Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dan Brewington Released from Putnamville Sept 5th

Dan Brewington was released from Putnamville (a medium security prison) after serving 2.5 years of his 5 year sentence. He received all time possible off for good behavior. His family picked him up very early on Thursday morning and he walked out of prison at 1:08 A.M.

The next step in his case is oral argument before the IN Supreme Court on Sept 12th at 9 A.M. That will be available by podcast on the Supreme Court website.

Information provided by Sue Brewington.

Oral argument can be viewed online via webcast at


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sue, for the update. Please keep us posted on all developments.

not so dangerous dan? said...

thought this guy was supposed to be dangerous and potentially violent and yet he got all his allowable time off for good behavior.

homecoming for Dan said...

Brewington welcomed home:

learner said...

Five Supreme Court Judges asked lots of questions.
This was an illuminating hour.
Can't wait to see if they decide to take transfer and if so what they rule.

Anonymous said...

They did me wrong too. I haven't seen my kids in ,2 years