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2 December 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

 2 December 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes
Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.
McHenry addressed a problem with not having everything on the record- so they are requiring we all go to the podium even to ask questions.
Right of Way Vacation Request- Debi Hornsby- This regards Shangri La Subdivision. McHenry explained to her that she needs to go through the process with Planning and Zoning to get surveys etc. Baudendistel Also said that it is important to advise people to start with the process through Planning and Zoning.
Lawrenceburg Township Board- Commissioners were given Tom De Wees To fill that spot. Probst said that Judy McAdams put her name in also. And there would be another vacancy soon for a Democrat spot. Commissioners appointed DeWees to the current vacancy.
Planning and Zoning- Nicole Daily- Road Name Changes- 
There are 2 sections of Norkus Road and they do not connect. The committee looked at both sections one has 7 properties with 4 residential structures. The one section is proposed to be renamed to Burton Road. There is historical significance to the name referring to Burton Branch. All owners were notified, including 911 and the post office. This procedure is the one set up to follow. There were no public commenters on this. The official change will occur after Christmas to avoid mailing issues with the holidays. They will personally notify the residents there. Baudendistel said the Planning Dept did a good job with the new procedure. Commissioners approved changing the name of the east side of Norkus Road to Burton Road. 
The second name change is for Kuebel and Fox Roads and 911 and the county engineer brought this to their attention. There will be a Kuebel, a Fox, and a new one called Ferris Road with 3 properties and one house. Ferris founded York Township in 1812. Harold White is the only address change. Stegmans called to question this and were OK with the change. Harold White the only owner of land on that section asked that they name it White’s Valley instead. Name is too long and has apostrophe. So he proposed Hansell Rd- the original homesteader of that land. He then said he wanted it named for him (Harold) or his family ( White). Commissioners voted to approve the name change to Ferris Road.
Jeb Road to have a section called Jeb Lane. They found that Jeb had a private lane section and a couple numbers were out of sequence. There was public discussion with Karl Galey that centered on just fixing the out of sequence numbers and not inconvenience everyone with a new name change also. The commissioners were already leaning in that direction also. It was also questioned about the road not being upgraded when it should have been. In 1978 the original Jeb Dr subdivision, the original extension and part of it was part of Hilltop Acres.The agreement said that before the county would take over that section, they had to upgrade it and it is publicly maintained- for $10,000 to upgrade. There is still a private section off that that the county does NOT maintain. McCormack detailed the issues with the record on this last section of road. Two issues- county maintenance and emergency services. There was a letter by Diane and Craig Kreimer (sp?) requesting they not change the name. P&Z will have more like this in the future. Listerman said they need to be sure that after the cul-de-sac the county does NOT maintain that road. The need to be sure to put their address at the end of their driveway for emergency vehicles to find them. Listerman said he can sign that non- maintained area also. Tabled till Jan 20th evening meeting.
Simple Pleasures Road and Lake Dilldeer Road. Dailey asked if they wanted them to approach this a different way. That whole subdivision area needs to be looked at. They will set it up for an evening meeting in 2015. The proposed Stella and Tolbert Road residents will be the ones notified. This will be in February 17 agenda.  
Emergency Management- Bill Black, Jr. - Sub Grant Agreement-$8485.29 grant.This is to reprogram the radios. Approved. Black also had  contact of the service agreement for HAZMAT and Baudendistel will review that for future signature. 
HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer
LPA Consulting Agreement R/W Services Bridge #24- with United Consulting. $28,350. This is a federal funding project and all has been approved. Commissioners signed. 
Road Mileage Adjustments - Collier Ridge- recently opened with the new bridge ands the realignment changed to 3.44 miles and the dead end section named Greenbrier, will be 0.12 miles. 
Old Orchard Ridge Subdivision off Henderson Road has been completed with Tucker per the agreement with the Planning Commission. Old Orchard Dr- 0.581, Cider Circle 0.358, Beehive Ct- 0.060, Apple Blossom 0.234, Goldie Court- 0.016 miles. Approved by Commissioners. These roads are now maintained by the county. Seldom Seen has not been completed with the $10,000 payment to the county from Tucker. The County has not received $10,000 for 2 years from Tucker on this still. They are still holding the $10,000 from Old Orchard for 2 years. Tucker has not responded back to Baudendistel yet. 
Bids were opened and Laughery Valley Ag Coop was only fuel bidder. Rohe and O’Mara were asphalt.4 stone bids- Newport and Hansen Stone with 2 quarries each. Asked to accept all bids as presented. Approved after .
Listerman and Grieve have been discussing a mini excavator to install small  pipes Zimmer- 89363 another for 108,000 and Ohio Cat 98,000. Asked to accept Zimmer bid. McHenry asked how often that will be used. Listerman said that the big projects they are often better hiring out. These smaller jobs cab be handled in house. DNR is restricting more of what we do without disturbing stream beds etc. Approved. 
Clearinghouse- Ordinance Transferring Personal Property To Aurora Food Pantry- Baudendistel said this is all under the $5000 amount. Stove, prep tables, shelving and a metal locker. All in old condition. He said he spoke to Jud McMillin about getting the law changed to allow transfer to non-profits. Commissioners approved and signed. 
ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- Time change for Dec 16 Commissioners Meeting to 8:30 AM- approved. 
AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Payroll and claims schedule approved for 2015 by commissioners. Minutes form Nov 18 approved. 
Auditor has 31 properties that did not sell on tax sale. One property has 3 houses that Aurora might be requesting- the rest is land. Commissioners voted to proceed with the sale. 
Claims approved. 
Rick Probst worked with the Auditor on Lawrenceburg redistricting due to census change and they will elect from 4 districts and one at-large. We need to realign our districts to match their district lines. This simplifies elections without affecting voters. This also affects annexed properties.This avoids multiple ballots at voting sites.Commissioners accepted the changes. The precincts are now going to be aligned.
ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Working with Bill Black on liability for non- negligent acts. Will have at a future meeting.
COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch said at IVY Tech there will be a pre- legislative luncheon with our leaders. He also noted one of the attendees, Justine Stephens ( sp?) in the audience. 
Little- congrats to Lynch for being named outstanding commissioner of the year in INDY. And he hopes by the end of the day to have a great- granddaughter.
McHenry- congrats to Lynch also and he and Art attended the Skyline Chili ground- breaking in St. Leon and congrats to Deddens family on this.
Lynch said he was congratulating all the other commissioners and Terri and Sue Hayden for helping him and being a great team.
Meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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