Monday, August 20, 2007


At 8:30 mass this Sunday morning at St. Joseph Church, St. Leon, an announcement was made that there would be an election for the St. Leon Board tomorrow (8/20). Unsure about the time - thought it would be 7-9 p.m.--residents should check to see if that is correct.
Only St. Leon residents within the town boundaries, who are registered voters may vote.
Check to see who the candidates are and how they were chosen.
Inform any residents of St. Leon- so they can check with their town officials and vote.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the local realtor/developers behind most politicans around Dearborn County could offer "voting" residents a savings on their sewers by sticking it to those residents surrounding St. Leon who are not permitted to vote!

Anonymous said...

St. Leon in an embarrassment to Dearborn County

Anonymous said...


The Leadership and the Developers trying to steal from the good folks in St. Leon have honest persons throughout the County absolutely embarrassed!

Which is why St. Leon's biggest embarrassment, Chuck Andres is spending so much time butt kissing the DCRSD...

...birds of a feather!