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7 June 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

7 June 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, and Art Little

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

ABSENT: Kevin Lynch due to not feeling well per McHenry


Vacate Portion of West Brown Road- Jeff Stenger- JDJ Surveying and Engineering - This is in Sparta Township- 0,07 miles of county maintenance for Richard and Joanne Fulks .They plan to build a new house and this is to meet county set backs. They also don’t want to have the ROW open across their property. The road is impassable once this ROW goes on thru the neighboring property. There is also a relatively sizable creek crossing also which makes this less viable as ROW. Stenger went thru the criteria for vacating property and showed how each was met. There is a turnaround to be constructed for the last neighbor that uses the ROW. One letter received by a neighbor ( the Hyde family) not in favor. McHenry let Stenger read the letter. Stenger noted that the Hydes have purchased the property since the process of vacation began back in March. He also noted the Hydes have no access to Brown Road or any maintained part of the ROW for the record. Commissioners decided to table the decision to June 21st meeting at 5 PM. Baudendistel needs time to prepare ordinance and Lynch will be there. McHenry also wants to tour the property to see the turnaround of another neighbor. 

Cemetery in Valley Woods- Art Wenzel- gave a handout and said that Greendale does not want to maintain this. The grass is about knee high again now. The Guard’s have restored the cemetery and Rupel owns it. He will quit claim it to the county and then the township trustee can ,aintain it as a public cemetery. This is the same thing they did with the Rees cemetery behind Steak and Shake. The trustees are able to levy up to half a mil to maintain cemeteries. Greendale says this is a family cemetery and they shouldn’t be involved. Wenzel maintains that Guard had a land grant and several other important things he did as pioneer of this area. Little said that often there was a little church near these in the past. Baudendistel said that if it were turned over to a governmental entity then it would become the trustee’s responsibility. The trustee has not been consulted- but Wenzel says this is a sore subject with all the trustees. Some townships have up to 40 of these in them. Tabled until Lynch could be present. Mrs. Guard talked to the commissioners about their work restoring this. She said the neighbors were pleased to see it stored. Only 16 stones were  up at first- they found more than 60. It took three years to restore it. Community corrections is being used to cut these now per Wenzel. 

DCH Board of Trustees Appointment for A Kenneth Ingram- Roger Howard said the entire board recommends long time member. He also introduced Michael Schwebler - who was present- as their new CEO. McHenry welcomed Schwebler  and recognized Howard as improving the image of DCH and said that he has done a tremendous job. He thinks it helps for the new CEO to come into a good situation. Commissioners reappointed Ken Ingram for Sept 1st effective date.

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer
Letter of Understanding RE: SR 62 Closure- INDOT will have an official detour posted but the locals will use the local roads. Any damage to those local roads will be covered by INDOT. Sagamaw and Davies Road will be the county detour that would be official for reimbursement. Commissioners signed that agreement. Sheriff dept will be notified.

Amendment #3 for Bridge 138- Bonnell Road west of Burzelbach intersection. The contract amount is the same at $174,391, but the fees will go up for design and down for ROW acquisition. Approved to get this done for the final design for this project. 

Agreement for Engineer Professional Services, Bridge #138- NTE $16,500- and wants authority to sign this short term agreement to finish final tracings etc. Baudendistel reviewed. Approved for Listerman to sign the agreement.

Listerman reminded everyone that WEDNESDAY June 22 is the Bright Open House from 4-7 for Bright Connector Study.

2021 Federal aid PROJECTS- Listerman is submitting 2- HARRISON BROOKVILLE ROAD  BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION AND LOWER DILLSBORO ROAD SLIP NEAR GATCH. This will be in June or July to hear if they are selected for 2021 for federal projects.  

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- Internal Control Ordinance Revision- They added the clerk of courts to the list of people. They will involve other managers but will work wit a core group first. This amends section 10 of the county ordinances. This ordinance was read into the record by Randall. Approved. They have had training of board members and they will have their first meeting as previously advertised.

The archeologist plan was approved by the state for etc annex. they will call the archeologist should they uncover any more during the digging, Randall then went on to praise Art Wenzel for all his help to prepare maps and research to demonstrate to the dept of historical preservation that this site was a previously disturbed area. This cut the cost down for the county. She thanked him very much. McHenry concurred. 

The preview meeting with contractors for the annex is today at 10 for this who want to bid. Tues June 28 at 10 AM is the bid opening day.  

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Claims approved. Settlement was done and they are #1 in the state again - “flowers to my staff” for that.  Minutes from May 17th approved. 

Two units for $20,000 each for Lawrenceburg EMS were approved.

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- read the required Title VI statement again regarding non-discrimination for meeting data that is voluntary if you wish to fill one out. 

Baudendistel has two ordinances setting up two funds for the money coming from SEA 67 that is a one-time distribution for our COIT (LOIT)- pronounced LOW- it-  taxes coming back.- Commissioners approved it.

Fund 1228- was created per the state for the LOIT special distribution for the 75% of the one time distribution. The other 25% will be deposited into the rainy day fund. Commissioners approved this one also. 

Art Little - hate to see Roger Howard retire- he retired and now he’s busier than ever- so be careful Roger.
Shane McHenry- request from Connie Cleary from CVTB will honor 3 men for the state historical ceremony and will honor one of the 3 whose grave isn't known ( Dill) on the courthouse steps. The other two graves were located.


LATE ARRIVAL- Art Wenzel- publicly thanked McHenry for the blue sheriff truck for the surveyor’s truck. He said he saw the need and got it for them.- thus a good manager.  He also said its the best surveyor truck he’s ever used.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:36 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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