Sunday, February 22, 2004

Citizen Dialog with the Sewer Board continues

Mr. Hanlon:

I hope you take all the time you need to do this correctly.

Have you seen the 1994 study for the proposed sewer projects along the thoroughfares from the municipal areas? This should be available at the Lawrenceburg library. This is what the current project is taken from. The updated study was only available at Doug Baer's office in lieu of a public forum (like the library) and only then because of the efforts of Stepanie DisBro and only on the last day for public comment.

Have you read the guest column I wrote in the Register Publications?

Are you aware of the 150+ petitions by citizens of the currently constituted Sewer District presented to the commissioners at the second Commissioners' meeting in January after the District was constituted? They were not presented at the last meeting in December before the district was constituted, because that Monday evening meeting was postponed at the last minute to the Thursday afternoon following when most of the citizens were not available. These are allegedly on file with the auditor and were to have been presented to the Board for its first meeting.

Have you read Indiana Code IC 13-26 relating to the formation, functions, duties and powers of a sewer district?

Have you talked to Brett Fehrman about his proposed solution to the problem?

I checked with Gayle Pennington, County Clerk, Friday to see if any Conflict of Interest forms had been filed as required by Karen Shell. As of Friday none have been.

The citizens of the district have a concern about Vera Benning's involvement in any form because of past actions by her that have been uncooperative, overbearing and in direct contradiction to statements made by her and the other two Commissioners. Please talk to Commissioner Karen Shell.

Have you looked beyond the limited set of options and out of hand dismissals of options in the GRW report? Are you aware that the proposed system is similar to that already in place at Walstons Mobile Home Park, that is not in compliance on a regular basis and as late as November of 2003? (The current reporting is only available through December 2003). The proposed system is also similar to that of Hidden Valley Lake. You should check with them to see about their current problems and the plan to extend a line to Greendale to eliminate the package plant requirement.

You might also want to look at the problems of Butler and Warren (and Clermont) counties in Ohio with regard to development and utilities, including sewers. This proposed system will allow development of the Gabbard estate (and others) at up to four houses per acre. I was told repeatedly by Ms. Benning (on the record of several public meetings) that this was not about development. I told the Commissioners at the Commissioners' meeting the property was sold pending the incorporation of the sewer district. After the District was in place, Mr. Dennerline indicated at the first January Commissioners meeting, that the property had been sold to a developer.

Are you aware that a number of retired residents, who have their houses paid, will be facing a tap in fee and a monthly bill that they may not be able to afford? You may want to look at the petitions and contact some of the citizens affected.

You should also determine where this District can function. Is it only in the district? (Read IC 13-26).

Are you aware of a proposal I submitted to all the Commissioners for a real countywide sewer district?

Are you aware of the Planning Advisory Committee meetings taking place now, regarding among other things land use? (Greg Vollmer and Brett Fehrman are also participating in these meetings).

I wish you luck in resolving a "hot" issue.

I would be glad to meet with you to discuss any of these issues (or any others for that matter) as would a number of other citizens of the area.

If you wish further information or have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Ralph Thompson, PE

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