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3 October 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

3 October 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Present: John Rahe, President, Jim Deaton, Dave Deddons, Kevin Lynch

Terri Randall, County Administrator and Sue Hayden, Minute Taker.

ABSENT: Jim Helms and Andrea Ewan, Attorney.

Minutes of September 30th approved with Deaton abstaining as he did not attend that meeting.

Old Business:

Agreement/Contract EDI- postponed till Oct 10

Gennessee and Wyoming Railroad- postponed until Oct 10

Consulting Services Contract Agreement- full terms- postposed until October 10

New Business:

Open and Consider proposals for purchase of parcel- Rahe opened the meeting for public comment. No pubic was present. Terri Randall said only one proposal was received from Whitewater Mills and it was dated October 3rd. They stated they were projecting 35 jobs with $44,000 average pay. $1 paid for the land, as the Redevelopment Commission was giving the land to them. If you agree to let them use it, then accept the resolution- 2013-DCRS-006. There were two exhibits attached to the proposal.

Resolution 2013- DCRC-006- Authorizing the disposition of certain property of west Harrison expanded economic development area was briefly discussed. Commission members approved the resolution unanimously.

County Administrator report- Randall said she was working with our attorney Tom Pittman from Barnes and Thornburg. License agreement is to have Whitewater Mills and parent company, Siemer Milling, accept all liability for anything that happens on the property as they are working on it until the deeds are prepared and signed and the property actually transfers to them. Insurance from Siemer Milling has  $2 million injury or death ,$ 3 million if more than one person, $10,000 deductible. If something happens as they are working on it and they leave it- Randall said the improvements would be ours. No mechanics liens can be filed against us per the contract. Coppage is the contractor doing the initial excavating work. They were picked by Siemers Milling. Randall said they could consider signing the agreement today so that they did not have to get together again for that. The attorneys will still have to review all of this and get all the documentation. Nothing is finalized until Siemer Mills signs it. Randall said you could also have Rahe sign it for the group if the written email from attorney has all the information and approved it. The term of the agreement is 60 days till Dec 1, 2013.

Lynch said Whitewater Mill has all financing in order and we have a letter from their bank. Lynch moved to sign the agreement and hold it until we receive documentation from our attorney. Deaton 2nded- passed unanimously and Rahe signed the agreement. They did not want anything to slow the project down.

Randall talked to Jody Blasdel with Tri-Township Water about getting the water line there. $67,000 was initial cost given to Paul Kunkel who was no longer working for them and now it is $97,533. Blasdel went thru the quote with Randall and showed about $53,000 was what would be real cost no matter who was there. The rest is because of special costs due to the mill. They need volume etc. Randall said that this would have enough water for adjoining properties when they develop.(Doesn’t that depend on how much water they need?) They will walk thru this at the next meeting in detail. They plan to use the TIF account to pay for this water. Harrison Fire Dept filed with the state to use a dry system rather than a wet system to fight fires. They are fine with serving this development per Randall. Bonding is next Randall said. Local banks are not doing this for us. They will have to go to Indy perhaps to get this. The bonds involve the county because we are committing the tax revenue. State wants to be involved in the groundbreaking ceremony in November.

Rahe said there is a lot o do to get this closed. Lynch said the next one will be a lot easier.

Attorney’s report- absent

Other business- none

Meeting adjourned at 5 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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Jobs R Us said...

"Coppage is the contractor doing the initial excavating work. They were picked by Siemers Milling"

How did Siemers pick the excavators?
Was there an open bid process?
Did locals bid also?
Is Lawrenceburg grant money paying for the excavation?
Just asking - as Coppage is not a locally familiar name and the purpose of TIFs is to get local jobs and the taxes from local employees.