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16 September 2013 Dearborn County Plan Commission Special Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Dennis Kraus Jr., Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark LehmanArt Little, Jake Hoog, Dan Lansing, and Ken Nelson.

ABSENT: Mike Hornbach

Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.

Also present: Andy Baudendistel, County Attorney, Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Kevin Lynch, Commissioner and Redevelopment Commission, Dave Deddins, Redevelopment Commission, Terri Randall, County Administrator.

Erika Schmidt Russell covered the meeting for the Register.

Mark McCormack gave the overview of the request to approve the amendment to the TIF area in West Harrison, the maps of the current TIF and the proposed TIF area, and the resolution for the proposed redevelopment area. The proposed term is for 25 years. The original TIF was for 30 years. The actual difference then is about 2 years now.

Kevin Lynch represented the Dearborn County Redevelopment commission. He thanked the board for facilitating their request to get this special meeting. The request is to reTIF the existing TIF district to start the clock over. There is no change to the TIF area or the zoning.

Tom Pittman from Barnes and Thornberg presented – and complimented McCormack on his presentation of the request and the laws covering it. The legislature changed the law requiring that you go through all the board to redo this now. This is for economic development and redevelopment in the county.

$40+ million investment from this applicant and they want to use this process to avoid raising any taxes etc to get the incentives.  The company is in a hurry to break ground to get construction this fall. Some of this land has generated no money as nothing has happened on it yet. The law allows them to eliminate the lost time by restarting the clock on this. There is no extension of the TIF district- just the timing by two years. Your plan is not currently broadly enough written to allow this as written in his opinion and thus they want to add the reset of the base to this resolution. Is this consistent with the sort of activity you want to see in this area. From here it goes to the County Commissioners. Public notice and  a public hearing is then held by the redevelopment commission.

Terri Randall- wanted to add one more things. This project involves one parcel and there are others which will be added in support of it including one that

$1.4 million investment in sewer out there by Council. They are about to sign economic development agreement and they are bringing more with them. This will help wean us off Riverboat Revenue.

$1.4 million grant from L-bg for this also. County will bond out and use it against this TIF money. It is a complicated process. We are in a hurry because this company is ready. If winter happens then it slows them down. We want them here to really kick-start economic development.

Ken Nelson asked if they are approving this resolution from the redevelopment commission.

$2,100,000 is how much they think can be generated in a TIF incentive  in the initial period of time of about 15 years per Pittman,

Commissioner McHenry arrived at this point.

Hall asked what the $2.1 million goes for. Pittman- the company could use it for capital improvements which they own. The incentive is only generated to the extent that they pay tax so it is self-policing. If they move away – that would go away. Hall said- but these only get used in THAT area- no other part of the county. Pittman- yes that is correct.

Kevin Lynch said that Greendale did this with a fire truck that served the TIF district as well. So you can use it outside the TIF are if the services are provided to the TIF area.

Hall asked about the dirt moving in flood plain. Kraus, Jr. said that it was here two weeks ago- but that the grading plan was approved this morning. Rule 5 for Soil and Water has to be considered also per McCormack. [NOTE: Anyone worried about filling in the flood plain down there?]

Hall said that we should have known something about this before now- to better review it. We need to be a little more involved in these plans before they just appear. We would like a little more time. If this were a private citizen we wouldn’t be doing it this way. There are roads that are needing modifications to get this done. Those heavy trucks will need improvement on the road base. I don’t want to be the bad guy- we need to be more in the loop. Nelson concurred. How do we know the $2.1 million will get the job done? Pittman said he takes some of the blame for the timing, He was called in a couple weeks ago- they did not know all these approvals were even necessary. And I had to dump that bad news on Terri’s head.

Lynch said that we are competing with a city over in Ohio and that is why we didn’t talk about it. We trust you (Hall) and this board. They were concerned that if it did get out we could lose the deal. We will endeavor to do better on the next one.

Tech review approved the grading plans this morning. We had to look into silos with height issues, but they were basically exempted because of what they were.

Mark Lehman- trying to figure out the downside- nothing is ever this rosy. Pittman- once these TIFs get goping people really like it. This becomes a critical incentive. It’s not as if anyone is losing- those taxes wouldn’t have come in if they hadn’t come in anyway. Stiff competition to attract development.

Art Little- we are just extending the TIF 2 more years on only this portion of the TIF. One runs out in 20136, this one will run out in 2038.

Beiersdorfer moved to approve resolution 13-02. Little seconded it.

Discussion- Kraus asked- what if someone else wants this? Lynch said that if it makes sense, we do have the option to do this. Hoog asked what the benefit this has for citizens of the county? Lynch said that 55% of their grain is from locals in other areas they have. This would be a boon to our farm community. There is also additional income tax revenue per Pittman and the probability of that second company. The additional company will be on this parcel per Randall. This Redevelopment Commission had to work on this – the others were not working fast enough. They are moving as quickly as they can to get some master planning in that corridor. Calls are coming in all the time for this. Behind the scenes the company has been doing their own engineering. Without Lawrenceburg’s grant for $1.4million this would have gone to Ohio.

Plan Commission unanimously approved this resolution.

Mark McCormack said that the regular PC Meeting was rescheduled to Sept 30th from the 23rd.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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