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The St. Leon Redevelopment Commission Meeting, August 16, 2006

The St. Leon Redevelopment Commission Meeting, August 16, 2006, 6:30 p.m.,
Members attending: Cliff Bischoff, Terry Boedekker, Vernon Hensley, and John Watson, Attorney

John Watson gave the members a draft of an Interlocal Agreement Between the Town of St. Leon, By and Through Its Redevelopment Commission and the Dearborn County Economic Initiative. (In conjunction with the Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission.)

According to this draft document, the town of St. Leon, “…desires to allow designation of property within the Town boundaries as part of the TIF District, while still protecting the increased tax revenues due the Town.”

If the St. Leon Redevelopment Commission agrees with this draft interlocal agreement, the Town will allow property within the town to be designated as part of the County’s TIF district, subject to approval by individual property owners. The parties will agree that the increased tax revenues captured from the incremental rise in the tax base on all such property within the town’s boundaries, shall be paid to the town of St. Leon, and all such revenue produced in the County shall be paid to the County. The revenue raised in either jurisdiction shall be used for responsible development of the community, including capital projects, redevelopment of blighted areas, maintenance or construction of infrastructure, better or expanded services, or for any similar purpose designed to aid the proper development of commercial and industrial development, or to provide services and infrastructure for a growth in population.

The members attending agreed to look over the proposed Interlocal Agreement.

Cliff Bischoff said St. Leon needed good PR. John Watson inferred that perhaps the people making this agreement could help with the PR.

Issues were discussed concerning some of the information provided at the St. Leon Town Council on Monday, August 14, 2006 (the presentation of a plan for a 25 acre town center which included a town hall, park, etc.), and the St. Leon Sewer Committee’s Tuesday, August 15, 2006, meeting ( Frank Leone (sp.) from EES discussed odor control, liens and sheriff sales, and future hook-ups).

Cliff Bischoff stated his concern about liens/sheriff sales on people’s homes—he did some research and said that he believed Dearborn County was the only place this was happening, it’s never occurred anywhere else.

Terry Boedekker and Vernon Hensley were concerned that people who had the opportunity to get on line for the sewer did not do so for $400—some refused.

A discussion was then held about people who paid their money, and then were told they didn’t have to get on line.

John Watson said Bill Ewan said they got to a point where they didn’t have enough (grant?) money, so they didn’t run a line. Watson continued that this sewer issue will in time take care of itself one way or the other—it will work out—most of the people will be connected ultimately.

The discussion concerning the proposed town hall took place. Vernon Hensley said the town needed somewhere to put salt, and equipment. Cliff Bischoff said if they build the town hall as proposed, it would take all of the boat money to maintain it and pay the utility bills. Cliff Bishoff stated that St. Leon only has 190 homes.

Mr. Watson discussed the necessity for the steering committee of the Comprehensive Plan to get it done soon. They need to rewrite zoning limits. Dearborn County is proposing to have an I-74 Comprehensive Plan.

Cliff Bischoff said the writing of the (St. Leon) Comprehensive Plan will not be done as soon as John Watson proposed. The Steering Committee is vital, a consensus of what people want to do.

Highway designations were discussed, and the actions taken by other communities like Sunman, to get businesses, etc. The necessity for drawing a zoning map was again mentioned.

As the meeting was about to end, Mr. Watson again asked if the members would look at draft of the interlocal agreement, and the members agreed to do so. The meeting was adjourned.

Helen Kremer
Logan Township

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