Thursday, February 19, 2004

Open Letter to the Commissioners

In the first board meeting, Rodney Dennerline had Vera Benning appointed as special consultant to the board. The board was then told that 90% of the residents are for the sewer system as proposed (the petitions were not presented).

They are proceeding with Stewart Road and Cole Lane. They are also proceeding with the proposed system without investigating the study (as was discussed in the Commissioners' meeting). Per Doug Baer they need to proceed to get the easements in place, 100% participation is required and while the are not planning to require residents living more than 800 feet from the line to connect, they will not tell them, because they need 100% participation to pay for the system. Also land owners (without houses) will not be listed apparently, even though they will probably be able to obtain a dead-end tap for future. They have no grants.

Who is governing Dearborn County? Are the Commissioners in charge or is it Benning/Dennerline? In the Commissioner's meeting Dennerline was reprimanded for proceeding without authority; but, seems to be back on track. The Commissioners indicated there would not be a Commissioner on the Board, so now we have a "quasi" board position? Was any of what the Commissioners told the citizens at the Commissioners' meeting true or accurate?


Ralph E. Thompson, Jr., PE, CPE, NSPE

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