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1 October 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

1 October 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator.

ABSENT: Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Schneider Contract for Online Permitting Software-Bill Shelton- said that the Plan Commission approved the $5 fee last night and they already have the money in place to cover the first year. Since it is in his budget he signs the contract. Commissioners approved this.

Marty Hon- spoke on behalf of Johnny Wright. He was going on memory of something from the late 1980s. He and Larry Smith- the County Engineer, measured those ROWs using their vehicles. He’s talking about the county road they vacated after his time. He has been subpoenaed to court over the issues several times but never testified as it always got delayed. He offered to go out with them to show them the area. They did not make any decision on this.


SIRPC- Update of Projects- Susan Craig –told them about the brownfield coalition grant to do phase 1 and 2 of brownfield assessments. This educates citizens about brownfields and also assesses the brownfields in our region. IF they get the grant the steering committee determines what projects we do. The county can be on this committee if they choose to participate. The competition is national and very stiff competition. Terri Randall said that this can help clean up some of our own brownfields. We discussed this at Redevelopment and we want to involve the cities and towns. December is when the application is due. She said redevelopment wants to reach out and get redevelopment involved and getting other county entities sponsorship figured out. Lynch concurred. Beth Grigsby of ACT is the consultant they are working with from ACT per Susan Craig. At a minimum, they were looking for a letter from stakeholders expressing cooperation and what they will bring to the coalition beyond money. They can get not for profit groups like health departments to get on board as they have a stake in cleaning up these sites. Mary- her assistant- said that with these CBDG (Community Block Development Grant) programs they will be once a year now. Storm drainage projects are available also with no match ar available but phasing out. Craig said they are doing a pilot project on a rural community development grant to help the community become more self sufficient. Return on investment is incredible in these grants, but knowing that these funds are being decreased, they want to become more self sufficient. They want to develop a very active process to find out what they have, where they are, and how to work from there. Commissioners thanked them for update.

Ratify Signature on Letter pertaining to Environmental Health Vehicle- Terri Randall said that they checked with health board and they had done due diligence on the vehicle and it is more efficient. McHenry signed a letter agreeing to support them acquiring the vehicle for their grant. Commissioners ratified McHenry’s signature.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:

Road Inventory Change- 0.05 miles Cross Drive- Aurora/and first 900 ft of Rullman Road, Dillsboro- This road was accessed in part by Aurora and part of the other was annexed by Dillsboro. They will then add the portions to their respective city road inventories.

Contract R-30956- North Dearborn Road for final inspection and acceptance. Completed and this report is a finality. Commissioners signed off and accepted the final inspection for this project.

Recommendations for Bridge Design Contracts- thru Council received funds for 2 bridges and box beam decks that need to be done. They sent out 19 requests and 4 companies sent in proposals. Box beams had 2 – Strand and Howard Barth and Associates. The committee looked at the proposals and recommended Strand Associates and Not To Exceed $51,700 will do the studies for 9 structures. One bridge came off as it will need replacement- too much deterioration.

Fuel Pettit Brown and Hausberger ( sp?)  ( FPBH) $ 45,900 Jamison road bridge design approved.

Bridge 108 Harrison Brookville Rd near Johnson Fork design contract to Howard Barth and Associates for  $83,100 approved by commissioners

Tim Grieve, Highway Superintendent:

Additional Paving- when contract came back cheaper. Shuman and Trojan can be done during fall break 2013. Ennis Ridge- 2 miles will be upgraded from millings to pavings. So these 3 will be done with the excess money. They are in the vicinity to get the good price. ($48) This will be $202,800 of the initial $1million set aside this year. We are getting over 14 miles for less than a million dollars this year. Approved. 

Can get 4-6,000 tons of millings from Rohe for $8/ton. They can work the budget for funding. This will get more people off gravel and fix certain spots on others. These are surface millings that are smaller with more oil in them. This is cheaper than they can even buy stone. Commissioners approved.

Water Lines in ROW Easement- Pennington presented this for Baudendistel who was not here today. David Lutz and Sharon Lutz- for $1- a perpetual agreement. These water lines remain in Lutz’s property. Commissioners signed this.

Convention Visitor and Tourism Commission Board Appointments- Terri Randall said they aren’t ready for action yet. She had David Lorey review existing board for adherence to state law. Amy Smith Hollywood casino- non- resident of county. Steve Hedges has health issues and does not meet some of the criteria. Maynard Barrett Councils rep. stays. The mayors of Greendale and Lawrenceburg have 2 appointments total. They need to send a letter to these 2 cities to get their reps. Commissioners will have Randall  notify both Smith and Hedges that they are no longer on CVTB.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall:

Jail Project Update- Brad Rullman- completed underground plumbing rough in and foundations and are prepping slab prep for security and electronics. Building first wall this morning. Continuing demolition on basement on existing parts and renovation. Slightly ahead of schedule. Had a few more change orders come in- but overall budget is going well.

EMS Training- DCH Advanced Skills Course- Randall said that DC Hospital said that they will hire a trainer to bring the EMTs up to the 2014 certification requirement. Course is starting in November. It costs $325 and 12 people want to sign up already. This is to go from basic to paramedic. $2-3,000 budgetted for training. She doesn’t know if we can support this yet. Council did not increase this at budget- so may have about $4,000. She needs to get numbers from squads as to how many will sign up. Pennington said the ordinance has basic training and $250 as the number. Will report next meeting.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Claims paid. Minutes from  September 16 special W Harrison TIFamendment meeting, September 17, and September 15 Economic Development Commission meeting approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- ABSENT

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Shane McHenry- Board appointment for the PORT Authority set up by Lawrenceburg and Aurora will be McHenry as approved by Commissioners.

Kevin Lynch- AIC meeting last week ( Association of Indiana Counties)- attended by several county officials.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Glen Wright- is all in favor of ALICE program , but being set for Saturday is a hardship for some staff. Wants to suggest workday and split in half so offices stay open. Wright also asked about what the policy is on concealed carry for staff on county property. Pennington said state and county ordinance said that if you have  a gun it must stay in your vehicle. So they need to talk to legislature.

PUBLIC COMMENT- Chris Mueller- how can county be sure the newly trained EMT staff stay here after we pay for their training? And the paramedic requirement is now the new “basic” training so perhaps the ordinance can stay as is.. Kevin Lynch said that the EMTs commitment is proven . Pennington said the ordinance requires stayingvat least 2 years after training or they are required to pay it back.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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