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10 October 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

 10 October 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Present: John Rahe, President, Jim Deaton, Kevin Lynch, Dave Deddons.

Terri Randall, County Administrator and Sue Hayden, Minute Taker, and Maynard Barrett, County Council

ABSENT: Jim Helms, and Andrea Ewan, Attorney who was covered by Bill Ewan, Attorney.

Minutes of October 3 approved

Old Business:

Agreement/Contract EDI- Terri Randall said they need to clarify agreement with EDI. They (EDI) own the mortgage on the other half of the Stone property. Tabled until next meeting.

Gennessee and Wyoming Railroad – Terri Randall said that Whitewater Mill was able to work directly with the railroad. 

Consulting Services Contract Agreement- full terms-with Maxwell- Terri Randall said that Randy couldn’t be here today. She wanted Andrea to look at his als. Tabled till next meeting.

New Business:

Financials- Randall said that when we transferred from Lovell there was $486,327 in the account.  

77,500 is our actual budget. $45,683.41 spent, leaves $32,000.

$7,300 expenses for September. Leaves $25,000 left this year.

We were getting a charge from Lovell for rent and utilities etc. And we don’t have Rozow and those salaries there either. 

TIF account amounts per Randall:

$87,112 in West Harrison

$48,166 St Leon

$56,209.72 St Leon Kelso township.

$129,667- Aurora

WATER LINE broken down to $52,840 to accommodate all users in the TIF area- Total $97,000+ so the extra is due to Whitewater Mills. Mills was thankful that we would get it there and Mills would pay the difference. It’s almost like splitting it.

West Harrison TIF has $87,112 and so the $52,840 will run that account down a lot. They also have to consider the entrance for Hirlinger Chevrolet too. Lynch was wondering if they should pay the $52,840 out of the Redevelopment funds and not the TIF. What about another flood study on another property out there if that comes up. The main redevelopment funds are not restricted. The TIF money is restricted.

 Lynch thought if we spend out of the budget amount that it would justify more money at budget because of our activities. This money did come from tax revenue per Randall. Lynch wants to approach tourism ( CVTB) and their support of economic development. Riverboat money that go to CVTB can be spent for economic development per statute. When she told Lorey that- he didn’t know that was the case. Maxwell contract for services will require some money too per Lynch.

Barrett said that he would speak to council to soften them up about money for redevelopment.

$27,000 is owed to Barnes and Thornburg lawyer so far. Randall said now we can use those documents and plug numbers in for future development. Bill Ewan said that is cheap so far. Ripley county had over $100,000.

Maxwell fees can come out of the TIF money per Lynch and Randall. [NOTE: Have they forgotten that the TIF money was pitched to taxpayers as going back for infrastructure to the TIF properties?]

Deaton wanted to use TIF for TIF expenses on the $52,840 water line to West Harrison. Lynch agreed. All agreed. Passed.


Flood plain study expenses- $15,086  paid from the St Leon Harrison Township TIF fund as it has available funds and not much going on in that TIF. [NOTE: Are they allowed to take from one TIF to pay for expenses in another TIF?]

County administrator report:

Whitewater Mills paid 20% down to keep things going on the water line extension. Blasdel said the Mill is aware of 10 ft easement on either side of the water line. This is for working on it etc. Standard easement form they use for a 12 inch water line per Bill Ewan- who used to be attorney for Tri township Water. Redevelopment agreed to allow the 10 ft ROW easement and signed off on this. Ewan was able to notarize Rahe’s signature.

West Harrison Sanitary Sewer will have a public hearing with DCRSD on Oct 17th (Thursday evening) with $18/month for residential customers who can tap into this as it goes by their homes. The commission really didn’t know what the 18 fee was about. It seemed too cheap for usage fee. And couldn’t be the tap in fee. Ewan read it and said this is a pass thru for Harrison. They are establishing a rate and they get the money and it goes to Harrison.

Courtesy update from Randall- said that Wade Kimmon is eager to help with GIS. $1500 fee for Kimmon to pull all this data for the Redevelopment Commission. GIS has not been robust in the county per Randall. He said that he could have done a lot of this work in house and saved some money. He showed them how to get info from the state as they archive our data. He is interested in becoming involved and helpful with this. If you are saying that our GIS could be a service to someone, she said to Wade Kimmon, then we would get support for our redevelopment. She wanted to give a shout out to Wade for helping us and getting involved. We can help the community and the other city redevelopment boards. She thinks they could invite him to be a consultant on this. Board agreed.

Jeff Lyness, Randy, Kimmon, and Randall had meeting with flood plain study people. Because the data on flood plain is so old, maybe some of this is no longer in the flood plain anymore. [NOTE: with all the flood plain development and filling in- THAT seems unlikely.]

Randall said- Project C as we are calling it – is not a dead deal- as some of you visited up in Ohio. May work with Greendale and give them two options of sites. They are moving slowly. We want to offer a more robust proposal. This will also get Lawrenceburg support.

Attorney’s report- none from Ewan- he hopes Andrea is back for the next one.

Deddins said that Randall needs to call the school board- she will contact Sunman Dearborn.

Lynch said that Messer is supporting a job fair and Work Force development is involved. Randall wanted more DC companies involved so she called around. Regional involvement. Lynch will be on radio with him the next morning.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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