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DCRSD Meeting Notes for October 20, 2005

DATE: October 20, 2005

Board members Present: Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Pat Holland, Brett Fehrman - Acting Chair, David Entzweiler, Greg Volmer

Others Present: Lisa Lehner, Doug Baer, Tom Quinn - Quinn Engineering, Jeff Bittner, VRUC, Vera Benning, Jeff Hughes, others in audience.

(Note: Some of the Board members did not speak up or clearly and there were multiple conversations at times. There are gaps in the information denoted by ________ .)

Minutes were reviewed and approved.

Treasurers Report indicated $366,931.48 in Seed Money Account and $75,961.03 in Lawrenceburg Community Grant Fund Account.

The City of Aurora has provided the variance to add sewage from Stewart Road and Cole Lane for submission to IDEM. IDEM appears to be in favor and an answer is expected by November 3rd. Debbie Dubinsky(?) is the person at IDEM.

VRUC Letter of Understanding:
LL (Lisa Lehner) has been discussing revisions with VRUC. They talked about the penalty structure for I & I. They wanted to break the service area into sections and work on sections with reporting of the results. Wanted to change to penalties could be assessed. Additional charges would be passed through to VRUC. They have enough consensus to move forward.

Jeff Bittner said they have determined which sections need the most work. They plan to ‘TV’ the lines and then fix either using VRUC staff of by Contractor. They plan to start with section 11 & 12 this year. The L of U provides the framework to move forward.

New sanitary permit:
Sending a letter to IDEM on the permit for the SR.46 & 1 with collection lines into St. Leon. Notified Levi Solcraft(??) RSD wanted to be notified, but, were not sure RSD had any standing. A letter will be drafted to Ken Lee(?) to request DCRSD be notified directly in future of any work in the County. It is too late to file on this permit by time limit; but, IDEM may allow comment. St. Leon did not object to permit and they suspect it may be turned over to St. Leon. DCRSD is trying to consolidate the County.

Aurora Interceptor Line:
RD spoke to Randy Turner about the interceptor. Considering using an 8" line ___ with vacuum purge near "Hopping's" on US 50. Also talked about a 'reversal' at Conwell Street. A tank may need to placed at "Hopping's" in case of buildup and may have to treat the holdings. Need to do everything to help finalize.

Interceptor along Rt. 350:
No discussion.

Six RFQs wee sent out, five returned. Top three firms were Woolpert, Black & Vietch & GRW (Note: This is the firm they complained about not finalizing numbers and finishing work.) All top three have offices in Cincinnati. DE will meet with the firms regarding what the Board wants and expects.

Attorney - $1719.21, approved to pay (Note: Lehner has been paid $37,946.86 from May 2003 to the end of 2004 and $17,109.94 through September 2005 for a total of $55,056.80 in fees.)

Aaron Koslowsky(?):
Aaron Koslowski(?), regarding Conaway Property wanted to know when the sewer line down Huesman Road was to be installed. They are planning on reopening the campgrounds and were looking for sewer availability to determine if they needed public sewer or onsite treatment. With the bottleneck in Aurora, RSD has no time frame for the Huesman Rd. line.

St. Leon:
St. Leon (Frank Leoni) requested to indicate how much capacity needed to serve additional area in Dearborn County. Estimated 550__gallons ___. ___working on additional discussion between St. L & DCRSD regarding Commercial area (TIF0 near I 74. There is currently no source of income; but, could pay when income is generated. The usage would be light industry, would change the treatment requirements. The TIF was created by DC to develop commercial (approx. 350 acres) ___ surrounded by St. L. This was put on the 'back burner'. The have people wanting sewers and it is not feasible to become involved now; but, might be a future opportunity. St. L wanted a resolution as to whether DCRSD wanted to be a part of the treatment option. Should DCRSD expand its boundaries to force St. L to notify of any plans to expand and so they can't run lines elsewhere in the county? Pat Holland opposed growing to big so that DCRSD can't accomplish anything. PH said boundaries would be ridiculous, especially bounding by areas, such as ridges where construction is likely to occur.

DCRSD is trying to get control of the County. Want something be passed to get control of the County or force notification. Inform IDEM DCRSD is an interested party. LL to contact St. L.

VRUC had indicated in their newsletter that DCRSD would take over VRUC. DCRSD contacted Jerry Hacker and they had to print a retraction.

DCRSD to contact SDRSD to see about getting a non voting member status. DCRSD doesn't have cash to buy into SDRSD. Will contact Dennis Fichtner(?) indicating they can't afford to buy in; but, would like a non voting membership.

Tom Kent:
TK is working on a project on Salt Fork Rd. approx. 1 1/4 mile line to Greendale. Lampert (Greendale City Manager) recommended to talk to County. Greendale wants DCRSD to give permission. DCRSD has no territorial authority over tunincorporatedis an unicorporated area and Greendale does not plan to annex. This could be a stepping stone for DCRSD. If they want to control, would have add area; but, there is no income to solve the problems. Again question, should DCRSD expand boundaries. There is no rate structure, if DCRSD took over it would be responsible for maintenance, etc. Would only consider accepting line debt free. Growth could be moving north. Hold off till enough funds are collected. TK has some additional property to develop. Invite TK to next meeting. Guilford is a target area next.

Tom Quinn:
Mr. Quinn's credentials are not yet approved. He called today and the Engineering Board was meeting; but, he would have to be notified in writing and pay an additional registration fee. If not registered, he could hire an associate, who is licensed in Indiana. DE expressed concern about hiring associate.

Meeting Adjourned.

PS: I was talking with Jeff Hughes, Commissioner in the Corridor when Vera Benning, Commissioner interrupted and said she had to talk to Jeff. Does this constitute a meeting without public notice, since a quorum of Commissioners were meeting at a public location? Was DCRSD to be discussed, in which Benning has a particular interest?

Notes by: Ralph Thompson, Jr., PE

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