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24 October 2005 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

24 October 2005 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Jeff Hughes, Acting Chairman, Mike Hall, Nick Held, Tarry Feiss, Robert Laws, and Dennis Kraus, Jr.
Absent: Mark Mitter, Patrick deMaynadier, and Jane Ohlmansiek
Also Present: Travis Miller, Planning Director
Arnie McGill, Attorney, and Mark McCormack, Enforcement Officer, were not present.

1. Andy Scholle represented Alan and Marcia Stenger who were stuck in Key West, FL due to the hurricane. Permission to access Chesterville Rd., a collector and a driveway variance of less than 230 feet from existing driveways in Sparta Township was requested. No public comment.
As this was the 9th parcel to be created from the parent tract, permission was also needed to create the 9th lot, because it is a major subdivision at this point.
Kraus, Jr. motioned and Held 2nd to approve as long as the Health Dept. approves a 2nd septic site. Passed

1. Travis Miller presented the agenda for the Nov 5th Future Land Use Map workshop for the advisory board and Plan Commission. Public may attend this- but can only participate via written comments during the workshop. Time is 10:30-3 PM at Lawrenceburg High School. Lunch provided by Hava Java for the advisory board and the plan commission. This is the final work for the advisory board prior to the land use maps going for public meetings, which will be in December or January. Tarry Feiss is unable to attend and Robert Law’s attendance is still in question.

2. The draft calendar for the 2006 meeting schedule was passed out to be approved at the November meeting.

3. Annual report is being prepared and Travis requested a short bio from 2 members who haven’t completed theirs yet.

4. Hamilton Co. has Greg Dale for their final seminar this year. Bob Laws has attended all 4 seminars this year. He and Patricia Baker from the BZA (new members this year) are attending this final seminar.

5. Travis Miller discussed the orthophotography options for GIS data. They have not submitted a contract yet, but will check into the prices compared to the previous versions they’d considered.

6. School district issues were discussed, particularly in light of recent large developments proposed in the Sunman Dearborn district and their building issues and teacher layoffs.
Plan commission members noted they have no jurisdiction in these issues. [NOTE: Isn’t this similar to the issues with roads and sewers, where Health Dept, IDEM, and INDOT or County Highway and Commissioners decide? The Plan Commission can turn a request down, when they see the dept with jurisdiction has not achieved – or has no plans to achieve- a significant change in the infrastructure. Common sense should prevail in these cases. It would seem to be irresponsible to flood a school system, where the tax base cannot keep up with the building needs and/or the staff salaries. A better mix of uses is needed in that district or else it needs to be subdivided or reapportioned with districts in the rest of the county.]

7. A letter from a resident regarding the tabled Buckhead Development was discussed briefly. Mike Hall wanted to respond to it personally. [NOTE: I discussed the ethics considerations of this with him after the meeting, as it was a tabled item and plan commission members are not to have ex parte discussions on pending issues. They will probably check this with Arnie McGill, Attorney.]

Meeting adjourned. 8:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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