Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As you may be aware, the Dearborn County Plan Commission was unable to begin its review of the draft, Comprehensive Plan (Land Use) update at last month's regularly-scheduled public hearing--as a result of some unexpected technical difficulties with the recording and sound system. Therefore, I would like to re-extend the Plan Commission's invitation for you to attend--and participate in--the next Plan Commission public hearing in which these items will be opened for discussion (see details below).

*Please note that the public hearing for the Land Use Element amendment proposal is scheduled be the FIRST item on the agenda for the meeting referenced below. Additional information concerning this meeting may be found online at:

Again, the details for our next meeting are as follows:

Date: MONDAY, OCTOBER 29TH, 2007
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Dearborn County Administration Building; Commissioners Room 215B West High Street Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

As always, please contact the Plan Commission Staff at 812-537-8821 with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have in regards to this meeting or its purpose(s).

Sincerely and Respectfully yours,

Mark McCormack
Director of Planning
Dearborn County Plan Commission


Anonymous said...

This private/public organization needs to dissolve immediately. It is a complete waste of tax payer dollars. What does it mean to be an investor? Invest in what? Dividends paid?

The Purpose
Dearborn County Economic Development Initiative (DCEDI) is the primary economic development marketing agency and the primary entity for the retention and expansion of existing businesses in Dearborn County. Funding for DCEDI is a unique blend of private contributions with public sector service contracts to create a joint economic development program for the county. The Mission
Dearborn County Economic Development Initiative (DCEDI) markets and promotes Dearborn County, on a national and international basis, as a location for new or expanding manufacturing projects; office projects; large commercial and service projects; and, large retail and recreation projects. DCEDI provides assistance to local companies that are expanding their operations. DCEDI also works with the local communities to develop the resources and infrastructure to support its economic development programs. DCEDI also plays a supportive role for other public agencies and private development companies engaged in a common mission. The Goals
Dearborn County Economic Development Initiative (DCEDI) has as its primary goal the creation of new "wealth" in Dearborn County through the creation of new, diversified job opportunities; the creation of new revenue opportunities for local governments; the general growth and expansion of the area economy.

Executive Committe

Chairman - William F. Ritzmann, United Community Bank

Secretary - John Maxwell, Maxwell Construction Co.

Treasurer - Peter V. Resnick, Dearborn County Hospital

Member - James Helms, Ivy Tech Community College

Member - William Cunningham, City of Lawrenceburg

President - James F. West, Jr., CEcD

Board of Directors

Jeff Bittner, Indicom

John Stenger, Lawrenceburg Gas Co.

Dave Alig, Town of St. Leon

Charlie Fehrman, Dearborn County Council

Ron Fischer, US Bank

Scott Fortner, Town of Dillsboro

Donnie Hastings, City of Aurora

Doug Hedrick, City of Greendale

Nisa Hensley, Duke Energy

Darryl Howe, Star One Realtors

Grant Hughes, Facilities Construction Mgmt.

Tom Kent, Kent, Inc.

Deann Lillie, Peoples Community Bank

Dave Lorey, Dearborn County CV&T Bureau

Ken Maddin, Century 21 Home Team

Bryan Messmore, Dearborn County Administrator

Chip Perfect, Perfect North Slopes

Dr. John Rahe, Dearborn County Redev. Comm.

Mark Rosenberger, Bayer-Becker Engineers

Mike Rozow, Dearborn County Chamber

Jeff Tucker, Tucker Homes

Ed Westmeyer, MainSource Bank

Other Investors

Joe Awad, Register Publications

William Backman, Aurora Casket Co.

Richard Craig, Southeastern Beverages

Terry Crouch, The Survey Company

Tom DeVille, DeVille Pharmacy

Ed Fischer, Dearborn Savings Association

Henry Fischer, Fischer Homes

Bob Hrezo, Hrezo Engineering

Tom Kohorst, Messer Construction

James Lemon, Friendship State Bank

Lisa Lehner, Wood, Lamping & Lehner

Dave Lorey, Lorey-Schwier

Sharon Morris, SPRINT

Joe Mrak, RQAW Corporation

Barry Nanz, Trade & Industrial Supply

Omar Nuseibeh, Midwest Data

Dave O'Mara, Dave O'Mara Contractor

Donald Patterson, Merchants Bank

Carl Petty, Aurora Lumber Co.

Marty Pieratt, Pieratt Communications

Don Richey, Comcast

Paul Rohe, Paul H. Rohe Co.

Brad Rupel, Rupel Development Corp.

Richard Schmidt, Schmidt Builders

Garry Setters, All Rite Ready Mix of Indiana

Dearborn CountyEconomic Development Initiative
555 Eads Parkway East, Suite 175
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025 Phone: 812-537-0812 x. 29
Toll Free: 800-322-8198 x. 29
Fax: 812-537-0845

Anonymous said...

For those who had to work, what happened last night at the meeting?

Anonymous said...

Master Plan Map A was given the recommendation to go to Commissioners for approval Probably will be at Nov 20th Commissioner's meeting- not sure they can get advertising done in time for the 1st Tues in Nov meeting. Vote was 5-2