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2 September 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Thompson, and Fox
Also Present: Ewbank, Attoprney, and Messmore, Administrator.
Absent: Pickens (Cathy from PZ subbed)

No uniformed police officer was present

Democrat candidates present: Doug Taylor (D-1 Commissioner), Tom Orschel (D-2 Commissioner), and Phil Darling (Council at-large)


1. Greg Trabel was granted his request to vacate the roads and alleys on his properties in the town of Lawrenceville. Discussion includedTrabel’s $400 permit fees, his $1800 survey fees, and that records prior to 1981 were destroyed. The commissioners also voted to have McCormack refund his county fees for this as they intend to work on the town plat (from 1836) and fix the entire set of old ROWs there.

2. Article 2 Section 220 on phasing of subdivision developments and consolidating bonds was approved. This eliminates hard minimums on phases and lets the PC decide.

3. Article 3 Section 305N of the Subdivision Ordinance was DENIED by Fox and Hughes, (Thompson voted Nay as he wanted to approve it.) This item was given a FAVORABLE from the PC with one NAY that night from Robert Laws who wanted cul-de-sacs to be longer. That however was not in the changes. Unfortunately- because of the cul-de-sac issues the rest of these changes on turnarounds and stub streets also went down. The law as it stands is based on materials and standards approved by the Home Builders Association, Highway regs etc.
One person spoke against the changes- John Maxwell. Maxwell said that he doesn’t usually speak out against things- he’s usually trying to get things done. In the old days plans were drawn in pencil sketches on eth back of the applications. The 30-lot rule hasn’t hurt anything to date. He went on to give examples of the spirit of the law being violated with “fake” connections on areas of land that were steep or were not likely to be opened up any time in the future. He used Harley Springs, and the Render (sp?) property as examples. Maxwell cited the long ridges in this county as reasons for allowing longer cul de sacs.
Fox said- people don’t like connectivity later- after they have lived on the dead end. Hughes said he grew up on a mile long gravel road (dead end). Fox motioned and Hughes 2nd to Deny. Thompson Nay. [NOTE: Normally Commissioners do not disregard the PC recommendation.]

4. Article 24 Section 2428 on Construction access points was approved. Mud issues like those on SR 48 across from DCH were cited as reasons for having this per Listerman. It gives the county a way of getting damages from trucks taking off the edges of county roads also.

5. Bill Black Jr- EMA- received signatures on his grant for $43,691.63 for reimbursement of salaries from Oct 06- Sept 07. He mentioned that the Red Cross was handling 8 families evacuated due to Gustav in Hamilton County.


1. CAC (Children’s Advocacy Center) in Dillsboro- Sarah Bricknow (sp?)- Project Director- turned it over to Messmore to present the Grant Adm Proposals for signatures. SEIPC was selected as they were the only application. Messmore took each section of the interlocal agreements and had them signed separately (CABG, civil rights, etc.) [NOTE: Normally these are all done in the one agreement. Not sure why the big to-do over signing each separately. The state requires all of these sections to be approved- so there is NO OPTION to separate them really. I just makes it look more complicated that it really is.] Sarah said that these other 5 counties didn’t have to do anything except say they support Dearborn- the lead agency. [NOTE: What happened to everyone contributing a share to this- Council appropriated funds for this.]

2. Todd Listerman- Transportation- gave a 10 minute report on railway crossings and that he’d informed Ms. Emzweiler of his actions and requests on signage, pavement markers etc. They can’t mark pavement on Happy Hollow as it is gravel. Trains blow the whistle at all intersections. There will be two a day rather than 1 a week soon on the Central IN Railway between Cincinnati and Greensburg. Most cars slow down near tracks or stop- so as not to damage vehicle on rough tracks.

Deck on Triple Whipple poured last week.

Chesterville and Stitts Hill will be done early next week.

SR1 will open but NOT be finished in mid Oct. They relocated a gas line where guard rail goes- so have to fix that.

Fox asked about guard rail by Covered Bridge and SR46 – Listerman has called 3 times- state still not got it done.

INDOT required to see if local gov’t wants the riveted steel truss bridge at Salt Fork for use elsewhere. Listerman will deny that- can’t see any use and would take too long to rehab it. Has to be maintained 25 years if we take it. The bridge is only 26 ft wide. Work on that starts next year.

3. Claims and minutes amended and signed.

4. Messmore: NOTHING unless they have any questions. [NOTE: Commissioners had no questions- however Messmore is to be working on a 90 day project about jail/courthouse expansion etc. and also doing some work for Council on the salary scales for all employees to try to stop the courthouse from stealing staff by offering higher wages for what is seen as the same levels of jobs. No updates? ]

5. Ewbank- Attorney- Commissioners approved a request for wheelchair replacement for an employee’s child- on appeal from Med Ben.
There were 4 reviews of vicious dogs- Animal Control is handling it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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