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16 December 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

16 December 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

The meeting started at 8:50 AM after the executive session finished.

Executive session preceded this meeting on a personnel matter. The county attorney certified that they only discussed the personnel matter. Commissioners decided on the finalists of the interviews for Charlie Ashley’s 911 position. Ashley is retiring at the end of this year. They announced that the new 911 coordinator will be Jared Teaney. He is currently employed there and will be moving up into the role. They also decided to retain Ashley until they can fill Teeney’s spot. McHenry thanked Ashley in person at the meeting and also the 911 board in helping fill this spot 



PAWS 2015 Contract- Baudendistel said he and Randall met with them and they are paying $10,000/month still for PAWS services. The contract is now an annual contract and has a 120 day termination clause. This is because budget is done annually by the county. Total annual contract is $120,000. Commissioners signed and approved the contract. Randall added that PAWS meeting went really well and the relationship is good. PAWS will give an update next spring.

Park Board Appointment- Dave Matlin resigned. Ginger Corn (sp?) from Bright was appointed till 2016 to fill that term out. Lynch said we need to remember how much work the park board does.

DC Hospital Board of Trustee Appointment- Chip Perfect resigned from DCH Board as he was elected state senator. Rob Morehead was appointed in his place.

ADVANCED CORRECTIONAL HEALTHCARE CONTRACT- Jail- Baudendistel said they have reviewed it with insurances to be sure we had coverage and hold harmless clauses. He wants to review it with Advanced Correctional and if they make all the changes then McHenry was authorized to sign it. [NOTE: There was no discussion of this item, though Commissioners had indicated earlier in the year that they were looking to replace this service with local help from the DC Hospital support.]

Guinevere Emery was added to the agenda by McHenry. She came with info on a Conwell St property in the blight elimination program. They have gone through all the steps. Due diligence has been done to send notices to property owner and title search showed 6 judgement orders for tax sales. It has not sold at any tax sale with delinquent taxes over $13,000. She showed materials to commissioners. She is wanting to pursue Aurora’s timeline to acquire the property. This is the same process they went thru for the 3 story building in Moore’s Hill last year. Once it goes to Commissioners sale there is 120 days to redeem. Pennington said that too much time has lapsed so it has to be offered up for sale again. That sale is in February. Pennington is waiting on the answer on this from Indy. She is going up there today. Emery said there are 9 properties but this is the only one that we need to pursue this possible route. Tabled until Pennington gets her response at next meeting.  

Time Grieve- Highway Supt.- 6 families on Wilmington Hill South. They will drive a new pipe thru an existing pipe to fix an improper construction. $125,000 is ball park figure. He wants to approach Council in January for this request. He should have a hard number  by then. It would eliminate the need for acquiring more ROW. Lynch asked about the stability of the surrounding area. Is this an emergency? Grieve said he needs to fix it in the next month or two. Cannot close the road- only one way in or out for the 6 homes. Little asked about the road repair. Grieve said they would do that for $5-6,000 in-house. 

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- one item to update the study on SR 1 and Bellevue in Greendale. This is a backup in the morning and also with PNS traffic in the winter. The study was funded half by Greendale and CVTB. They wanted to be sure the county was involved. The project will be presented to INDOT. The project will be programmed for 2020 hopefully. American Structurepoint did the study. 

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington: presented her bond for their signature  for Jan. 1 effective date 2015-2019. Signed by all three commissioners. She said that all the new elected people will be having bonds signed in January.

Claims and minutes - approved and signed claims and approved.
Commissioners’ Live Certificate Sale Service Addendum- They signed it and have 171 days to have the sale. SRI gets 15% of all sales.

Resolution Establishing Intent to Conduct Commissioners’ Sale-This has the severely delinquent tax properties attached to it that will be on the sale. Commissioners approved and signed. This will be published with addresses. Many of these are in Aurora, Moores Hill, and Dillsboro as read into the record by McHenry. 

Contract for emergency services for Dillsboro’s 2 squads for $40,000. their financials were attached. Signed. 
Contract for St. Leon squad for $20,000 with financials attached. Signed.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- said that talking with Marlene and PAWS there are issues with the court cases. They have two week grace period to pay the fine. They decided the 2 week grace period doesn’t work with a bite. They want that to immediately go to court. The only one who can order the dog destroyed is a judge. He wants to fix the ordinance to eliminate the grace period for dog bites. This makes sure they don’t pay the fine and then cannot get to court to get them euthanized.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Dave Deddens and he met with Barnes and Thronburg to discuss a lot of general issues. Good idea for Deddens, Pres, of DC Redevelopment Commission to get to know these folks. He also thanked the Commissioners again for recommending him for the Enterprising Commissioner award. Also wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Little congratulated Lynch again this week now that the award was official and asked us to remember that we are celebrating Christmas.

McHenry congratulated Little on his new great granddaughter. Thanked maintenance staff helping put on the employee Christmas party. Merry Christmas wishes too.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Baudendistel- ratified McHenry’s signature on Hold Harmless for Cincinnati Bell to access fiberoptic for 911. This will save replacing some equipment. This holds till March of 2015. More coming on this per Terri Randall.


Meeting adjourned at 9:38 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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