Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 October 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

21 October 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor – Leah Bailey covering in her absence.


Clerk of Courts- Rick Probst- Election Services and Software LLC Contract tabled at 10/7 meeting- Baudendistel clarified what they requested. They set the contract to be able to be terminated at will. Probst told Baudendistel there are not a lot of providers out there for this type of service and he does not see termination as a probability.  $19,000+ is the 2 year cost. Approved and signed.


Knights of Columbus- Prayer on the Square Request- 5th annual prayer day on Jan 16 or rain date of Jan 23. Approved.

Dearborn County Hospital Waiver and Acknowledgement- Change of Remarketing Agent- Randall said they had issued a bond when they built the addition. The county holds the bonds so they get notified. JP Morgan Securities is changing to 5/3 Securities as the agent. Approved.

Proclamation of Lauren Hill Day for Nov 2nd- Lauren and her family were present. Channel 5 recorded the proceedings. McHenry read the proclamation including the stating Lauren has diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Hill is recognized as someone who never quits striving no matter what the adversity. She personifies the true meaning of champion. They spoke of her being a 2014 graduate of LHS and dreaming of playing basketball for Mount St Joseph a Division III school and her first game will be Sunday Nov 2nd is Lauren Hill day. This is a joint proclamation for Greendale and Dearborn County. Mayor Doug Hedrick represented Greendale. Pictures were taken at the presentation and Lauren thanked the commissioners and mayor.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- Midwest Data is managing the tech for the whole county now. She is asking to approach Council for $60,000 appropriation is the max needed to solve their immediate problems. Aging hardware and a server crashed. Transitioning to MS exchange. She and Pennington will do another review in the server room to be sure they are asking for the appropriate amount. Approved to go to Council in November. 

AUDITOR: - Leah Bailey presented the claims. Approved.  There were no minutes to approve.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- talked about the small claims forms filled out by Hensley for him for the PTABOA hearing no shows that have a $50 fine. They will end up with $140 in court costs too and maybe requesting attorney fees. Because the statute says SHALL- they have to charge this. The petitioner signs a form acknowledging that they will be fined if they fail to show per Hensley. He said that he needs an attorney. They had 12 last year and all 12 paid their fine. There are 4 unpaid this year. Hensley doesn’t like having to do this. Spending more money than the fine to get it paid. Commissioners agreed to allow Baudendistel to represent Hensley on these claims.
The last thing on Old Orchard is 2 easements for access to do maintenance to retention areas between lots 72-73 and 65-66. Tucker signed these and there is also one thing remaining to complete on Seldom Seen Subdivision. The easements were approved. Tucker is to give $10,000 for the county to fix some roads in Seldom Seen.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch- this was a very emotional meeting- Lauren Hill is very inspirational. He also wanted to recognize two women’ soccer teams and also both Terri Randall and Celeste Calvitto as women of Distinction.

Little said no parent should outlive their kids and he knows that first hand.

McHenry said Donna Hartman working at Community Corrections also was recognized as a woman of distinction. He said that Lauren is an amazing young woman and on social media- she is helping other people in this fight of her life. We can pray for a miracle, he said.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Bill Black- EMA- wanted to use the grant they got to work on sirens. It won’t cover it all though. He needs to divide the money into 2 amounts to upgrade radios also. $125 per radio because now $75 extra is needed to do recommended retuning of each also. $8,485.29 is the grant. Lynch said that Rep. Randy Frye is working to get some additional fund for these radios. Approved to proceed with the grant application.

Randall- wanted to thank Staples in Harrison as Sue Hayden worked with them to get the Proclamation all done up for tonight for Lauren Hill and they did it at no cost.

Randall- Items will be displayed at the statehouse and a lot of items have come in for this. Sue Hayden and Randall will be there Monday to see the display at the Statehouse.

McHenry thanked them all for getting the proclamation together.


Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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