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7 October 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

7 October 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Ordinance to rezone parcels in Miller Township –Baudendistel prepared the ordinance that was already approved at the previous commissioner’s meeting. He also read it and the reasons it complied with the IC stating the five reasons it complied with the code as well as the declaration of commitments and agreement to be signed. Approved and signed.

Ordinance to vacate roads in Wilmington –this was tabled to hear from the other property owner. Baudendistel prepared two versions of the ordinance depending on the decision today. Dennis Kraus, Jr. surveyed this and presented maps and materials. Weisicles ( sp?) did not want to deed their half of the vacation to the cemetery. He pointed out that it did not hinder access to the cemetery. He showed how the criteria to address during a vacation were met for the Indiana code. The cemetery could build a private drive along the 20 ft strip they get with the vacation.  Mr Probst, who maintains the cemetery, spoke about not really having use of that 20 ft for a driveway. McCormack said that he can put the driveway right on the line. Some land from adjoining property owners may be donated to expand the cemetery some day. The owner said she was not wanting interfere with the cemetery in any way. She plans to just be able to maintain the land there as it is difficult to mow. There was only one cemetery board member in favor of the vacation per Probst. Lynch motioned to vacate the alleyways but NOT Water Street. he did not want to create a problem for the future as this is a historical area. Little seconded. Approved and signed the ordinance as stated by Lynch.


Assessor- Gary Hensley- The state requires a $50 fine for all petitioners who fail to appear at a scheduled PTABOA hearing. He has 4 now who have not paid. The IC says shall- not may.  Andy Baudendistel says it costs more to file a small claim. Hensley said that the petitioner gets a letter 30 days prior to the hearing to remind them and they also sign a letter when they request the hearing acknowledging they will have a $50 fine if they miss it. Tabled for more research.
The contract for XSoft Cama Software is fo r$206.400 to be paid over 4 years at $51,600 per year. The annual maintenance and support is $34,000 per year. Council approved the budget for this. He presented the contract for signatures. Approved the contract and the maintenance agreement. Signed.

Clerk of Courts- Rick Probst- election services contract- this is a service and maintenance agreement for them to be used for two years. They cut expenses if we agree to the two years. $17,000 + spent on maintenance for one year and it goes to $12,000 for 2 years. Baudendistel said they have to be able to terminate for convenience or any reason. Tabled until that can be addressed. [NOTE: What election occurs in 2015 that would require their services?]
Per Probst- Absentee voting began today.

Maxwell Construction- Brad Rullman- Jail expansion change orders:
Security Automation Systems- door change to sliding doors for $1,866.20 Approved.

Fourteen additional cameras $28,639 requested by sheriff to Security Automation Systems. Approved. sheriff pays part out of community correction fees also

Banta Electric- modification to fire alarm system $14,462 for subcontractor Siemens for their part of this system. Approved.

Banta Electric- time and material for conduit and cabling for the fire alarm system $2560.27 and change of the first floor area to add receptacles and lights 6388.04.  Total $8948.31. Approved.

Valley Interiors- hang and fire tape walls for maintaining the fire-rating. Modify shower wall drains etc. Security soffits for ductwork in J-Cap classrooms. $9725.00 total. Approve.

Valley Interiors- repair existing first floor walls, hang ceiling in dorm B, fire rated ceiling in corridor and elevator, and small deduct from damage they repaired. Total $12,400.00 Approved.

Right now the addition is finished. Meals are being prepared for the entire facility. Dorms being moved into this week. Women moving in this week also. Some of the video visitation rooms are online now. Working on the existing kitchen turning it into the medical area. Also working on the old booking area. Hope to finish the overall project in January.

Community Corrections- Steve Kelly - SERCC Grant Amendment- Baudendistel said it was an increase due to state law $8464. Now it totals $493,000 grant is their operations fund. This is the same grant they receive every year- and the auditor’s office manages it in a separate account. Approved.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer:
Stateline Road- Realignment contract- around the Georgetown Rd area for federal dollars of $822,650.00 for FY 2019. Contract agreement. Little motioned even tho they will go faster by his house after it is fixed. Approved.

