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15 December 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

15 December 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator ( who arrived at 5:30 PM) 
John Maxwell and  Brad Rullman were present. Liz Morris was present from Council. DLZ was also present via Scott Carnegie.


Amendment to Chapter 70- Traffic Rules Ordinance Book- Baudendistel met with Listerman,Highway Engineer, Lusby, and Van Winkle at Sheriff Dept and they repealed the old section and fixed it so that recreational vehicles are essentially equipped with safety equipment like cars and could operate at speeds posted on the roads allowing them. Recreational off highway vehicles are defined. Statute requires a license and insurance. Golf carts at 16 and Off roads were suggested by McHenry to be for 18 and over. It was discussed. They will have to be registered. They kept the age at 16. Passed. McHenry thanked all the committee members for their efforts on this. 

Contract with FSSA Re: Inmate Application for Medicaid- TABLED until next meeting.

Knights of Columbus Request to hold Annual Prayer on the Square at Veteran’s Memorial- Jan 22 at 10 AM. Gerald Bruns does this every year. Lynch wanted Bruns to be there for the request. McHenry presented for him as he told Sue Hayden to tell him he would. Passed. 


WorkForce Development Initiative “Skill Up” - Matt Wurth- Applying for  a grant over in Scottsburg and it covers parts of Region 9 and 10. Only needs a support letter- not asking for any money. This is to cover 7 counties. This is going to be an industry specific grant. They have Ripley and Ohio county and Susan Craig at SIRPC. They offer welding training in their facility from IVY Tech. This is a new type of grant for us. They are also a business incubator. They run IU Southeast in their programs. Last year they did over 100 people. Commissioners approved signing the letter of support.

Miller Township Advisory Board Vacancy- Goodman resigned to go onto Council. Carl Andry was appointed to the board.

NACO- National Association of Counties Membership- Pennington said that it seems like NACO doesn’t do much for us. They are there to help with AIC and our federal funding. NACO has prescription cards for our taxpayers. If we participate in the marketing program we could get money back like about $5000. The dues are about $900. Commissioners approved the membership. Pennington goes to the national meetings if it is within driving distance. She said they have really good workshops. She said a lot of people participate in our county. They have a 90 day termination clause. Caremark Health is part of the Rx program. Commissioners signed the agreement.

Barnes and Thornburg- 2 Contracts- McHenry said that we dropped back to one lobbyist and dropped Lewes and Kappes. Lynch agreed with McHenry that they have been very responsive. $5,000 per month and $3,000/month. That’s $96,000/year. Approved.

Agreement for the Bright Connector Study for$160,000- 20% is $40,000 (our share)- Lynch presented and the agreement was signed. 

Proclamation for Indiana Bicentennial- McHenry read it in its entirety. Dec 11, 2015 official kickoff of the bicentennial. This is the 199th anniversary of Indiana’s statehood. Approved his signature.

5:35 PM 

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- DLZ Architects- Courthouse Annex Design Development Acceptance. Randall said the schematic design was finished and design development was this current phase. Typically the architects fees are on the front end mostly and Maxwell’s fees are in phases for the construction management. She turned it over to Scott Carnegie. They are looking for and acceptance of this to move forward for design development. Maxwell will also give the budget.
Scott Carnegie- The phase after this is the construction documents, then bidding, the administration. One central entry with security for public. Staff has three other entry points. The front entry is the round rotunda still. They plan to stain the brick on the adm. bldg. to match. 
Brad Rullman from Maxwell presented the budget and says that they are tracking right on the $11.2 million project cost. Looking for the final drawing phase in Feb- March and bidding March- April. If they approve in mid April they can construct starting in May. Takes 18 months. 14 months to build the addition and 4 months to renovate the courthouse itself after that. 
Randall said that the parking analysis was done and submitted to Lawrenceburg and they accepted it. This meets their parking requirements. This was helped by having the EMA lot paved. This was done verbally- they sell have to go thru all the Planning and Zoning meetings. 
Commissioners accepted the Courthouse Annex design as presented. They also authorized DLZ and Maxwell to proceed with the construction documentation phase of the project. 
6 PM

Highway Dept- McHenry went over the bids for the Highway Dept on aggregates and paving and they were all accepted as presented.

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- who had to leave and Randall passed out the claims for her. All claims approved. Minutes of the Dec 1 meeting were approved. 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- the professional surveyors association awarded Mike Hall the Professionalism award posthumously. They also name date award after him.

Moment of silence for Charlie Thayer- longest standing Council member in Indiana for 40 years. Both Lynch and McHenry commended him.
Lynch said the county had a luncheon that was well attended ( Christmas Party) on Friday. Thanks to all. And Merry Christmas.
Little said there was tons of food. He wanted people to remember why we are celebrating Christmas and hoped every child has a toy under the tree and hope no child goes hungry.
McHenry said that the Maintenance Dept. does a huge amount of work on the Christmas party, 

PUBLIC COMMENT- Liz Morris - donated her bicentennial desk set to the commissioners who accepted it. Debbie Smith has planned some nice things for the summer for the torch at the bicentennial. 


Meeting Adjourned at 6:12 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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