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1 August 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

1 August 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes
Present: Hughes, President, Benning, and Fox
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator.

No uniformed police officer was present.

Register Publications did not cover this meeting.
Ralph Thompson, Republican Candidate for D-3 Commissioner was present.

Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack, Director, presented four changed to the zoning ordinance books.

1. Article 2 Section 200 Subdivision Control Ordinance and Article 27 Definition of parent tract were approved with the commissioners deciding to ignore the 2 year negotiated recommendation of the PC and have 1 year as the time limit.
2. Article 25 Table 25.1 and 2512 of the zoning ordinance was approved. Clarifications of setback lines.
3. Article 23 Section 2310 Zoning Ordinance was approved for Site Plan Review
4. Article 20 –Section 2015 and Article 27 sign ordinance was approved using more liberal language prepared by Bob Ewbank for settlement of the Dorothy White lawsuit. The language chosen was what was prepared from the settlement with the attorneys for White.

McCormack also advised the commissioners of problems with the tape system in that room and asked them to have it fixed or replaced at budget time. Messmore to add to budget by Aug 21st. [NOTE: Perhaps the microphones and sound system will be fixed as a result also. That has been erratic for years now.]

EMA- Bill Black – gave a report on the mitigation plan for homeland security. They are seeking grants to get software to help predict costs and damage areas for disasters etc. GIS will tie into the system. NIMS classes have been completed and commissioners state they have their certifications.
Aug 8 10-1 or 2 the State Million dollar Mobile Command Center will be in the county to be viewed.

Transportation Director- Todd Listerman- presented paving contracts- $837,667.91 for O’Mara and $854,295.50 for Rohe. O’Mara was awarded the contract by Commissioners. Other money in the account will cover the $60,000 they were above estimate. They are also using county workers to do some of the wedging and leveling on roads to make up the difference.

Striping contract proceeding soon.

Met Monday in Seymour with INDOT on Triple Whipple. Ewbank getting ROW work done. Letting should be Aug 2007.

Meeting with INDOT on Bells Branch/Laughery Creek Bridge #15. Getting Ohio County to do their 20% of the 20% fees.

Met with Bruce Keller- HVL Mgr- went over getting permission for right of entry to do portions of Stateline Stephens intersection and will also get a dedicated R turn lane out of HVL. Meeting with REMC to relocate electric pole by HVL entrance.

Sawdon Ridge Road- Ed Chapdelaine, Sr. – a resident and engineer- brought pictures of Sawdon Ridge Hill showing its need for repair. Guardrail to be considered. 7-inch ruts and foot deep hole in side. Curves with only 16 ft of pavement. Presented letter he sent to Nugent and letters from neighbors also. Noted that White’s Hill was redone after Lyness’s son was killed in an accident there. Wants something similar on Sawdon Ridge.
Commissioners noted no money appropriated for it yet. Listerman said maintenance would be done on the slips as needed. Major work being put off until priority lists done. Commissioners suggested having a hill list separately prioritized.

Mike Brunner- Civil Engineer- introduced himself and his one- man engineering company with low overheard as a potential contractor for the county. No decision.


Mike Mulcahey thanked commissioners for help in getting some progress on Woods Edge Sub’n Road. Developer- Martin- is moving rocks into ditches for erosion control and also fixing road channels. Listerman wanted to know how many extensions on road bonds were appropriate. Normally 2-3 years and of not done they call in the bond. Ewbank said they did an inventory on all the bonds to see if they were up to date. Said years ago they had many lapsed. People buying lots are promised a road- it should be done. This bond is 5 years old… They intend to notify the bond company.
Bonds are set at 120% of cost to do roads. They are not taken down to anything below 25% per Listerman- until road is accepted. Ewbank noted that the developer is the primary obligor and the surety company is secondary. Even if bond fails the developer is still legally responsible. (But you’d have to pursue them in court with associated legal fees.)

Pickens- Auditor- got SRI approved for $5,000 to do excise taxes for 10 cents per license.
Also wants to have meeting with Auditor, treasurer, and Finance Committee, as their numbers do not agree as to how much money the county has. Meeting Thurs Aug 10th at 4 PM, if Pennington is available.
Payroll will be direct deposit as of Jan 2007. UCB will be bank used for those who don’t have one.
GIS will make excise tax apportionments more appropriate for the townships per Pickens. Now everyone says they are Lawrenceburg Township. [NOTE: There are maps of the county showing township lines- why not just post those at BMV?]

Messmore- Administrator- put down the magazine he was reading throughout the meeting and got IN Lobbyist registration signed.

Ewbank- Attorney- one new lawsuit to PC on civil rights violation pending.

Vera Benning- gave the social secretary report on NACO Convention Aug 4-9 noting they could meet Jim Hughes of SRI and Ice Miller and there are a lot of really good things planned there.
Sodrel will be speaking on meth lab eradication in Columbus IN Aug 4 at 9 AM and rides can be gotten thru Mr. Thompson in Versailles.
OKI sent a thank you letter to commissioners for turning out at the US 50 meeting last week.

Animal Control budget item looks too large. Fox said it’s a non-issue- they are using volunteers and still have to come up with money to match L-bg for grant. They know they won’t get what they are asking for in the budget.

Meeting adjourned 7:55 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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