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4 October 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

4 October 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor. Meeting duties covered by one of her staff.




Indiana BOAH Contract Testing for Bovine TB - Randall said this is paid out of the money they set aside for each year on this. They got a letter from Brett Marsh- state veterinarian. Some cattle were TB positive in 2011 on Northern Dearborn County area. Could be a little over $5,000 to test the cattle. They have the funds as they are running well on this fund this year. IC 15-17-7 for testing- mandated to do this. Contract was reviewed by Baudendistel. Agreement with the state and the county with fees of $80 for visit to farm and $8 for each animal tested. Passed.  

Sycamore Gas Application - Courthouse Annex- had to run a new gas line. They also will be changing the county address to Mary Street eventually as that is where the entrance will be. Approved the application. 

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer- Bridge Design Contracts- as discussed at the last meeting. First is with Civil Con #32 North Hogan $40,325- approved to sign. Second is with #72  on St Peter’s Rd with FPBH  for $37,000- approved to sign. The third is for small structure #121 Allens Branch Rd with FPBH- $39,000- approved to sign. 

County received Federal aid of $2,160,000 for Bridge #108 Old US 52- Harrison Brockville Road at intersection of Johnson Fork Rd. On schedule for 2021. 
Federal aid  to Aurora of $1,745,600 for reconstruction of Market Street. McHenry updated that they met with Aurora and ran 3 extra culverts on top of the hill and the city replaced pipes on the hill. Trying to capture as much water as possible into the storm sewer system. 

Listerman will be on vacation next week but will have phone and computer with him if needed. 

Commissioner Publication of Precincts- Clerk Rick Probst- presented by auditor’s substitute. She read the law and the commissioners noted their was one address change for the state highway garage which is still the same locale as before. Approved to publish. 

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- brought an item up  not on the agenda. Contacted by an archaeologist ( Dr. Nolan) from Ball State regarding the Glenn Property. That site was looked at for a possible state park. Everyone would like to see us pursue that again. That hill fort dates back over 2000 years - prehistoric. Letter of support for this grant. they think this would help the preservation group that tried to prevent development of this into housing. If it gets on the national registry that helps preserve. Olberting Hill Fort- Glenn Property. Hill Fort used by Hopewell Indian Culture for defense or for ceremonial site. Hoping to see this developed as a park. Amy Johnson- the state archaeologist was also contacted about this. This may be a perfect time for this. Baudendistel said he wrote a paper on this during law school. He had thought this was part of a signal mound of several along the rivers. Approved the letter of support.  

EMS Training Support- Jason Eckhoff, Bright- Randall said the commissioners have been working with EMS. Jason has been elected by his peers to act for the alliance. There is no formal legal entity for this yet. They have meetings and some training at these meetings. Jason has been certified as a paramedic. Jason said they have had one successful cardia arrest saved and works with Sunman and they have a paramedic that responds to the Sunman Dearborn schools. The paramedic thing is working outsell and benefits the county residents. Not asking for anything official today but want a more formal proposal. The county has stepped up and the hospital stepped up and did the EMT training as IVY Tech did not provide one this year. The hospital class costs $800 as opposed to $1200 at IVY Tech. In spring they did a first responder class. Many of them went on for EMT training. 16 in the class and 12 are in dearborn county units. They want to present a 2 minute recruitment video and running it on you tube and social media. Thinking of orienting them for an hour and interview and vet them before recommending them for a scholarship where the county pays 1/2 and so $400 toward their EMT training. Randall ill be back next meeting with some formal proposal for this. It wold be $4800 from the county and the units will put in the other half. They also need to track and see how many fall out after completing the training and if there is a trend on that related to units etc. Jason said he wanted to have these recruits do more ride along time to see more difficult runs up front to be sure they are cut out for it. They need to investigate the recruits better. Jason Sullivan and Jared Teaney have been at all these meetings per Randall. McHenry said he spent time with Jason Eckhoff and was impressed with how they do things. Still losing volunteers and we will need to take the next step at some time. Due for a follow-up and get with you here soon. Lynch said thanks also. Randall also noted how the hospital has responded so well. No decision required.

AUDITOR- Claims and 20th Sept 2016 Minutes approved.

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- Joint Ordinance to Amend and Re-establish Southeastern IN Regional Port Authority- wanted to have all communities in this and wanted to bring in Greendale now. This will add the mayor and 2 members from each city and same 3 member structure for the county and it will be a 12 member board. Aurora and Lawrenceburg already passed this. Greendale will get it at their meeting after we pass it here. IC 8-10-5-1. Baudendistel read the entire ordinance which outlined the structure and duties etc. There is no pre-requisite about political balance on this board. There is also a no vote by the chairman unless there is a tie. Greendale meets next week. Approved the Ordinance.

Disposition of Real Property- Boat from 2008 in “as is condition” is being transferred to Lawrenceburg. Resolution and agreement to transfer this to Lawrenceburg for $1 from Sheriff’s dept. Approved both resolution and agreement. 

Parcels that the county has and wants to transfer to other entities has to use a different procedure for abutting landowners if we acquired from tax default, Only the the Stateliness property fits this. Drain would have to be surveyed out. It’s about an acre on Augusta Drive. The others use another state code if they are under $15,000. Four properties to consider Augusta, Aurora and  two in Hardintown. Motion to move forward with finding values etc as discussed.   

Lynch- follow up on heroin epidemic at St E’s and setting up a more formal group to follow this.This will be passed on to EMTs etc. Senator Portman form Ohio has been aggressive in following this also. Anderson Township trustee has been keeping this in the light also. 
He also said they recommended Mark Cauble- to Region 9 workforce board and he’s teaching at IVY Tech and last night he was using an air cannon at Mavericks game. He has sold these to many different places. This shows that his small business goes well beyond the county. Also wished Jason a belated happy birthday.

Little- Lions have been involved to get kids in club that are tested and remain drug free. Trying to work to combat drugs at Sunman Dearborn.

McHenry- asked Jason about the numbers of heroin issues- Jason said numbers are about the same but the fatalities are increasing as the heroin hybrids are so strong. Narcan nasal is not able to work on some of these. McHenry said some areas also seem to be increasing as well as meth increased. Mexican Ice coming thru Atlanta to Cincinnati increasing. Cartels know how to fill in the needs and make money. It’s affecting everyone. Burglaries, business damage, families etc. all affected. Dearborn County Hospital trying to have meeting s to address a common way to approach this. 
McHenry commented on Aurora Farmers Fair parade float that reflected badly on the county. Some “Keyboard Warriors “ have chosen to attack the aurora Lions Club for the float. He supports the Lions Club. [NOTE: He is referring to the Linkmeyer float with political overtones.]
McHenry said it was a great honor for Bill Black Jr to be the Grand Marshall.



Meeting Adjourned at 9:52 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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