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DCRSD 5 June 2008 Meeting Notes

5 June 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to provide a summary record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events or issues.

Present: Chairman, Enzweiler, Fehrman, Maxwell, Pruss, Dennerline and Renihan.Also Present: Benning, Executive Secretary (replacing Doug Baer, who resigned earlier this year); Robert Hrezo, Hrezo Engineering; Tom Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; Jerry Jacobsen; and Ralph Thompson.

Meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. The meeting was NOT recorded.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes for April 3, 2008 approved (Moved by Fehrman and seconded by Pruss).
Treasurer's Report
Regional Sewer District Savings Account $ 75,709.31
High Ridge Account $109,628.50
RSD Project Fund $255,849.63
Aurora Debt Service Account $ 3,000.41
Sewer District Savings $ 2,381.34
Serenity Ridge Account $ 53,124.22

Serenity Ridge
Hrezo reported work is proceeding along Serenity Ridge and Tranquility, next will be the service laterals and pressure test. Completion expected in several weeks. Target is one month. The Contractor is driving casing under the road.

West Aurora Project
Quinn indicated for the 32 lots a budget cost is $135,000 [Versus the $1.3 to $2.8M for the other schemes]. Amounts to about $4,200 pet home. Edgewood Lane is unbuilt. If it is included John Draper could build them out and it would add about 10 to 15 % to the cost. Would cost each property about $2,870 at 17,000 GPD.

There is an area between lots 20 and 25, a 10' easement for sewage. Quinn suggested putting the treatment plant there, tapping into the existing line into the plant and back to the existing line, down to the outfall. Draper will donate the land. Draper's father is in bankruptcy.

There was a discussion of the Board of Health's position on the additional lots being buildable. Dennerline indicated the Board probably had no opinion if there was sewage available.

There are currently 32 lots with 23 houses. To go to 54 lots would increase the cost to $155,000. If they add the additional lots they wanted the money up front. They didn't know if Draper could do that. With the larger plant set the fees at $3,000 to $3,500 per. They have to take of the existing, the rest are optional.

Without the added lots it's about $5,900 a house (some houses have two lots). There also several duplexs with separate meters. The discussion centered on cost, amortization and time frame. It is River boat money; but, it has to be paid back. Cole Lane and Stewart are paying about $16 a month at a 1 to 2% amortization.

The package plant is based on activated sludge. O&M costs are not yet available. There is the issue of sludge elimination, probably once a year to SDRSD. The estimates are about $5,000 over 480 months at under $15 a month without contingencies. This will compete with Aurora with a comparable rate.

The permit for Highridge has been canceled. They think that IDEM will reactivate the permit for a package plant. They need to get something on paper with costs and contingencies to take to IDEM. If there is no loan the sinking fund is up to the Board.

They need to see costs for the various options and whether Draper wants to pay for the 10 extra lots. Start with the 23 homes with contingencies for the other lots. It should look like a business plan. What else can be done or picked up and who will sign on, like Serenity Ridge. Other areas and developers were discussed and options are to be considered for example for the drive-in; but, they will have to cover the cost up front. If they are not interested in paying, move forward with Highridge only.

Tom Quinn commented about the grinder pumps having 100 gallons capacity at worst case, about a days storage without power He was trying to debunk the issue of the systems backing up during a power outage. [Note during the heavy storms in early June many areas saw two and three day outages and in the snow storms last winter some people had no power for up to six days].

Steve moved to authorize Quinn to proceed. After more discussion about how many houses to include, Steve withdrew motion.

They agreed to invite John Ziedan, Starlight Reception to have an opportunity to sign on. Would cost him about $25,000 to bore under the road to get to the plant and upgrade the plant. They didn't think he would do that since he didn't want to pay the $2,500 to buy the right tank to met the state requirement. There was a discussion of Starlight not being in compliance and operating with a valid permit.

It was discussed about changing the next meeting date and it was decided not to.

Ralph Thompson asked if the Board intended to do any sewer line work on Huesman Road in the next three years, because it was on the list to be paved this year from US 50 to Texas Gas Road and he didn't want to pave it and have it torn up for sewers. A discussion ensued and no decision was available. Dennerline said pave it they couldn't accomplish anything in three years. Dave Enzweiler gave a speech about the government not working together and not providing money and putting road blocks in the way of the Board actions. Too many people have stood in the way. They should just work on solving Highridge and move on. It's time to work together, otherwise they should quit.

Bret Fehrman thinks Aurora Utilities may extend the Cole Lane line out a little further. There was discussion about passing an Ordinance to force Cole Lane and Stewart Road to connect. Again talked about the state law and whether or not to enforce, especially with most of the County against enforced hookups. Renihan suggested not enforcing the State Code, like the other 90 Counties don't.

They asked about the Health Board forcing them on. Dennerline explained the process including proving they were polluting and taking the offenders to court and how the Owners can defeat the testing.

John Ziedan was again discussed and the fact he had two non-certified tanks in place and would need to install the correct tanks (state certified) in order to renew his permit. He didn't want to pay the cost of a new tank. His permit expired in March and a new tank would cost about $2,500. (As opposed to the $25,000 discussed earlier to hook him up to the package treatment plant). The State has changed the rules and he cannot do a 'pump and haul' forever. The health Department can no longer give him a permit. It was again agreed to invite him to join in and pay up front to join on the package treatment plant.

Two claims were for the bonds for Vera Benning and Barry Pruss in the total of $1620. One for insurance in the amount of $904. Benning had gone to Council to get money from the Riverboat money to cover these items since they were not in the budget. Also, $4,340.80 for Ewbank and Kramer from 2/21/08 to 6/2/08. And $1,508 for Quinn Engineering. Dennerline moved and Maxwell seconded to pay claims. All ayes, except Renihan who recused himself. (He works for Seitz, the insurance agent)

Adjourned at approximately 8:00 PM.

submitted by Ralph Thompson and Jerry Jacobsen

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