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14 June 2016 Dearborn County BZA Meeting Notes

14 June 2016 Dearborn County BZA Meeting Notes

Present: Rick Pope, Chairman, Phil Darling, Jane Ohlmansiek and Russell Beiersdorfer

ABSENT: Jim Thatcher

Also Present: Derek Walker, Assistant Planner and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney

Minutes approved from previous BZA meeting.

New Business:

Variance for a pond less than 5 acres and for pond setback. Applicant/Owner- Steve Weller located at 6054 Shangri-La Dr. on 3.475 plus 0,79 acres in Manchester Township zoned Ag and R- 

Derek Walker presented the case- the pond was already constructed between 2012 and 2015. Two variances are requested due to the acreage being less than 5 acres required and also less than 150 ft from the road. (It’s 110 ft from the road) All neighbors were notified. There were no responses. Public discussion was opened and closed with no one speaking. 

Weller said he had nothing to add to the presentation. 

Phil Darling said that he has no problem with it and that the road ends there. And doesn’t get extended. 

Weller said- they have divided the properties next to him are divided into 5 properties and there will be a turnaround there. Each lot is 20-60 acres on that newer section. It won’t be a through road. 

Jane Ohlmansiek added- that they should require the posts to be put in to  protect the pond area from the road. 

Beiersdorfer motioned that both properties be co-joined and granted the 40 ft  (he said 70 ft but the staff report indicates 40 ft) setback variance  and the posts be put in as the highway engineer recommended and also the 5 acre variance. Ohlmansiek 2nd. Passed.

Variance to create a build able lot with no road frontage. Applicant/Owner: Nicholas and Jennifer Brauer Wunderlich/Frank D and Mary Ann Brauer and Frank M Brauer. 18013 and 18023 Pribble Road on 4.4 acres on Lawrenceburg Township on R zoned land. 

Derek Walker presented the background. The variance requested is for the 65 ft frontage that is required for Residential homes. Pictures and the site plan were shown. 19 letters were sent out. One phone call- but no issues they just asked what the hearing was concerning. All 3 homes on the shared driveway would have to change their addresses to the private lane being created. 

Dennis Kraus Jr. presented for Jeff Stenger, surveyor, who was unable to attend the meeting. He answered questions.

Public discussion opened- John Brauer spoke stating his familial relationship to all parties. He stated that he was only concerned with the part that was on the larger 111 acres that his father is dividing and you know how contentious that can be. He asked about lopping off a farm building on the plat. 

Rick Pope said they don’t get into that. They are there to decide on the specific frontage variance. Public discussion ended. 

Maintenance agreement is required for shared driveway per Kraus, Jr. 

Darling said its a shared driveway- and the BZA likes to see that. The board agreed.

Ohlmansiek motioned to allow the 65 ft frontage variance. Beiersdorfer 2nd. Approved.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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