Saturday, November 15, 2014

Collier Ridge Bridge Opened Nov 14

Collier Ridge Bridge Opened Nov 14th

The Dearborn County Commissioners are pleased to announce the reopening of Collier Ridge Road this morning.  County Bridge #55 on Collier Ridge Road over west fork of Tanners Creek has been closed since April 2010.  The County Commissioners want to thank the citizens of Dearborn County for their patience during the Collier Ridge Road closure.

The original bridge was constructed in 1920 and was a narrow one lane iron truss.  The original bridge had a 10 ton weight limit prior to the closure in 2010.  The original road approaches included 90 degree turns when entering and exiting the bridge.

The new structure is a concrete I-Beam bridge with 2 full width lanes and shoulders.  The new alignment provides smooth transitioning when exiting and entering the bridge.

The new bridge was constructed by Force Construction, Columbus Indiana at a cost of $1,183,000.00.  The funding for the new bridge was 80% Federal and 20% local dollars.

Todd Listerman, Transportation Engineer

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