Friday, December 18, 2015

New connector road only one option | Dearborn County Register

New connector road being studied by OKI and the County.

Advisory Board members are listed as well as public meetings proposed as they progress.

New connector road only one option | Dearborn County Register

(Alternates are listed in parenthesis)

Kevin Lynch: Dearborn County commissioner
Todd Listerman: Dearborn County engineer
Liz Morris (Allen Goodman): Dearborn Co. Council
Mark McCormack (Nicole Daily): DC Plan Commission
Eric Kranz (Andrea Ewan): DC Chamber of Commerce
Michael Kreinhop: Dearborn Co. sheriff
Jennifer Hughes (Mary Booker): DC Soil and Water
Jim Ude (Terry Summers): INDOT Seymour District
Michelle Allen: Federal Highway Administration
Greg Gronwall (Celeste Calvitto): Bright Business Assoc.
Kevin Glick: Bright Volunteer Fire Department
William R. Hursong: City of Harrison
Harley Uhlmansiek (Jan Uhlmansiek): Farm Bureau
Marilyn Hyland (Charles Hunter): Genesee & Wyoming Railroad
Dale Lutz: Resident At Large
Jeff Stenger: Resident At Large
Randy Maxwell (John Maxwell): Resident At Large
John Stenger (John Browner): Sycamore Gas Company
Cari Vuko (Kurt Kegerreis): SE Ind. Workforce Investment
Dr. Andrew Jackson: Sunman-Dearborn Schools

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