needed to be white. Rohe was redeployed, $375 additional had to be paid. Our highway dept was not involved with this. She met with Zimmer and agreed in principle. Todd made phone calls to Rohe and held him accountable. She thought we could have gotten better deal. $3750 – should have been $2500 or so, she and Todd Listerman thought. Lynch thought Redev pay 1/3, EDI pay a 1/3 and Zimmer pay 1/3. They used TIF money to help them. And a grant from city of Lawrenceburg. Kunkel committed this. And was acting on behalf of EDI. Mark Neff said he can ask EDI if they will do this. This was during the transition time when Rozow and Kunkel were let go. Redevelopment Commission decided to pay 1/3 for this $1275- is that amount.

Budget hearing for 2014 was represented by John Rahe and Terri Randall. She said it went well. He said he has hearing loss and couldn’t hear Denny Kraus.

Council did not approve additional $25,000 they requested. They hope CVTB will fund the $50,000. She said they are operating on a very lean budget. Rahe said the $500,000 or so was not county money- it was from Lawrenceburg grants and private donations.

Sept 30 special meeting- public hearing 4:30 PM- or maybe 4 pm if no executive session. Ewan won’t be available for that.

Attorney’s report was Amendment to W Harrison TIF discussed earlier for special meetings.

Adjourned at  6:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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