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3 June 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson

Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator
A uniformed police officer was present.

Candidates present in the audience: Tom Orschel (D-2 Commissioner), and Phil Darling (Council at-large)

1. Hughes asked for a moment of silence to mark the passing of Bill Hahn (sp?) director of AIC (Ass’n of IN Counties). Hahn had a massive heart attack.

2. Sheriff Lusby had commissioner’s approval for Hughes to sign the grant acceptance for $39,897 from the Dearborn County Foundation for a patrol boat for the Ohio River. DNR will help train officers for this duty. [NOTE: Who pays for the gas on this?]

Lusby also informed commissioners that they were getting $9,000 for accident reconstruction equipment.

3. Brandi Fishvogt representing INDOT got commissioners to sign the UNOFFICIAL Detour for SR1 agreement. The official detour is 275 to 74. The unofficial one is Pribble Road. Listerman and INDOT had a video of the current conditions of Pribble and INDOT will repair to its current conditions when the need for the detour is over in October. They will go to Lawrenceburg to get an agreement for their end of Pribble also. People experiencing problems can contact customer rep Glenda Seals at INDOT at 812- 534-3720. [NOTE: Now if they can just keep the speeders under 50 mph...]

4. Chris McHenry introduced Chuck Whiting, President of the Historical Society. They were OK’d by Commissioners to request $10,000 in the 2009 budget.

5. Commissioners tabled the exempt vs. non-exempt workers discussion until further research was done.

6. Highway Dept report was given by Mark Seiler in Listerman’s absence.
Bridge 20 Contract was awarded to McAllister Excavating the lowest of 6 bids at $795,014.55.

Barth as Associates was awarded the inspection agreement at a price not to exceed $60,000. (John Graf is their local engineer)

The 2008 Paving agreement was signed for O’Mara with removal of ESCALATOR clause at Listerman’s insistence. They will have the 3rd bond copy by next week’s start date.

7. Pickens got the last certificate for Congressional School Districts signed. New legislation finally puts this under state auditor. The Med Ben appeal has been resolved.- no further action needed. Claims signed. Minutes tabled for time to inspect.

8. Messmore- reported that a citizen has expressed interest in buying the land the county owns in Hardinsburgh (the property behind the Shell station in the floodway. County apparently has thought it would make a good place for Park and Ride. Fox said Lawrenceburg and Greendale should be told as a courtesy. The park and ride uses Ameristop now. Ewbank said the county surveyor needs to verify the land area. (the old town square)

Workers Comp proposal for 2008 was awarded to Hylant Argonaut at $127,932. Seitz bid was $153,428. The costs in 2006 were $163,600, in 2007 were $153,000, and in 2008 were $168,000.

Terry Dillard asked Messmore to present the state funding that Community Corrections is eligible for for 2008-9 as $321,960 plus $14,201 for community transition program. Commissioners accepted the money on behalf of Community Corrections.

Beckley of Heart House asked Messmore to get certificate of local approval for non- profit signed to accept a state grant for $34,000 for their emergency shelter grant program. Approved.

9. John Graf informed commissioners of a $36,150 change order on the Triple Whipple due to rusted weld plates that were not discovered in original inspections. There was discussion on the suitability of welding a wrought iron bridge and Jim Barker will be called to consult and inspect this. Fox had wanted Thompson to go on site and inspect as this was his area of expertise, but Thompson said he didn’t consider himself an expert on this. (Thompson is primarily an electrical engineer) Graf said there was enough federal dollars in the project to handle this change.

10. Ewbank told commissioners that the HVL light litigation is ongoing.

11. Thompson informed Commissioners that Lawrenceburg Mayor Cunningham reported on WSCH that they were taking on commercial inspections for their city because the county can’t do it anymore. (The state curtailed the county’s commercial inspections)

Fox said there is a targeted list to fix this problem.

Messmore said that Lawrenceburg is adopting an ordinance to current standards and appointing an inspector. The problem is that the city has the bulk of commercial work and they can’t be slowed down by the county building department’s issues with the state inspectors.

12. Hughes wants the county to install the signs for citizen achievements so that they are in the ROW and not a problem for the hwy dept. They will not be paid for by taxpayer- just installed by the county.

13. A letter from Wilson on Georgetown protesting the increased speed limit on Georgetown was forwarded to Todd Listerman.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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