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11 October 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

11 October 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Benning, President, Fox and Hughes.
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, and Ewbank, Attorney.
Absent: Messmore, Administrator

This agenda was rearranged and assessor report added. Also the Emergency Management request for advertised bids to be opened was not on the agenda and was NOT heard. (See note at end)

1. US 50 Corridor Study- tabled from last meeting was represented by Travis Miller. Miller explained the coordination of the County’s study with OKI and the INDOT study on US 50 Corridor, showing the need for both and the possibility of improved economic development along the corridor if the county study is done too. The scope of work for the INDOT version being awarded to SIECO/ STRAND does not concern itself with land uses- just with moving traffic and environmental concerns.
Miller also stated that the INDOT version has 3 chances for public input in 18 months. He stressed that the 9-month study for the county will have more public input and that the new Tanner’s Creek bridge location is to be decided in the first 3 months. INDOT wasn’t sure another bridge would be needed- they aren’t to that point in their study. [NOTE: It seems ludicrous- it even defies common sense- that a 2nd crossing over Tanner’s Creek wouldn’t be necessary in the most populous section of the county. It literally could cut off the economic life of the county. INDOT should know this.]
Bob Koehler of OKI also spoke citing that this will add value to the INDOT study.
Commissioners voted to approve the memorandum of understanding with OKI to do the study. Council approved the funding already.

2. Joan Seitz, Assessor was added to the agenda- reported that a PTABOA (Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals) would need to have 2 freeholders with appropriate backgrounds appointed to it. She gave out info to the commissioners for future appointments.

3. Listerman gave the Hwy Dept recommendation to accept O’Mara as the bid winner for Sawdon Ridge widening and paving. Inspections will be in-house. Commissioners approved.

4. Bids for trucks and bedliners were opened and taken under advisement until next meeting:
Two trucks:
Freightliner- $108.870
McCluskey- $106,000
TriState- $112,348
Miami Valley Int’l - $126,416
Sterling Int’l - $121,810
Bedliners(dumps, snow plows, salt boxes):
Kaffenberger: $58,600 with an option for stainless steel for the salt trucks.

5. PAWS still has not decided whether to use the DC Foundation to raise money for the animal shelter building. Fred McCarter at the foundation is checking with his boards to see if they could accommodate this request. Bill Ullrich (Council member who sits on Animal Control) stated that the Council has an account that is in place and could be used for this to eliminate the middleman in the fund raising. Fox was concerned that the public would think TAX money was spent on it if the county fund was paying it- co-mingling money perhaps. Ewbank was pushing the foundation process again. He thinks it will be a source for matching money as well as safer for the contributors and a source for people’s wills to donate. The possibility of using a trust fund at a bank was considered. [NOTE: Is the money insured in the foundation, the way it would be if invested in a bank?]
PAWS was given the OK to unveil the plan at the Bark and Wine next week. No collections would be done with the county’s blessing until the fund investment is settled and operational cost estimates are completed.

6. Pickens wanted all ordinances to be recorded at the Recorders Office- no cost to county. He is also looking to put minutes on better paper- linen stock like in the old days to survive longer. This is REALLY expensive paper per Pickens.

7. Hughes asked about Stateline and Stephens Road and turn lanes etc. They are looking to use the savings from White’s Hill there per Pickens. Still checking on those monies. [NOTE: It appears that the road accounts are being moved around a fair amount. White’s Hill had extras on it- where did the “savings” come from?]

8. Benning brought up 911 moving to the jail space and Sheriff Lusby wanting to be able to discipline them as they were under his roof now. Fox and Hughes wanted to investigate that further, as they thought Charlie Ashley was in charge. Benning said that 911 is a VOLUNTEER BOARD. There is a specified set of people on it per Bill Black. [Note: Commissioners appoint members to it. Why have two bosses for these workers?]

9. Benning asked Hughes to bring up Pruss Road (in District 3.) He stated that the county maintains the first 100 ft.
Benning went on to talk about vacating the old road and accepting the NEW ROAD WHICH HAS NO NAME. [NOTE: She’s referring to what they previously were calling Rump Road over a year ago. It accessed her daughter and son-in-law’s property and the properties of a neighbor who has moved to Miller Township. It seems like every tie we get new highway people or new commissioners, this Pruss Road issue comes up with Benning, who also lives near there as do her in-laws.]
NO decision.

10. Bill Black asked about opening the 800 MgHz bids as he had advertised them for that meeting with bids to be awarded by Friday. Benning said that would be next meeting, he was not on the agenda. [NOTE: Joan Seitz wasn't either. Neither was Pruss Road. Next meeting is advertised as CLAIMS ONLY]

Commissioners quickly adjourned at that point. [NOTE: Benning then went over to Ewbank at his seat and exchanged the kind of elaborate handshake routine that I have previously witnessed only in gang members, teenage boys, fraternity brothers, and movies with secret societies. One can only wonder what that was about!]

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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