Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kathy Hess Case Dismissed Without Prejudice Oct 27, 2014

The Final Pretrial hearing set for 3 PM Monday Oct 27 for the Kathy Hess Case was cancelled. 

Staff in the Superior Court I office stated yesterday that the case was "dismissed without prejudice." Reasons for the dismissal would be available in the digital paperwork at the clerk's office later Tuesday Oct 28.

When a case is dismissed without prejudice, the option for the prosecutor to refile charges still exists within the statutes of limitations. The defendant would be no longer jailed- or in this case no longer on home incarceration. 

Kathy Hess is a former long-time nurse at Woodland Hills in Lawrenceburg who was arrested in January of this year after being accused in the death of a patient there.


Anonymous said...

wsch reports details from the family and attorneys on both sides.


Anonymous said...

Negangard is sore because his people botched this one bad.

Investigation 101 said...

No he botched it by disregarding other witnesses.
Classic case of fitting the evidence to the charges rather than looking at all the evidence and then determining to charge or not.
And compounding the problem with his biased politically motivated media coverage on Cincinnati stations.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I'm not sure why his conduct isn't being investigated, highly inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Small, petty and so sure of his rightness. Frightening combination when one considers his position.