Small structure inspection-For 4-20 ft wide structures. Fed dollars for this are $115,785. Approved.

Stateline project in Bright- they are tree trimming to move electric lines. Listerman thanked Kelly for Community Corrections working 4 days cleaning Stateline. Road slips finishing up and Johnson Fork Bridge Paint getting finished up. Going on vacation but will be able to be contacted if needed.

Contract for Manchester EMS- $20,000. Approved.

PAWS Agreement- to get them onto a calendar year they need to make this for Oct – Dec 31. Approved. They also need to get the termination clause to be 3 months instead of 6 per Baudendistel in January to be in line with our general policy on this. 

Clothesline Project- McHenry read it. Domestic Violence project to be a visual tribute to the victims of these crimes. Oct 9 with rain date of Oct 16 in the Courthouse Square. Approved

Port Authority Joint Agreement- Greendale is trying to set up their own.  One county commissioner will be on the board of directors. Stratman from Aurora prepared this. It is a joint agreement with the County and Aurora and Lawrenceburg. There was to be legislation last year not allowing any new port authority. Meet on 3rd Friday of the month at rotating locales in each participating entity. Joint Agreement approved. McHenry is our board member.

SCU- Special crimes Unit- Project Escrow Agreement- Baudendistel said this puts money with UCB Bank. McHenry ABSTAINS from all discussion or voting.  Approved.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- contacted by Lt Gov office for historical items to be displayed in her entry office. They will be displayed for 2 weeks up there. Nice opportunity for the county to be spotlighted in the statehouse.

The recommended design for the Courthouse Annex is ready.
 Kraus suggested Nov 18th she said. Commissioners approved that date.

Randall asked Bill Black who was present to give a quick update on the fire and Hazmat for the Whitewater Mills project. He said he has discussed that with Harrison FD. They plan to get into more depth with chemicals there also. There are also mutual aid agreements in place should we need more aide on a site. He said they do not go into whole detail to keep info from terrorists on their procedures. They will be reviewing the company policies and procedures also. Sometimes they will do a mock disaster preparation. Kathy Scott alerted them to the Chlorine and a potential blowout from that. She wants to be sure they are aware and appropriately trained. Black noted that we also have a contract with Greater Cinti as a Hazmat and they are a Class 1 certification. These are available. Scott asked about the company paying for the costs of the response. Black said- the company is responsible for all of that. Randall said that the chemical and grain won’t be stored until March. They have already started to hire and train.

Randall showed them the county website so far. They are going live today if commissioners approve.They still want some to get more on their pages still. Nusibeh will be redirecting to another IP address late today. They will announce to the media. She thanked Pennington, McCormack, Hayden, GIS, etc for their committee work. They wanted a crisp and patriotic hometown feel. There will be a breaking news bar on the intro page. You can also subscribe to that feed. It is ADA compliant. There is also an official county news button. The dept pages can personalize their photos etc. She showed the commissioners page and her link on it etc. There are also links to each commissioner with their profile etc. Four times she mentioned the records request form being online.[NOTE: Has that form been approved by commissioners?] Meetings and minutes. Link to the Gateway and transparency in Government. Redevelopment minutes etc will be online. County ordinances section has a button. They are still backfilling some of this she said. Randall said as we use it, we will perfect it. Lynch said it was wonderful. Always a work in progress- it is a good update. McHenry agreed. Randall said it was a lot of work.  She asked for their approval to go live with the new website. The residents will be directed to this from the old site. Approved to go live.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Claims and Sept 2 and Sept 16 minutes approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- nothing more

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch said an exciting 2 weeks with Gov in town for town hall meeting. Good interaction at that event. Exciting to display county history at gov. office.
McHenry- commended Aurora Lions Club for work at the Aurora Farmer’s fair. They cleaned up too. He also said that 3-4 complimented him about how great the roads look- so he passed that on to Listerman. He will pass that on to Grieve too.



Meeting adjourned at 10:32 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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