Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Notes of St. Leon Town Council Meeting, Monday, June 2, 2008, 7:30 p.m.

Members in Attendance: Kevin Alig, Jerry Stenger, Doug Farrow, Andy Bischoff, John Watson, Attorney, and Darlene ________

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Kevin Alig read the minutes of the April, 2008, meeting:
- Various committee reports—some had nothing to report.
- Two signs were to be placed, one off of I-74, and the other at the town (St. Leon) entrance.
- They turned in CDs.
- If studies were done for developers by EES, they are to be sent to Curry and Associates, and copies sent to the Town Council and Sewer Advisory Board.
- They have a CPA, Stephanie Bauer.
- People are going to receive another letter telling them to hook-up (to St. Leon sewer system).

Corrections made to the minutes, were as follows:
- Doug Farrow said the minutes should state everybody getting sued (regarding hook-ups—wastewater tap fees) should get another notice. John Watson interjected and said that if the people getting sued have an attorney, the notice should be sent to the attorney.
- Andy Bischoff wanted to make clear the statement about EES and the developer studies should state that “before a study can be granted it needs to go to the Town Council and then the Sewer Advisory Board.”

The corrected minutes were approved by all the members.

(NOTE: The minutes are read quickly, and it is often difficult to understand what is being said—it would be helpful if copies of the minutes were made available for the public.)

John Watson said those opposed to Wastewater tap fees, and are suing St. Leon, have a new attorney. The original attorney resigned. The new attorney is named Merritt Alcorn, and he is from Jefferson County. John Watson found this out last Thursday.

Regarding the signs mentioned in the minutes, there was a long discussion regarding putting up signs and having graffiti painted on the signs, or having the signs disappear.

Darlene gave the financial report: Revenue Sharing $612,995.76;
Bond funds $96,270.78
It was decided to give the CD amounts every other month. Andy Bischoff suggested they name the CDs and how long they have been there, and when interest is received.

Police report was given of arrests, etc.

Cliff Bischoff gave the Planning and Zoning report. Cliff Bischoff said Mark McCormack, of Dearborn County Planning and Zoning, had maps updated, and they discussed future ordinances at their meeting.

Rick Hertel, Prosecuting Attorney for Ripley County came as a representative of Safe Passage. Safe Passage is a home for battered women, and men too, but only women have used their services to-date. They do not just house women and children from Batesville. They take care of women, with their children, from five counties – Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland and Franklin. They have a budget of $300,000 per year. Safe Passage has a three-story building. They do not charge women and children who need to come there. They want to provide secure housing so people can get their lives together if they have been battered, or in need of safety. The women using the service can stay for 45 days.

Safe Passage also has speakers who talk to high school students regarding teen violence, and dating violence. Mr. Hertel explained they have received some funding from Rising Sun Regional Fund, and other Federal and State grants, but the need is great and he asked if St. Leon could help support them with perhaps a $1,000 donation at some point. He did not know when St. Leon’s fiscal year began or ended.

After much discussion, Andy Bischoff made a motion to give Safe Passage $300, and when they make up the budget for the next year, include a bigger donation in the budget. Jerry Stenger seconded, and all voted to approve the motion for Safe Passage.

The members discussed they also give money to Lifetime Resources, and have asked them for information before the next budget cycle.

Old business discussed was apparently a bid for bushes, etc. The members decided to not buy bushes, or mulch. They approved a sign at I-74 and SR #1, by the Alig Shell Station, to be placed ASAP, and not to exceed $1,000. All approved.

The members stated that the Girl Scouts do a fine job cleaning up the area.

New business – John Watson is to check into property that needs to be settled, and newspaper notices will be placed.

Doug Farrow motioned to close the meeting. Andy Bischoff seconded the motion. All members approved.

Helen Kremer
Logan Township

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Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

EES is a big problem that seems to escape the attention of most of us. Of course there is nothing that we can do about EES. EES can do the dirty work, no pun intended , for the civic minded self sacraficing members of those charitable organizations the DCDEI and the C of C. Obviously EES make more money the more sewage hookups and expansions of sewage plants there are all on the taxpayers' dime.

EES's man Frank a sort of rolly polly structured gentleman seemingly gloated when at a sewer board meeding he proclaimed that once the subject os a sheiff's sale of one's home is mentioned 'THEY COME UP WITH THE MONEY".

Addionally when it was mentioned that in the vicinity of a lift station there was the odor of sewer gas he simply said that it only effected a few houses!!!!!!!

The highly educated financially sophisiticated mavens of St. Leon have opened a can of worms for their neighbors. BUT who gives a damn? There is MONEY TO BE MADE from those troublesome taxpayer citizens. After all, subsequent to being touched by the sewer system, paid for by citizens, some civic minded citizens have offered their land for sale at the bargain basement price of only 55,000 dollars an acre.