Thursday, August 10, 2006

Board of Health Meets - No Decision on Maxwell Barber Road Development

The Dearborn County Board of Health Meeting, August 9, 2006, 7:30 p.m.

Board Members in attendance: Mike Hankins, Don Rechtin, Marlene (?), Dennerline, Gerold Miller, Steve Hubbard, and Dr. Gill

Mr. Dennerline opened the meeting and wanted the minutes to reflect they had a quorum.
They approved the minutes for previous meeting.

Hankins reported the Dearborn County Regional Sewer District opened bids for the Stewart St. and Cole Lane project. Hankins reported the Dearborn County Regional Sewer District opened bids for the Stewart St. and Cole Lane Project. Hankins also said the County Sewer District, with Pernod-Ricard, are presently talking with the County to acquire their capacity at SDRSD. County Council has made 4.5 million in funding available to DCRSD. Congressman Sodrel acquired $600,000 in Federal funding from a Congressional bill for the west side of Aurora.

Dennerline spoke to Gerold Miller about a project in Moores Hill, the cost analysis was 6.5 million for 200 people.

The new owners of the Chateau Pomije winery, Avenski, seem to be doing well with the business. Inspectors (?) Mary and Bob went out late Friday, August 4, 2006. They were very busy—the kitchen was “up to snuff”. They are supposed to be starting updating the sewage system by now, they do not know if they have a letter from the State—need to get a hold of Doug to find out what is going on, to see if a permit can be issued. Dennerline said the sewage is a very expensive deal. Dennerline is dissatisfied they didn’t get a line out there. They didn’t strike an agreement with St. Leon.

Hankins brought up the old business of rodeos (in Aurora?), and holding tanks. The permit expires 9/3/2006. Do we issue that permit? Dennerline said no. Dan Rechtin asked if they should send them a notice or talk to them first. Dennerline said no, it’s over, they have carried them too long. Dennerline motioned a permit not be given. All Ayes.

At that point, Randy Lyness, stated he was there to talk about Maxwell’s Development -Whitewater Point, he was a partner (also Maxwell’s brother-in-law). Lyness continued that he got a call about 3:30 p.m. to come down here (the meeting). There are 5-6 lots on Barber Rd. they need septic systems for—in their haste to make a proposal they forgot to mention it (also forgot to tell it to the Plan Commission.)

Dennerline interrupted and said they can’t discuss it. They did not have an attorney, and there were calls to the Health Dept. about the meeting.

Lyness said it was just a few lots, they had a super duper pump, and a quarter mile or more system there. It was approved—the whole subdivision. The lots down there (Barber Rd.), they had a guy test it for them.

Helen Kremer then spoke to the Board, and stated that many folks would have attended the meeting regarding this topic, but were told it would not be discussed tonight. Also, she stated discussion of this topic was premature--the geotech for the road for the Whitewater Point subdivision has not been submitted for approval to-date for the Technical Review Committee.

Dennerline said they are not discussing this, they do not have a lawyer.

Steve Hubbard asked if we could give variances—St. Leon was in charge of hook-ups.

Dennerline said he didn’t have a clue—then said Mary and I have two more items.

They brought up Starlight Reception Hall—decided not to discuss it.
Mary said there were flu-like illness cases—isolated—most related to outdoor activities.

Mr. Dennerline said they have a budget—3% increase, to maintain this year, and as operating funds next year. They were offered Chamber of Commerce space ( for DCRSD), but they turned it down. They will renovate area in the building--needed approval for budget et al. All Ayes.

A report was given concerning Dr. Scudder—he fractured his elbow falling 15 ft out of a tree, but he is going to be ok.

The next meeting will be October 25, 2006

Helen Kremer
Logan Township

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