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18 November 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

18 November 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes
Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.
Executive session preceded this meeting. The commissioners certified that they only discussed what was allowed in executive session and no further action was taken.
Aurora Food Pantry Clearinghouse- Jerry Hacker- As of last month they serviced over 1000 families of Dearborn County. They have a place on George St in Aurora and the Zion Church in Aurora. They are asking for some of the surplus old kitchen equipment from the jail renovation of the kitchen. Baudendistel said if the aggregate value is less than $5000 it can be transferred by statute. He said the age of the equipment indicates the value is less than $5000. Hacker said the Community Corrections crew has been very helpful to the Clearinghouse. Baudendistel will draw something up and bring it back. Clearinghouse also serves school lunch program for kids to take home on Fridays for the weekend. Little asked for locations also as he does not have a computer to email it. 
Regional Sewer District- Steve Renihan- Request to approach Council-they want to do a project that needs Council funding costing $67,000 on Stateliness Rd for 20 homes and a business on Bond Rd ( Badinghaus) that would also hook on. Badinghaus has agreed to pay almost 25% of the project course up front. There are another 25-30 homes that may also hook on. The cost will  be $3,250 plus a $4000 grinder pump plus $500 lateral cost. So this would cost each homeowner about $9000. Baudendistel said this was brought up at Planning Commission when Badinghaus brought his rezone in. Renihan said the participation rate is over 50% without forcing them on. Some people have had trouble selling their home due to septic issues. Residents can fix system, do pump and haul, or hook up. Renihan said that the county is somewhat culpable for letting homes be built in some of these areas with no spot for a replacement septic tank and leach fields.Lynch congratulated him for leveraging the funds and commissioners voted to allow Renihan to approach Council for the funding. LMH will be treating the sewage.
Health Dept- Mary Calhoun- Reappointment of Mike Hankins and Allen Goodman for 2015-2018 Terri Randall handed this for Health Dept. as Mary couldn’t be here. Commissioners agreed to reappoint them effective January 1, 2015.
Grant to Rebind and Restore Birth and Death Books- This is a courtesy request from Health Dept. The records will have to leave the site in order to be restored. They are taking every precaution in their agreement with the company that is doing it to protect the records. 
Midwest Data 2015 Network and Systems Support Agreement- Randall said they are trying to get this on an annual basis now. It is a renewal of the one they previously setup. Baudendistel has reviewed it already. $95/hr with $495 max per day. $4500 annual support and $60/hr for virus removal. Commissioners approved the agreement.
SEI Regional Planning Commission- 2015 Appointment- Randall said Commissioners received a letter on this. They want to know which commission will be on the board for 2015. Little will continue to serve on it in 2015.
Right of Way Vacation Request – Debi Hornsby- McHenry handled this in her absence. It’s on SR 148 and Lynn Street. Commissioners TABLED it until she could be present.
Permit Bonding Requirements Ordinance- Baudendistel said this is under the Building Code. Up to $25,000 bond for residential builders as requested by the County Engineer for roadway repairs needed due to construction damage. This will take effect Jan 1, 2015. This would be handled through the building dept. They can increase the amount of the bond if the project warrants it. Little noted that the cost would be passed on to the customer really. [NOTE: Better than the taxpayers footing the bill.] Commissioners approved the ordnance.
ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- Additional Appropriation for Council for Legal Services- already approved at the last meeting
$218,000 was approved as a grant for the Blight removal program. this has been worked on by McCormack and Shelton from Planning Dept and Building Dept.There is a public meeting tomorrow at 2PM regarding these properties. There are 3 in the county and one in Moores Hill ($25,000) and a few in Aurora ($125,000) who have signed and executed a program partner agreement, Baudendistel has seen these already. Commissioners signed the agreements for the Aurora and Moores Hill partners. 
AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Minutes from Nov 5th were approved. The 2015 Payroll Schedule was tabled again as she found something to discuss with Council first before they approve it. Claims were approved.   
ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel - nothing more
COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Little- everybody stay warm and have a Happy Thanksgiving
Lynch said the Veterans day program was really nice and well attended. He thanked the Veterans. He also commented on the elections and said there were no surprises there. He aid things are going well for us with our reps getting elected to influential spots in the legislature. He was glad Chip Perfect won and we kept that senate seat from our county. He congratulated the winners and thanked Phil Darling and others for running.
McHenry said that more and more things are being accomplished by Lauren Hill in raising awareness for childhood cancers etc.
LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Todd Listerman- is still trying to locate the vacation of Old Holbrook Road owners. Baudendistel said that these people should go thru the process- not get commissioners to tip their hand as to which way they would go. 
Bill Black wanted them to approve the proclamation that this was Winter Weather Awareness Week. Commissioners approved and signed the proclamation. The proclamation listed all the times we have gotten federal assistance for bad weather in the winter. There is a link on the county website for seeing weather advisories. 
Black said that Hazmat has some positions open for their board. They are thinking of getting an alternate for Black also when he can’t be there. 
McHenry noted there was a truck rear ended during the snow removal. 
PUBLIC COMMENT- Phil Darling- Gobble Wobble 5 K race on Thanksgiving on Old Sawmill Rd at 9 AM for $25 to raise money by All Saints Church for the food pantries in the county. 
Lynch said the rapid notify was used twice recently by Bill Black and by Sheriff Dept.
Meeting adjourned at 6 PM
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