Thursday, October 06, 2005

DCRSD Meeting Notes

DATE: October 6, 2005
Board members Present: Mike Hankins, Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Pat Holland, Brett Fehrman, David Entzweiler, Greg Volmer

Others Present: Lisa Lehner, Doug Baer, Tom Quinn - Quinn Engineering, Jerry Hacker, VRUC, others in audience.

(Note: Some of the Board members did not speak up or clearly and there were multiple conversations at times. There are gaps in the information denoted by ________ .)

Minutes were reviewed and approved.

Treasurers Report indicated $366,939.28 in Seed Money Account and $76,014.03 in Lawrenceburg Community Grant Fund Account.

The City of Aurora is preparing a variance to add sewage from Stewart Road and Cole Lane to the _______ (couldn’t hear) Street Lift Station. As soon as it is finished, the Mayor will sign and forward to the DCRSD (RSD) for submission to IDEM. Tom Quinn has already begun engineering for the work for Cole Lane and Stewart Street. LL will make sure all is in order. LL asked if the Board needed to extend the Contract time for Tom Quinn. Mr. Quinn does yet have his engineering license in Indiana. RSD will need to contact all affected parties and property owners. Plans and specifications should be ready November 1, 2005. Status of project is unsure since IDEM must approve all.

County Community Sewer Meeting Update:
No new information, met with Jim West, DCEDI, but, no discussion.

Meetings were being held with entities through out the County on a one on one basis. ( Note: no records of the meetings were indicated.) There is difficulty between VRUC and Greendale. Met with Mel Davis of Lawrenceburg regarding a new trunk line from Oberting Road to the Fair Grounds. There is a Letter of Understanding with VRUC to build the line. LL reviewed L of U. They will enter into a Contract with VRUC and SDRSD in the end to provide service. VRUC would not have to build a treatment plant. (Note: Why build a treatment plant or a new line when a line exists to Greendale? What will Greendale have to say?)

Jerry Hacker wanted to see a copy of the L of U. LL handed a copy to Mr. Hacker. They needed commitment from SDRSD and VRUC before they will undertake engineering. RSD is concerned about VRUCs inflow & infiltration (I & I problem). VRUC will need to fix or will face penalties. LL to e-mail a copy to Jeff Bittner. The Project is not in the District, RSD will need to amend the District.

Aurora Interceptor Line:
Fehrman talked to Aurora about their plan to run an interceptor to Conwell St. via US 50in lieu of by _____Run. Randy Turner was asked if SDRSD is ready to proceed and affirmed it was. Aurora is under a Order from IDEM and has a fine and schedule for correction of the Notice of Violation.
Combined sewer problem in down town will take up to 10 years to resolve. Aurora cannot handle any more sewage. Only an interceptor can help. The Aurora Utility Board is ‘broke’. RSD might consider cost sharing. RSD to try to obtain current engineering from Aurora. Aurora cannot unincorporate areas and give them back to the County. RSD might need written permission to share engineering. GRW had done some work previously. RD to talk to Randy Turner to coordinate. Phase I for Aurora should be about 15 months and cost approx. $3.5M. Aurora apparently cannot get the money. Lawrenceburg has $18M from gambling and is going to ‘cut out’ all others including the County.

Interceptor along Rt. 350:
There was discussion about an interceptor along Rt. 350 to handle continuous flow and cross the bridge . The work would need to be done during school shut down. ____ use gravity flow and possibly pick up Moores Hill IDEM wants a min. 8” Line, a 10” or 12’ line would be preferred. (Note: This is also outside the District.)

Without IDEM approval they cannot serve Highridge Estates. Highridge Estates may have to be condemned. (This was one of the avowed purposes of this District to solve the Highridge Estates problem.)

St. Leon:
Discussions were held with St. Leon, Frank Leoni, about SL’s ability to expand. They want to expand to handle a commercial area for development. A TIF area. SL is looking for help. A 325 acre area for Commercial development (approx. 0.5M gallon flow0 with industrial type treatment requirements.

____ gravity main on Rt. 46 (8”) does have capacity for growth.

Sawdon Ridge to be extended for future development____ .

IDEM as approved a Construction Permit for Grayhill Robbins (?) at 46 & 1 inside St. Leon. RSD wanted ability to review or appeal. There is another meeting____ to appeal this decision.. LL to talk to Lynne Newlon, IDEM.

Jordan Jones(?) is criticizing LL for not returning calls. LL refused to accept. Call should go to DE. RFQ was sent out to six firms to respond by October 15, 2005 (five will respond). If JJ(?) can’t understand, they probably can’t handle the work.

Letter of Understanding:
VRUC didn’t like paragraph 5 of L of U. LL to ____.

Meeting Adjourned.

Notes by: Ralph Thompson, Jr., PE

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