Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Elusive Sewer Board Agenda

Just what does it take to get an agenda for the DCRSD?

Tonight at 7 PM the Dearborn County Regional Sewer Board met. I called the county administration building at 4:15 PM to see what was on the agenda. The receptionist checked the front doors to see if one was posted and it was not there. She transferred me to the Health Dept. to check up there.

They told me that Vera Benning had just left to go downstairs with it. (She had the only copy) So I called back downstairs and they couldn't find Ms Benning,who is apparently now serving as the DCRSD secretary as well as being County Commissioner. The commissioner's secretary then called up to the Health Dept. and was told that the agenda was not finished yet. The receptionist called me back with that information. It was 4:32 PM. The staff all finishes their day at 4:30PM.

So at that point I figured I wasn't going to find out what was on the agenda in the normal manner. I placed a call to the County Administrator, Bryan Messmore, on his cell phone and left him a message with my request. Messmore serves as liaison to the sewer board and Woolpert. I asked if Woolpert was planning to be on the agenda.

At 7 PM Bryan Messmore left me a voice message that answered my question and apologized for the delay in getting back to me. He had been in a meeting with Woolpert and they weren't going to be on the agenda.

Now my question is this: What is so hard about getting agendas prepared in a timely manner? Why can't they be put on the county website and avoid all this phone hassle?

I can't wait to see what happens when I request an agenda for the County Council budget hearings that are on Monday thru Wednesday of next week.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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