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1 December 2015 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

1 December 2015 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: , President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, Alan Goodman, and Bill Ullrich. 

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Dennis Kraus presided over the meeting as acting president. He welcomed Alan Goodman as new Council president. Charlie Keyes said that he thought they should appoint a president to fill the spot. Dennis Kraus said that as acting president, he disagreed and thought they should do it in January. He was offended, but later apologized about getting upset. Keyes persisted and the council asked who would fill the board spots.Goodman resigned from Sheriff’s merit board. He will fill Lyness’s other spots per his discussion with Kraus prior to this meeting.  
Election of new president- will occur in January reorganization meeting.

Superior Court 2- Judge Sally McLaughlin- Public defenders, Petit jurors, and their meals, overtime - this was approved at the last meeting but wasn’t advertised- so now it is OK per Pennington.

Maintenance- Eric Hartman- utility bills and part time maintenance- Pennington presented.These were discussed at previous meeting. $3,100 needed for part time- that is being paid out of overtime.$3100 is approved. $80,000 for utilities approved.

Coroner- Steve Callahan- part time wages, autopsies, drug testing - $4,000 for testing, $3,500 wages, $17,000 autopsies. All three approved. 

Emergency Management- Jason Sullivan- Tornado siren- Dillsboro- $22,913.24 is the quote from Mobilcomm. Tabled at Kraus’s suggestion until January when they see what the Riverboat money account is.Brandt voted Nay.  Discussion form Morris regarding this being old school and there should be better technology. Ullrich said that many people here are still old school regarding cel phone notification options. 

Superior Court probation- Steve Kelly- Grant distribution- changed felony levels from A-D now being 1-6. 360 offenders a year will be serving time locally now rather than in the state prison systems. Grant received $58,100 for a dual role for a probation officer who now works for us part time. She knows that once the grant goes away in 2 years possibly. $500,000 of community corrections budget is actually grant funds per Kelly! Ullrich said he wished they’d increase funding for supervisors in our jail. Kelly said they had a good meeting today with state legislators to increase funding for JCAP program. Kelly won’t replace the part timer that is becoming a full timer now. That position was funded by probation user fees- so that money will be saved. Approved the grant fund. 

Sheriff/Jail- Mike Kreinhop- Body armor, inmate medical care, inmate bedding and clothing. Kraus asked the sheriff if he’d already purchased the body armor- YES. Kreinhop said that it’s mandated. The vests expire after 5 years and have to be replaced. This purchase is for 23 vests. Several had expired vests. Morris wanted him to stagger this for budgetary purposes. Goodman asked if they had multiple bids. Kreinhop said yes. They used commissary funds for 2 other vests. Morris asked for receipts and expenditures from commissary- as this has been a grey area for her. Kreinhop said they used these funds for many purposes in the jail. They keep two vests in the jail also. The rest are for road officers. Approved the body armor for$16,559.28. Apparently there is no recycle value on the old vests either. Morris also said she thought they should have been asked before it was bought also. Medical Care in the jail- $33,000 approved. Inmate bedding and clothing for $2500  was not approved.They approved $1500 for clothing and bedding with Lansing Nay (They had requested $15,000 at budget and got $12,500. This should bring them to their original request per Kreinhop) Council agreed the $2500 seems too high with average of $1000 a month plus a little more.  

Park Board- Jim Red Elk- utilities and budget shortfall per diem- They overspent $560. $864 would be in their other accounts to cover the utilities if transferred. Council approved $500 for utilities. They will also transfer the unspent funds over to the utility account. $100 was approved for the per diem account. 

Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack- Legal services- Lansing said they want $1000 for code enforcement on county cases in unincorporated area. A lot is on a property outside Aurora. Approved. 

Auditor- Gayle Pennington- Minutes from the August 12 meeting was approved. October 7 meeting minutes approved. October 23 budget approval meeting approved. 
Salary ordinance has to be approved at the last meeting of the year. Council approved Pennington’s exact salary budget for 2016. Goodman abstained as he wasn’t present for the budget hearings. Settlement was finished and first received by the state. 
The next meeting was set for January reorganization on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM still. January 26th is the first Council meeting. 

Goodman disclosed his conflict of interest to the council and that he has resigned from Merit Board. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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